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🧵Spent an hour this week with a squad building new #Serverless API on #AWS.
My main advises were-
- Break-down the #domain & think of set-piece #microservices
- Identify sync & async parts
- Think #events & event-driven
- Do event storming & develop event-driven thinking
- Identify core & support #microservices
- Perform data modelling for each microservice - queries, indexes...
- Follow #API guidelines
- Remember you're building an intelligent service. Not a proxy to 3rd party
- Make your service's contract with its clients as simple & easy
- Don't build a #monolith microservice
- #Observability - structure logs, metrics, monitoring
- API usage plan for each client & monitor
- Native #serverless service integration
- Reach out to experts for help

They're on separate #AWS a/c, repo, #CDK & #typescript. Happy😀👍
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@jornane_no @Warcop I think we're mixing up two different cloud use cases here, which have similarities but also huge differences. We also have to look at the size of the company we're talking about. 1/
@jornane_no @Warcop A: You need infrastructure to run your product/service. Yes, either way, you will need people who develop the software, deploy it somewhere and operate it there. IMHO companies should focus on their distinctive features and buy the commodities from suppliers. 2/
@jornane_no @Warcop The smaller your company is, the more this matters. Like a small business would not invest in their own electricity infrastructure and a whole electricity department because it's obvious that it is cheaper to rent an office with batteries included. 3/
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Are you planning to become a Cloud Security Architecture?

But not sure what skills you need to become the one?

Then this 🧵is for you 👇

#cloudsecurity #aws #awssecurity #appsec #infosec
1 /

Understand how components work:

For starters, you need to have an intuitive understanding of how common security protocols and components work. Things like firewalls, network access, intrusion detection systems, etc.
2 /

Work with various operating systems:

You need to be aware of how operating systems like Windows, Linux, and macOS employ security.
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📣Data Engineering Projects for Beginners 2022


#dataengineering #python #Docker #developers #aws #GoogleCloud #apacheairflow
Tracking your Uber Rides and Uber Eats expenses through a data engineering process

Technologies and skills:
Python, Docker, Apache Airflow, AWS Redshift, Power BI, data modelling, Task schedulling, ETL and ELT processes, Data warehousing, Cloud

Scheduling Big Data Workloads and Data Pipelines in the Cloud with pyDag

Technologies and skills:
Python, Docker, Big Data, Cloud, Google Cloud, Redis, DAG, Parallel Processing, Apache Spark

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I build and optimize data/AI/ML products, my days are spent working with architects & engineers to ensure our infrastructure is scaled appropriately to run our models.

I highly recommend checking out these #AWS resources for pivoting to Analytics/AI/ML on the cloud #partner 🧵
Knowing the AWS Well-Architected Framework is critical! Check out @AWSArchitecture for updates to the framework!…
The first step in solving any problem is leveraging a lifecycle and framework for solving the problem. There are many out there but this ML Lifecycle by @AWSArchitecture can be used for Analytics, AI/ML problem solving!

I use this framework:… Image
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#AWS has become an industry leader with its pay-as-you-go model. It’s now easier to accelerate migration and adoption using the best practices guide for architecture and governance. #partner

Here are some of the top best practices, labs, and resources 🧵
A key benefit of the AWS Well-Architected tool is access to knowledge and best practices used by AWS solutions architects whenever you need it.

The AWS Well-Architected Tool has an action plan with step-by-step guidance on areas for architectural improvement.
If you want to learn more start the @AWSArchitecture Architect Learning Plan, it trains Cloud Architects and Solutions Architects (or anyone working in architecture) to design solutions on AWS using best practices and frameworks.…
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AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)


#aws #AWS #DevOpsCommunity
AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a web service that helps you securely control access to AWS resources. You use IAM to control who is authenticated and authorized to use resources.
IAM features

