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From a recent @martin_casado article posted on @a16z:

"Cloud infrastructure is a substantial – and sometimes hidden – cost for AI companies".

I'm sharing the techniques we use at @FloydHub_ to reduce this cost on #AWS and improve our gross margins [Thread] #ML #AI
0/ Not all AWS regions are priced the same. GPUs can be up to 90% more expensive across regions. Other than cost consider these when picking your AWS region: proximity to your geographical location, compliance requirements, and integration with any existing AWS infrastructure.
1/ Reserve your GPU instances and/or purchase Savings Plans. Review your GPU usage for the last 3-6 months and purchase 1-year plans based on that. Gives you 25-30% savings on your GPU bill.
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Excited to learn more about #AWS Eventbridge from @sheenbrisals! #AWSCommunityDay
Definition of Event'utal' Confusion by @sheenbrisals 😄
Routing rules is the power of Eventbridge. @sheenbrisals #aws
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Predictions are useless but predicting is invaluable (scenario planning)
@profgalloway #2020predictions
#Snap is less corrosive / damaging to teens
#Tesla trades at 3x the value of auto companies, worth more than Ford & GM combined, dramatically overvalued
#SherylSandberg 2nd best paid person who does the most damage (after Zuck)—she's erased from FB like Trotsky from photos
#HBOMax = like going to the Louvre & saying "let's scale this"—biggest brand blunder of 2018
#AWS is worth more than #Amazon—will be spun out
Choice is a bad thing, people want less choice but to be confident in the choices they're making
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📚tl;dr sec 19
* @shehackspurple & @j_opdenakker on getting into security
* Google's BeyondProd & code provenance (thx @MayaKaczorowski)
* Cloud, API, and file access bug security tools

... and I've got something big planned next week, stay tuned 🤫…
Static analysis tools to find security issues in:

🌎Terraform scripts:

☁️CloudFormation templates:
Other #security tools:

Docker container that wraps 7 other #AWS security tools:…

Automatic API attack tool that takes API specs as input:…

Finding file access bugs:…
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I've been using #AWS for 8+ years now, so IAM is relatively second-nature to me. But I just sat down to explain it to someone new to AWS and... wow, it is a confusing service. (thread) #aws #cloud #security #cloudcomputing
First, we've got policies - what can the role do and what services can it access? Policies are JSON-based (although AWS added a "friendlier" UI recently, which honestly creates some really confusing output). Most common security mistake here: using wildcards.
An IAM user or role can then have multiple policies, each with 1+ statements. Policies can be inline, AWS-managed, or account-managed (i.e. shared). Policies can be attached directly to users or roles or to the groups those users are in.
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Q: What is Wavelength? AWS Wavelength provides developers the ability to build applications that serve end-users with single-digit millisecond latencies over the 5G network. Wavelength embeds AWS compute and storage services at the edge of telecommunications providers...
5G networks, enabling developers to serve use-cases that require ultra-low latency like machine learning inference at the edge, autonomous industrial equipment, smart cars and cities, Internet of Things (IoT), and Augmented and Virtual Reality. Wavelength brings the full power of
AWS to the edge of the 5G network, so customers can deploy the portions of an application that requires ultra-low latency to mobile and connected devices using the 5G network, and then seamlessly connect back to the rest of the application and the full range of cloud services
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It is not possible to create a customer-centric product without culture and tooling. - @MarcJBrooker #reinvent
#DevOps is about a loop - @MarcJBrooker
@MarcJBrooker This loop can get broken if you refuse to analyze failures. Most of the time it is broken because we don't change that particular culture. - @MarcJBrooker #reinvent
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I've been heads-down on final #AWS re:Invent blogging, and need to catch up on all of the posts from the last couple of days. Unroll this thread to see them all..
CloudTrail Insights: Identify and Respond to Unusual API Activity -… (@bwest )
Convert Your Single-Region Amazon DynamoDB Tables to Global Tables -… (@sebsto )
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Wait is over .. Read final part 2 which is focused on aws log data ingestion , #hunting and investigation of Capital one breach TTPs in #AzureSentinel…
T1078: Privileged role attached to Instance.
#AzureSentinel #MITRE #AWS #threathunting…
T1078 : Suspicious credential token access of valid IAM Roles
#AzureSentinel #MITRE #AWS #threathunting…
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#awsTip 10: naming things is still hard. if you use #awsCdk to provision your infra, avoid hardcoding names. any resources that requires a replacement will fail and will cause the stack to be in a bad state until that resource is deleted.

