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4 years ago I started implementing an entire #linux #wayland display server in the browser because "wouldn't it be cool if ...", but I never really shared my experiences that eventually lead me to implement a #kubernetes powered cloud desktop computer. 🧵👇
I'll try to keep these posts chronologically but most comes from memory so I apologize in advance. ;)
It basically started with a discussion in #wayland on #irc where it was suggested that one should use (s)rtp for real time video stream. The browser lacking such things, only offers WebRTC so first thing was to check if that could be utilized.
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🎉 I am excited to share that I got selected for yet another scholarship, @SUSE Scholarship program Cloud-Native, by @udacity.

This is my 3rd scholarship with Udacity, and I am super excited to learn in-demand skills that are widely used at enterprises.
⭐ This course will help me to learn:
- Cloud-native application deployment best practices and strategies.
- CI/CD pipeline to structure, package, & release applications to #Kubernetes.
- #ArgoCD for the automatic rollout of the new features to the production environment.
Thank you, #Udacity and #SUSE, for providing such a fantastic opportunity! 💥

#UdacitySUSEScholars #cloud #devops #kubernetes #learning #cloudnative #scholarship #education
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Server runtimes come in many different types, enabling team collaboration and ready-to-use development environments in the cloud. They are gaining usage quickly and there is a cambrian explosion of new ones. A summary of each of the 67 server runtimes is in this 🧵
Visual Studio @code runs in your browser in @GitHub codespaces. This is the successor of Visual Studio Codespaces.…
@Codeanywhere provides a cloud-based integrated development environment IDE.
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Without further adieu, I present to you...

The Universal Architecture™️!!! Image
What is The Universal Architecture™️ good for?

Well, I’m glad you asked friend!!!

You can use it for your website! Image
You can use it for zero downtime deployments! Image
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1: To connect every school & to mitigate the educational resources, first we need to find every school. Using AI and satellite imagery we helped @UNICEFinnovate @Gigaconnect and @ProCoWorld put find 23,100 unmapped schools in eight countries across Asia, Africa, and South America
2: A few highlights throughout the projects 1) we’ve been using supertile to train #machinelearning that achieve higher model performance. Training model with #Kubernetes engines and #Kubeflow allowed us to run model training and experiments faster We trained six country models (Kenya, Sierra Leone, Kazakhst
3: 2) Our open-sourced tool, ML-Enabler allows us to run #AI model inference in eight countries within a week. This is an efficient way to scan through millions of tiles and look for given school features.
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Inspired by yesterday's conversation w @HeatherisHungry , @puja108 , and @SomethingWithC on contributing to conversations in the #kubernetes community, here's a mega thread of some lessons learned as a Product Owner at @giantswarm
(1-1/8)-The other day, I was trying to clarify who in the managed apps team should help our customer solve an issue with a managed app. It turns out, the issue is not w the app, but w the customer's NLB setup.
(1-2/8)-If I were doing support for the app upstream, I’d say, this is not our product's problem (and this would be the most sensible thing to do for them). And that would be that.
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I wan to start a thread #KubernetesZero2Hero
This video is about basic #Linux #commands
2/n #KubernetesZero2Hero
Removing #Vim fear
3/n #KubernetesZero2Hero Understanding #YAML from Nana
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Our research of #Java on #Kubernetes is pointing us into looking at:

- ActiveProcessorCount
- Default GC
- Default Heap Sizing

Here are some facts: 1/n
ActiveProcessorCount currently matches cpu_quota: up to 1000m, 1 proc. 1001-2000m, 2 procs, and so on.

This sounds reasonable, but as we've learned, CFS control does not limit CPU count, only CPU time. Multiple native threads may execute in parallel, until the quota is reached.
JVM Ergonomics also selects G1GC by default only when the JVM sees more than 1792 MB of available memory, and 2 available processors (2000m+ in k8s). Otherwise it picks SerialGC.

Thus why so many devs force -XX:+UseG1GC in well constrained containers.
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Not only #Java developers are deploying their microservices to #Kubernetes with 1 vCPU only (1000m), there may be multiple pods on the same nodes since podAntiAffinity is unlikely to be common practice when scaling, to get an even distribution.
So, instead of having a bigger pod (2000m-4000m) on a node, there are two or more 1000m pods on a node.

For web apps, I think this setup is very unlikely to be reasonable.
I hope I am wrong and that my lame knowledge of Kubernetes followed by my hate towards YAML is as bad as this hypothesis.
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Day 14 #31DaysofML

🤔 How to pick the right #GoogleCloud #MachineLearning tool for your application?

Answer these questions
❓ What's your teams ML expertise?
❓ How much control/abstraction do you need?
❓ Would you like to handle the infrastructure components?

🧵 👇
@SRobTweets created this pyramid to explain the idea.
As you move up the pyramid, less ML expertise is required, and you also don’t need to worry as much about the infrastructure behind your model.

To lear more watch this video 👉

#31DaysofML 2/10
@SRobTweets If you’re using Open source ML frameworks (#TensorFlow) to build the models, you get the flexibility of moving your workloads across different development & deployment environments. But, you need to manage all the infrastructure yourself for training & serving

#31DaysofML 3/10
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Hello twitter world! As a bunch of you know I was preparing for my Certified #Kubernetes Administrator. I decided to give a go at the exam & failed my first attempt. Here's what I did, my experience with the #CKA and what I plan on doing differently for my re-take.

A thread 1/n
First of all, you need to be okay with failing the exam on the first attempt. I had to change this about me as I don't bode well with failure.

