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What is it for DevOps in 2023 ❓

In 2023 (And it will probably remain significant shortly) that DevOps will continue to be a critical focus for organizations.
Here are some areas of importance in the DevOps landscape ⬇️

#DevOps #CloudNative #Security #AI Image
Cloud-native DevOps ☁️

As cloud adoption continues to grow, organizations are increasingly adopting cloud-native technologies and practices. DevOps will likely emphasize integrating cloud services, infrastructure automation, and containerization into the deployment processes.
Security in DevOps 🔒

With the rising number of cyber threats, security will remain a top concern in DevOps. Organizations will focus on implementing security measures and adopting DevSecOps practices to ensure the continuous delivery of secure software.
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Il y a 2 semaines j'étais à Amsterdam pour la #KubeConEU 2023 et la keynote "Building a Sustainable, Carbon-Aware Cloud: Scale Workloads and Reduce Emissions" m'avait bien hypée jusqu'à ce que cette slide me file le hocquet...

Je vous décortique ça 🧶👇 Image
D'abord c'est quoi la "KubeCon" ?

C'est une convention organisée par la @CloudNativeFdn qui regroupe tous les acteurs de l'écosystème #Kubernetes et plus largement la communauté #CloudNative, et là je me dis que l'intro va être longue, mais c'est intéressant, vous allez voir. @cnfcertImageImage
Il y a une KubeCon par an en 🇪🇺 et aux 🇺🇸 (et bientôt aussi en 🇨🇳...) et ça attire de plus en plus de monde chaque année:

10k participants sur place à Amsterdam cette année (!), et beaucoup plus à distance et en différé:…

L'édition 🇪🇺 2024 sera à Paris 🇫🇷
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Open Policy Agent (OPA), is an open source, general purpose policy engine. OPA decouples policy decisions from other responsibilities of an app, like those commonly referred to as business logic.

#Kubernetes #DevOps #CloudNative #CloudNative
OPA works equally well making decisions for Kubernetes, Microservices, functional app authorization and more, thanks to its single unified policy language.
In a a nutshell, the OPA policy engine evaluates requests to determine whether they conform to configured policies.

OPA can integrate with Kubernetes easily: it expects a JSON input, is easy to containerize & supports dynamic configuration,
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The key points to prepare for your KCNA (Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate) exam.

1. Understanding Kubernetes fundamentals such as Kubernetes resources, architecture, API, containers, and scheduling

(1/3) #Kubernetes #KCNA #CloudNative #DevOps #Containers #CNCF
2. Container orchestration concepts such as runtime, security, networking, service mesh, storage, and container orchestration fundamentals.

3. Cloud-native architecture such as autoscaling, serverless, community and governance, roles and personas, and open standards.

4. Cloud-native observabilities such as telemetry & observability, Prometheus, and cost management.

5. Cloud-native application deliveries such as application delivery fundamentals, GitOps, continuous integration, and continuous delivery/continuous deployment (CI/CD).

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Cloud native, Highly scalable, Document graph db? Surreal? It is!

A thread 🧵

#cloudnative #graphdb Image
@SurrealDB is an end-to-end cloud native database for web, mobile, serverless, jamstack, backend, and traditional applications.
It combines the database layer, the querying layer, and the API and authentication layer into one platform.
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📬 My weekly thread with news, insights, and upcoming topics.

It will be a shorter thread this week. I took a few days off after #CDS22.

Today featuring #Kubernetes, #Azure, #ContainerDays, #eBPF, #OPA, and more...

A thread 🧵
Talking about @ConDaysEU. Don't miss to check about all the news and stuff going on on Twitter.

@ConDaysEU and #CDS22 are good starting points to follow up.

I had the pleasure to deliver multiple talks.
The @kinvolkio folks shared a post on "Porting an #eBPF-based application to #arm64".

Find all the details and limitations below 👇…
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Recently I was honoured to give my talk, "The Important of ... Empathy (in #chaosengineering)" to the wonderful audience at @chaoscarnivalio. I decided to make the talk a ... talk, rather than a slideshow, and I promised I'd share the major points ... so here they are, a thread.
I started with a confession, that the success of the #chaosengineering initiative in your company has less to do with the tools you pick than you may realise... And as the co-founder of the @chaostoolkit, that's quite the hard confession to make!
What helps your #chaosengineering succeed isn't just the tools, it isn't the types of failure you can inject, it isn't even how #cloudnative, or not, your system is, or how wonderful your #observability is set up ...
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🎉 I am excited to share that I got selected for yet another scholarship, @SUSE Scholarship program Cloud-Native, by @udacity.

This is my 3rd scholarship with Udacity, and I am super excited to learn in-demand skills that are widely used at enterprises.
⭐ This course will help me to learn:
- Cloud-native application deployment best practices and strategies.
- CI/CD pipeline to structure, package, & release applications to #Kubernetes.
- #ArgoCD for the automatic rollout of the new features to the production environment.
Thank you, #Udacity and #SUSE, for providing such a fantastic opportunity! 💥

#UdacitySUSEScholars #cloud #devops #kubernetes #learning #cloudnative #scholarship #education
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I wan to start a thread #KubernetesZero2Hero
This video is about basic #Linux #commands
2/n #KubernetesZero2Hero
Removing #Vim fear
3/n #KubernetesZero2Hero Understanding #YAML from Nana
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We're getting started here at #CrossplaneCommunityDay! we'll be live tweeting all the action right here in this thread, and of course come ask questions with the speakers on the #general channel in 🔥🤓
@bassamtabbara is showing us the Cloud Utopia we'd all LIKE to move towards, and CAN with a API-centric control plane at #CrossplaneCommunityDay Image
...and a Universal Cloud API with a strong resource model built on #kubernetes and a great ecosystem of providers/vendors is the start of it 😅 Image
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Every #Kubernetes cluster admin MUST watch "Advanced Persistence Threats" session from @IanColdwater @bradgeesaman #KubeCon #CloudNative. So much knowledge and goodness - thanks for sharing. I've been trying to get people to understand this attack vector for a long time 👇
You all did a much better job than me articulating it. Ahhh!!! Watching this hurts! I even wrote a chapter on this in Kubernetes Best Practices O'Reilly book. I wake up in cold sweats knowing how easy it is to leave this open! Biting my nails again.
Heartburn watching this. I suspect my pain isn't going to stop here. Anxious for what's going to happen here.
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Hmm @bt_uk Chief Strategy Office Michael Sherman kicking off @TheTelcoDebate #GTD19 with what sounds like a 1990s-era rant about Internet services / apps not being "free" & that pricing should reflect more than just Internet access

Sounds like a cliched telcos vs OTT trope
@bt_uk @TheTelcoDebate "We've given away huge amounts of value"
"You used to pay for an email account"
"We have to invest ever more in infrastructure"

Well, if you'd diverted some of that investment to internal R&D & app/service development, maybe you'd have captured more value, Mr Sherman? #GTD19
@bt_uk @TheTelcoDebate Now @nikwilletts @tmforumorg intro - a note of realism about telcos being geo fragmented & only realistically able to cover few (if any) verticals in depth for enterprise services. Partnership is key. #GTD19
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App Dev teams and Platform teams don’t always view #microservices the same way... @garyolliffe at #GartnerAPPS
Platform selection is important... but it’s not everything. Culture, process, training, etc. add up to be more important to success with #cloudnative app platforms /@garyolliffe at #GartnerAPPS
Lots of components to build a #cloudnative platform... good checklist from @garyolliffe at #GartnerAPPS
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