#aws #devops
some additional two cents from the author: moving forward in a cloud centric serverless world, it will be bad form to hardcode the names of things vs relying on service discovery
as a bonus, this will protect you from name squatting attacks like what was just disclosed by @iann0036…
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I'd like to preface this thread with the following Q drops referencing our US Military, who's in control, current news that unlocks the map, and a series of Tweets with hidden messages for us Anons. #HowDoYouHideAMessageInClearSight
#NewsUnlocksMap #FutureProvesPast #RedOctober
"...the continued 'validation(s)/confirmation(s) thru covert' (series of mathematically impossible coincidences)...
So, on October 18th, I started digging more into #Blackberry due to recent news of Barr/Durham obtaining #MisfudPhones & as Q post #777 was the ONLY post that popped up re: BlackBerry.

(Remember this post & content for later).
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Today, I finally had some time to play with @springboot 2.2 in #AWS #Lambda using Serverless Java Container (…). Spring Boot 2.2 introduces start time improvements as well as global lazy initialization (…). \thread
The AWS Lambda function I tested with is configured with 512Mb of memory running the stock Java 8 runtime. I used the basic pet store sample from the Serverless Java Container library (…)
First a test with Spring Boot 2.1.9.RELEASE to set a performance baseline. The X-Ray trace says that the overall cold start execution took 6.9 seconds. 5.7 for the initialization and 849ms for the actual request processing.
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I’ll be going to @awsreinvent for the first time this year. I asked my colleagues for their top tips for first time #AWS #ReInvent attendees.

Here’s what they said …
@AWSreInvent (2/10)

“Don't worry too much about where you stay as there's a very regular and efficient bus service going between all venues”
@AWSreInvent (3/10)

“If you want to avoid awkward conversations with hotel reception about your room bill, don't just pull random items out of the bar fridge to see what they are - they are on pressure plates that automatically bill your room, and some of things are ... not food or drinks.”
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It’s time for a thread, an #AWS thread, to make sure you know your CloudFront from CloudTrail, and Athena from Aurora … with a little help from the #devcommunity


A is for Alarm

If you are new to #AWS and are using the free tier you may want to add a #CloudWatch Billing Alarm to make sure you don't run into any unexpected charges.

Learn more about CloudWatch with @kylegalbraith…
@kylegalbraith (3/28)

B is for Bucket

#AWS #S3 buckets store objects, similar to files and folders on your local machine.

