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DeepSquare is taking a measured approach to development, ensuring an exceptional user experience and comprehensive grasp across our platform. Here's a thread to dive deeper into our latest updates and innovations. 👇
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1/ The primary focus of our proposal is the standardization of computation resource requests in the rapidly evolving landscape of #supercomputing intensive applications. To address it, we've developed a new standard for workflow files.…
2/ Our workflow file standard empowers users to conveniently package their applications, along with the necessary resources and desired characteristics. With this, users can achieve identical results as to pre built apps and enhance their applications efficiently on DeepSquare.
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Best practices for Kubernetes Pods 🧵

#Kubernetes #devops
1/11: 🎯 Single Responsibility Principle 🎯

Assign each Pod a single responsibility, focusing on a specific process or task. By keeping pods lean and focused, you enhance maintainability and avoid unnecessary complexity. #Modularity #ContainerOrchestration
2/11: ⚙️ Resource Allocation ⚙️

Allocate CPU and memory resources to each Pod based on its workload. Keep in mind the QoS Levels:
- Guaranteed (requests == limit)
- Burstable (requests < limit)
- BestEffort (no limit specified)
#ResourceOptimization #Efficiency
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Il y a 2 semaines j'étais à Amsterdam pour la #KubeConEU 2023 et la keynote "Building a Sustainable, Carbon-Aware Cloud: Scale Workloads and Reduce Emissions" m'avait bien hypée jusqu'à ce que cette slide me file le hocquet...

Je vous décortique ça 🧶👇 Image
D'abord c'est quoi la "KubeCon" ?

C'est une convention organisée par la @CloudNativeFdn qui regroupe tous les acteurs de l'écosystème #Kubernetes et plus largement la communauté #CloudNative, et là je me dis que l'intro va être longue, mais c'est intéressant, vous allez voir. @cnfcertImageImage
Il y a une KubeCon par an en 🇪🇺 et aux 🇺🇸 (et bientôt aussi en 🇨🇳...) et ça attire de plus en plus de monde chaque année:

10k participants sur place à Amsterdam cette année (!), et beaucoup plus à distance et en différé:…

L'édition 🇪🇺 2024 sera à Paris 🇫🇷
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Open Policy Agent (OPA), is an open source, general purpose policy engine. OPA decouples policy decisions from other responsibilities of an app, like those commonly referred to as business logic.

#Kubernetes #DevOps #CloudNative #CloudNative
OPA works equally well making decisions for Kubernetes, Microservices, functional app authorization and more, thanks to its single unified policy language.
In a a nutshell, the OPA policy engine evaluates requests to determine whether they conform to configured policies.

OPA can integrate with Kubernetes easily: it expects a JSON input, is easy to containerize & supports dynamic configuration,
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Kubernetes Hacks and Tricks — #1 Immutable ConfigMaps & Secrets

#Kubernetes ConfigMap & Secret resources have a field called immutable which, if set to true, ensures that the data of ConfigMap/Secret cannot be updated after resource is created.

👀… #DevOps
#Kubernetes Hacks and Tricks — #2 Optional ConfigMaps & Secrets in Pods

In some apps, app configs are set by default in the codebase (hard-coded) and if you want to override them, you can provide your override values via environment variables

👀… #DevOps
Kubernetes Hacks and Tricks — #3 List all downloaded images on worker nodes

👀… #Kubernetes #DevOps
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3 cloud-to-K8s best practices to mitigate the risk of a lateral movement attack 🛡

1️⃣ Avoid storing long-term #cloud keys in workloads
2️⃣ Remove kubeconfig files from publicly exposed workloads
3️⃣ Restrict access to container registries

Details in thread 🧵👇 #kubernetes
1️⃣ Avoid storing long-term #cloud keys in workloads

✅ Attach IAM roles/service accounts/managed identities to workloads and define minimum permissions.

✅ Generate and rotate temporary credentials using the IMDS for improved #cloudsecurity.

🧵 2/5
2️⃣ Remove kubeconfig files from publicly exposed workloads

✅ Remove kubeconfig files from exposed workloads, configure #K8s API server endpoint as private.

✅ Restrict access to specific IP addresses using a strictly configured #security group.

🧵 3/5
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Are you tired of being stuck in the same old IT routine? Do you crave the excitement of constantly learning and adapting to new technologies? Are you ready to become a #DevOps superhero, saving the day with your coding skills and infrastructure expertise?

🧵 What is #DevOps Dev?
🌻A #DevOps developer's job is to bridge the gap between development and operations teams. They work to automate and streamline the software delivery process, ensuring that applications are deployed quickly, reliably, and securely.
🌻 So, what is #DevOps?

It is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). It aims to shorten the systems development life cycle while delivering features, fixes, and updates frequently in close alignment with business objectives.
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Check out what's new with #AWSPartner technical solutions for customers. 👩‍💻💻

Thread: ⬇️
Hear from an #AWS Ambassador & cloud architect from @SoftServeInc about best practices for running #Kubernetes in an enterprise IT environment, to help enterprise clients transform their applications from monoliths to microservices. ☁️🛠️
Explore how @Kaleido_io's pre-built services& APIs work atop the Polygon Edge protocol to help developers reach production faster, & learn how you can launch a Polygon Edge chain on the Kaleido platform in minutes. 💻⏳
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What are the 50 Kubernetes concepts that you should know?