1-Shared access to your AWS account
2-Granular permissions
3-Secure access to AWS resources for applications that run on Amazon EC2
4-Multi-factor authentication (MFA)
5-Identity federation
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I found a security vulnerability in Amazon Managed Workflows for Apache Airflow (MWAA) it's been fixed so now I can talk about it. Specifically there are two API calls that the service uses to convert AWS IAM credentials into tokens that can be used to login to Airflow. #AWS
The CreateCliToken and CreateWebLoginToken APIs were logging the tokens to Cloudtrail. The event included the hostname for the airflow server, so everything required to login to Airflow was in the event.
The issue is largely mitigated by the fact that the tokens are only valid for 60 seconds and CloudTrail delivers logs on average about every 15 minutes. So you should not receive the logs before the tokens have expired.
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Cases of Mokeypox by Location (Casos de Viruela del Mono por Lugar) #MonkeyPox #RStats #IDtwitter #ViruelaDelMono #VirueladelSimio #VarioleSinge #VarioleDuSinge #DataScientist #elcarteldeSINADEF #Analytics $BAVA $BAVA.CO $SIGA #AI #100DaysofCode #AWS #TensorFlow #Python🧵(1/2) Image
Cumulative Cases of Monkeypox per Day (Acumulado de Casos de Viruela del Mono por Día) & Statistical Trend in the Count of Cases (Tendencia Estadística en Casos) #MonkeyPox #ViruelaDelMono #VirueladelSimio #VarioleSinge #VarioleDuSinge #IDtwitter $BAVA $BAVA.CO #RStats 🧵(2/2) Cumulative Confirmed Cases ...
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Combat fraud without sacrificing customer experience by @hai2vasu @volkancivelekkk

#AWSSummit #AWS @awsugmum @awsugindia
Fill out the survey to get 25$ AWS Credits.
Earn a Certification voucher as well as grab some free swags, Check out here:

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A year ago I was lucky enough to be part of the launch of #AWS Incident Manager which shipped as part of AWS Systems Manager.

It was an absolutely wild rollercoaster ride, here's a smattering of thoughts...


Amazon (and AWS by extension) is big on Ownership, one of the Amazon Leadership Principles - which means there is very little that is truly driven top down.

I led the team that built Incident Manager, but the real leaders are the team themselves - I was just there to help. 1/
The Incident Manager (IM) team was (and still is) comprised of multiple 2-pizza teams, each owning their own slice of IM end to end. This is an important concept - our devs own the product they are building, they own everything from planning through execution to ops. 2/
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☁ You will likely encounter pushback when moving to the cloud. Moving to something new may seem risky and unnecessary to the developers. This requires a cultural shift.

💎 Here are some tips on how to tackle this problem.

#cloud #googlecloud #azure #aws
1. Sync with cross-functional teams early and often. Train them so they understand the benefits of the cloud and are comfortable and knowledgeable using it.
2. Help teams understand the benefits, the project's processes, the desired goals and outcomes.
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What is CI/CD?

Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) are two approaches to software development that are designed to improve code quality and enable rapid delivery and deployment of code.

#DevOps #CICD #Cloud #Agile #Testing #Cloud #Linux #Security #ITjobs
A modern CI/CD pipeline in DevOps has build, test, and deploy stages-and aims to automate as many of the processes within these stages as possible.

1. Source Code: Changes to source code can trigger CI/CD tools to initiate the pipeline, or the CI/CD pipeline may be triggered
by automated scheduled work sessions or user-initiated workflows.
2. Build: The new code changes to applications are created and compiled to be prepared for the testing phase.

3. Testing: Testing automation via CI can save developers tremendous time and effort.

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Container Registry Security controls you didn't know you needed. A 🧵 1/
Let's start with the basics. You need to scan your containers for vulns on the push. For that you need your registry to integrate with security scanners. Most registries support this out of the box. Some like @project_harbor even integrate with multiple scanners. Always 👍 2/
@project_harbor you need tag immutability. What if an attacker gets creds for your registry and commits container images with the tag "prod" that you use (well, for prod). you are in a world of 💩. Setting an immutable tag ensures that others can't commit to that specific "locked" tag 3/
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Application Security is one of the top skills that every tech firm is aggressively looking for 🚀

If you are a person who wants to make a great career in AppSec, this thread is for you 👇


#applicationsecurity #infosec #cloudsec #azure #aws
Five ways you could teach yourself Application Security

1 / 5
Five ways you could teach yourself Application Security

2 / 5
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Had a new hire start today who immediately pinged me to let me know that he was given admin access to his dev #AWS account and he probably shouldn't have that.