Learn more about S3 with @DavidOjedaL…
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Love the simplicity of #Serverless #FaaS (Function-as-a-Service) but hate the setup process? Look to these 7 open source projects to ease #AWS Lambda deployments:
#BigData #StreamingAnalytics #Cloud #DataScience #MachineLearning #IFTTT #EventDriven #AI
13 free tools for #API design, development, & testing — for example, Amazon API Gateway allows you to build front-end APIs for applications built on Amazon EC2, #AWS Lambda, or any web application:
#microservices #cloud #serverless #FaaS #coding #IoT
#IFTTT alternatives for developers of #EventDriven workflows:
#IoT #EdgeAnalytics #EdgeComputing #Microservices #DataScience #BigData #FaaS #ML
+See the book “AWS Lambda in Action: Event-driven #Serverless Applications” at
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My post on LinkedIn about my interview experience in 1996 @amazon blew up. But a bunch of people asked me why I left after 3 yrs and boomeranged 14 years later. So I thought I’d tell the story here #AWS #amazon #techjobs…
Everyone assumes that if you’re “successful” by some measure they seen you got there through a series of brilliant chess moves or you were an overnight #success. Occasionally that’s true, but far more often it looks like this
My first 3 years at amazon were amazing. We changed the world of #ecommerce, survived competitive threats that were supposed to kill us, invented lots of 😎 #tech that’s now commonplace in websites. But it was also exhausting. I worked 6-7 days a week, every week for 3 years 😓
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Hey all, I’m doing a weekly twitter standup, mostly for myself. But if you or anyone else would like to join, feel free to ping me. I’m thinking a weekly basis won’t be too time consuming. Pick a day of the week, and I’ll @ you to remind you. #weeklytwitterstandup
Did last week:
✅ finally built script to track usage of my servers. It’s a python script uploaded to AWS lambda. The script pings my half-dozen servers for data usage and writes the data onto 1) a MySQL server hosted on AWS RDS, 2) BigQuery database, and 3) google sheets
✅ built a dashboard on server usage data using Tableau public. I now have the dashboard scrolling on my Life Flips app.
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Thank you, Eric, for pointing out how many stocks are doing so well for us! Interestingly, no one said anything on Twitter last year when $TSLA was up roughly 50% from its low and 25% in the fourth quarter. #Tesla was a great diversifier when other stocks were getting crushed.
$TSLA during the past five years reminds me of $AMZN from 2004-2009. Investors/speculators laughed at worst or were baffled as we bought the stock when it tanked into the 20’s and 30’s in a 25-120 trading range. Trading recently at $2,000, #Amazon is one of my best stocks ever.
Now that its success is obvious in hindsight, most sell-side analysts remember that I bucked conventional wisdom and applauded the fact that Amazon was investing aggressively to capitalize on the inevitable shift to e-commerce and #AWS, at the expense of short-term profits.
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Emerging Technology and Innovation session lead by Oliver Klein was excellent and the live demo of SageMaker and other AWS ML services was very engaging👏
Chandra shared the AWS contribution and strategy towards public sector made me appreciate the impact it is making on the larger vision of Digital India.. and New Delhi is well poised to host Public Sector summit for AWS the second country after US..
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A few weeks back, we've noticed our snapshot bills to grow weirdly high.. after some debugging, I've found the snapshot billing and way snapshots stored as an interesting concept..
As the graph says, the usage vs snapshot billing isn't growing proportionally linear.. (1/n)
I decided to debug how snapshots are billed.. fundamentally, snapshots are block-level backups of EBS volumes.. since AWS can't see data inside your block, they read disk blocks occupied and take a copy of them and store them as objects in their s3.. (2/n)
Every time there's a data change inside your EBS volume, by nature of linux and hard disks, the new blocks is where data is written.. So, AWS knows there's change of data (this could be deletion of data too) and marks those blocks as the difference in data..thus incremental (3/n)
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And we are fashionably late here in Israel. #zman #bnei #akiva #AWSSummit
Here we start - #snark #on #AWSSummit
Only 10000+ customers using #sagemaker - I would have expected a minimum of 10,001+ #AWSSummit
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🎉 Boom! 🎉

New and exciting for #aws #ECS: ECS now supports running clusters of GPU-based instances (p2 and p3 instance types)

🔢 Set # of GPUs in your task and ECS will schedule and pin physical GPUs to the correct containers 💃🏻

➡️ Full post here:…
i've moved the issue over to shipped on the public roadmap:…

happy building, or in this case, maybe training? 😂
🗒️ if you're looking for an actual "what's new" post (instead of the documentation i accidentally linked to) here ya go:…
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There are just over two weeks left to submit a talk for #GR8Conf EU 2019 at

If you need ideas, here's a thread.

#groovylang #grailsfw #gradle #spockfw #gebish #griffon #springboot #micronautfw #ratpackweb #sdkman #android #devops #ci #cd #cfp #jenkins
Feel free to like/❤ a topic you’d attend and @ people you think should submit a talk on this topic. I have A LOT of ideas so I’ll spread this out over a few days maybe a week depending on how this goes.
1/ an intro to @spockframework

- using #spockfw in a polyglot organization including any tips/tricks for integrating with other languages like #Java and #Kotlin
- the top things you wish you knew when you started using spock
- good testing practices in general
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