At @kloudleinc, we have no taboo about failure. It's just a way to evaluate what you can do differently for your next attempt.

Last week during an internal discussion, @makash shared a technique called "Genchi Genbutsu" (…) that got me to book the exam with whatever prep I had done so far instead of waiting for an arbitrary date in the future that looked "right" to me 😬

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Yesterday I posted some of the amazing graphics that @ManningBooks have done for my book Bootstrapping Microservices!

Today I show you some examples of how awesome the code listings are with annotations rendered in their final form...

@ManningBooks A simple Node.js microservice:

#nodejs #microservice Image
@ManningBooks Adding a microservice to your Docker-Compose file:

#microservice #docker Image
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YAML jokes are getting old, so as the FUD around #kubernetes and the cloud native landscape.

How about my "Kubernetes - the good parts" list instead?

My background: DevOps cosultant, on-boarded many devs to #k8s, built internal app platforms the past 4 years.

This thread is here to increase focus. You may have the killer usecase for things I don't speak highly of, but know that this list is for beginners✌️
Basics first: Pods, Deployments, Services, ConfigMaps, Secrets

Use them, know the concepts. Some point you have to debug them anyways.
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It is bothering me how admission control webhooks work alongside #kubernetes controller reconciliation. If the admission controller doesn’t agree on what desired state looks like, I don’t think it can settle, right? (e.g. if desired state clashes with a policy check)
I think the normal next step is that a human intervenes because they’re seeing alerts generated at admission control.

Another option would be mutating webhook changing the request, but what if that still doesn’t match the controller’s desired state?
Are there any examples of getting feedback to the controller to get it to change its expectations?
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We're getting started here at #CrossplaneCommunityDay! we'll be live tweeting all the action right here in this thread, and of course come ask questions with the speakers on the #general channel in 🔥🤓
@bassamtabbara is showing us the Cloud Utopia we'd all LIKE to move towards, and CAN with a API-centric control plane at #CrossplaneCommunityDay Image
...and a Universal Cloud API with a strong resource model built on #kubernetes and a great ecosystem of providers/vendors is the start of it 😅 Image
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🧵 M E G A T H R E A D

Check out all of my amazing threads that cover various topics like #JavaScript, #React, my favourite podcasts and many more...

👇#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie
Thread #1: This is the place where you can find most of the amazing resources, tutorials, code snippets, tips and tricks about #JavaScript. Happy Coding Days 😎

👇#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #React
Thread #2: This is the place where you can learn most of the thing about #React. Find out some of the best resources, tutorials, code snippets, tips and tricks to enhance your React skills.

👇#100DaysOfCode #CodeNewbie #JavaScript #ReactHooks
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Excited for my first re:Invent and getting ready for the @ajassy keynote coming up!

#awsreinvent #AWS #cloud
Loving the opening music act 🎸
Zach Person is the musician playing, so awesome...

Here is his Instagram -
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"I want to contribute to Kubernetes, how do i get started?"

First step join kubernetes slack at (Join at least #kubernetes-dev)
Second step browse the contributor oriented resources at

Browse the developer guide at…

Join a "SIG" (Special interest group).

Where do you find them? what do they do? How do i join them? see here:…

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Red Hat bits I caught during IBM's Q3 earnings call last night (thread)

#redhat #ibm $ibm
Recent examples of large-scale architectural commitments to #RedHat tech:
- #Schlumberger using #OpenShift to make its E&P enviro accessible across any infrastructure: on-premise, private & public clouds
- @Delta using Red Hat tech to modernize its IT infrastructure
In Q3, Red Hat extended its open #hybridcloud portfolio.
- OpenShift virtualization enables customers to migrate & run VMs natively w/in #OpenShift
- Advanced Cluster Management for #Kubernetes - the most robust, multi-cluster, policy-based compliance and app management system
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#OpenShift TV now live! OpenShift 4.6 What's New!
Installer Provided Infrastructure for Bare Metal by @RamonAcedo
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Every #Kubernetes cluster admin MUST watch "Advanced Persistence Threats" session from @IanColdwater @bradgeesaman #KubeCon #CloudNative. So much knowledge and goodness - thanks for sharing. I've been trying to get people to understand this attack vector for a long time 👇
You all did a much better job than me articulating it. Ahhh!!! Watching this hurts! I even wrote a chapter on this in Kubernetes Best Practices O'Reilly book. I wake up in cold sweats knowing how easy it is to leave this open! Biting my nails again.
Heartburn watching this. I suspect my pain isn't going to stop here. Anxious for what's going to happen here.
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It's time to share Capsule, a multi-tenant #Kubernetes operator, licensed Apache 2.0, and #CNCF compatible.
Drilling down the Capsule capabilities! 👇👇👇
All the business logic is handled by a **single** Custom Resource Definition, named Tenant:…

No more pain with the CRDs mayhem (yeah, Istio: I'm looking at you)
A Tenant owner is going to interact with the Kubernetes CaaS as a normal cluster: `kubectl create namespace my-ns` and that's all, Capsule is wrapping all the complexity, adding the Namespace to the Tenant with some Dynamic Admission Controllers!…
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Choosing the right tech stack is one of the most important decisions when building a software product.

The ability to scale quickly depends on many factors but having the proper tech stack may be the most important one.

(Thread) 👇
1/ Tech stacks not only impacts the scalability in terms of performance but also provides flexibility and agility to evolve the product, eases the development of ecosystems, and attracts and retains talent.
2/ I am sharing in this thread, some of the components of our tech stack at @intraway that are working great for us.
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