Nah man, we just care about good #devex. But how do we do it? 🧵
First off, we use AWS Organizations to manage our multi-account environment. Organizations has a feature called Security Control Policies (SCPs) which can limit max permissions for all accounts in your org. We use it to disable regions and services we don't use.
We use another service, Control Tower, to manage these rules and configure accounts when they're first created. Control Tower ensures that all our audit logs go to a central account and we can set up alerting for anomalous behavior. Each account also gets an initial budget.
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💊M6 Daily Bullets💊
📅Monday - March 21st📅

DeFi Olympiads

⁍The spirit of experimentation in #DeFi lives on, but this time we can't go complaining to the Developers. @DefiOlympiads offers an opportunity to test new mechanisms and try to break them
⁍Players must use their TICKET tokens to collect as many MEDALs as possible. #Hacks and exploits will NOT be penalized. MEDAL holders will get proportional airdrops later when these new protocols launch. But If anyone annoys the developers, the 'toxicity bond' gets extended.
Decentralized Deep Learning

@gensynai announces a $6.5M seed round led by @eblockventures to build out a #decentralized Deep Learning infrastructure that enables individuals to contribute processing power to a decentralized compute network.
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#AboutRSS 电报频道上的 “与 RSS 有关的 Coding 向 #教程 分享” 已发布 6 期,同样开个 #Thread

「基于 Liuli 构建纯净的 RSS #公众号 信息流 」…

「Add RSS Feeds to Your Website to Keep Your Core Readers Engaged」

「给 #hexo #博客 新增 RSS 功能支持」
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I realized today one of the reasons I appreciate working for a system integrator. Last time this year I was training in #Scala and #Spark. Then, I was placed in a project using #python, #pandas, #pyspark and #sql. That ended 12/31/21 and I had a short break before joining...
a pilot project working with #terraform, #aws, #boto3 with #python, #informatica, #autosys and #shellScripting. Not to mention the increasing frequency of situations that are like "Here is some technology setup that you have never seen before, here is some rudimentary docs,...
Figure it out in 1 or 2 sprints, provide deliverable artifacts and documentation on the preexisting system AND the new artifacts. Thx, k. Bai!" Oh, and teammates you joined with, they all have a shit-ton of stuff, so don't expect replies to your msgs.

Cue: 1. panic, then...
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Do you want to be a Cloud Engineer?
Then you're going to need to learn 🐧 Linux Commands

You can learn the most 50 popular commands from this @freeCodeCamp video course:

Bash scripting is a common skill alongside Linux commands.

Bash scripts are used to automate or codify configuration or run tasks in Linux environments.

@freeCodeCamp has an #AWS tutorial using Bash scripts with the AWS CLI.…
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Here's an wildly unpopular opinion: #kubernetes should die eventually.
My personal vendetta again k8s is the cost it demands to setup a decent set of nodes. Can I run a real app with multiple services at 10 - 50$/m ?
It's absurd but think about why we need containers
- it lets you deploy code without worrying about underlying platform
- it lets you enforce strict security controls and sandbox
- it lets you network your processes to function together
Luckily in 2020s we have a far better tech capable of all these and beyond:

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1/8 AWS Aurora Security 🧵👇

🎨 Content Creator: @jerry__chang

#AWS #Database #PostgreSQL #MySQL
2/8 Isolate the resources from the internet (not publicly accessible)
3/8 Leverage security groups to control network traffic for the individual resources.
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Jian Wang, founder of $BABA cloud, recently published his book about his thoughts about cloud technology and how it will be as revolutionary as electricity.

If you don't have time to read it, here are my notes.

LONG tweet 🧵... h/t @bkaellner
1/ 🗒️Imperative to build trust with cloud customers

$PDD used AliCloud to scale its community group buying business in the early days. Now $PDD is valued at a $60 billion market cap and competing against Taobao Deals.
2/ If $BABA shutdown $PDD when it grew big enough to become a threat, all trust would be lost in the capability of the cloud.
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☁️ Quéres ser un desarrollador en la nube y no sabes por donde empezar?

Durante los próximos 40 días te voy a compartir TODOS los días videos en ESPAÑOL sobre este tema.

🙏🏽 Si conoces a alguien que quiera aprender sobre esto, compartí este hilo.

🧵 1/38
Empecemos por lo primero, que es la nube ☁️?
Es un termino que usamos mucho pero que pasamos poco tiempo definiendo.

En este video te lo contamos!

🧵 2/38
Hay una serie de pasos que te van a ayudar a convertirte en un desarrollador en la nube.

🚀 Este es un buen video para empezar tu viaje hacia la nube. ☁️

🧵 3/38
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