Well, I like to break them down into three sections:
- Day Zero
- Day One
- Day Two

A thread 🧵
Day Zero is all about the planning and architecture phase. How will your environment look?
Day One is all about the deployment phase. Deploy your clusters and ensure that the process is repeatable.
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Kubernetes isn't something that you just "turn on" and walk away.

It's a platform that has to be considered a main part of how you deploy.

But how?

A thread 🧵
It should be looked at no different than when you began to implement VMWare on bare metal or the cloud in your environment.

Kubernetes can't be something that's just on the back burner and implemented with 10% capacity. You have to think about:
✅ What the future of the environment will look like

✅ How you'll plan upgrades

✅ What your backup and disaster recovery plan is

✅ How you're going to move platforms/environments (for example - AWS to Azure) if you need to
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Finalizei minha saga aprendendo (e escrevendo sobre) Tekton CI/CD.

Esta série de artigos é um ciclo completo e automatizado de entrega de uma aplicação simples que tá no Github.

Aqui nesta 🧵 vou dar um overview de cada artigo com o devido link.


#Kubernetes #Docker
Um pequeno disclaimer

Embora Tekton sirva para rodar o próprio CI no Kubernetes, os conceitos aqui apresentados podem ajudar a *entender melhor* de sistemas CI/CD no geral, inclusive os que trabalhamos no dia-dia, tais como Github, Gitlab, CircleCI etc

O primeiro foi uma introdução aos 3 principais componentes do Tekton: Step, Task e Pipeline.

São peças importantes que têm sua lógica fundamentada em diversos outros sistemas de CI/CD.

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Artificial Intelligence is the hottest technology in 2023. Most tech companies are making new investments in AI which has created new career opportunities not just in machine learning but in MLOps as well. This thread is on career opportunities in #MLOps. RT to spread the word.👇
What is MLOps?

As companies generate and collect vast amounts of customer data, managing these large datasets and the numerous machine-learning models they create will get increasingly complex. MLOps is sometimes referred to as #AIOps as well.
MLOps is the systematic approach to managing the entire lifecycle of ML models and their deployment in a production environment. It combines principles and practices of software engineering and #DevOps to ensure efficient, reliable, and scalable management of ML models.
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#ApacheKafka has integrations with most of the languages used these days.

@alexsotob covers its integration with #Java and discusses how to provision, configure & secure an Apache Kafka cluster on a #Kubernetes cluster:


Series Contents 👇
2/6 ➡️ Apache Kafka is a stream-processing platform for storing, consuming, and processing data streams in real-time. Learn how to produce and consume data using Kafka and Quarkus:

#ApacheKafka #Quarkus #Java
3/6 ➡️ The Kafka Streams project consumes real-time streams of events as they are produced, apply transformations, join streams, etc. Learn how to use Kafka Streams and Quarkus:

#KafkaStreams #Quarkus #Java
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Always keep this in mind when you're dealing with #Kubernetes:

Running a pod without a deployment can be done, however it is generally not recommended.
#Kubernetes now recommends running almost all of your Pods in Deployments instead of using custom ReplicaSets.
Without a deployment, Pods can still be created and run through unmanaged ReplicaSets. While you will still be able to scale your app you lose out on a lot of base functionality deployments provide and drastically increase your maintenance burden.#Kubernetes
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It's almost impossible to keep up with the @SpringBoot and @java ecosystems. Here are five trends I find super exciting:
@graalvm: build highly optimized, operating system and architecture-specific native images that run in small fractions of a similar JRE application. Use @SpringBoot 3 AOT to take your applications further than ever #iot #edge #Kubernetes
@GraphQL is a great way to connect rich clients to services and the Spring for GraphQL project is a first-class experience for developers
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Comment survivre à des pics de charge avec son cluster Kubernetes ?

Le brief : tout tourne bien, nos pods sont healthy, reçoivent du traffic, mais tout d'un coup un gros pic de traff sur notre app ! Et là, c'est le drame. 😱

Le HPA (HorizontalPodAutoscaler) réagit bien, il auto-scale notre déploiement en demandant le scheduling de nouveaux pods. Mais là problème... Il n'y a pas assez de noeuds ! #Kubernetes va alors demander de nouveaux noeuds (on part du principe que c'est on-cloud). #k8s #kube
Mais le temps qu'ils arrivent, notre application est au bord de l'explosion, même la p50 latency est au-dessus des 10 secondes, c'est le feu à bord 🔥😱 Les utilisateurs gueulent car tout est pété en prod.
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Learning #kubernetes is a pain in the ass, here's x resources that will help stop the bleeding

#ckad #cka #devops #100daysofcode

/1 Notes for passing cka exam…
/2 Learn Kubernetes fast…
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Kubernetes Tutorials For Beginners📚

1️⃣What Is Kubernetes Architecture?…

2️⃣Kubernetes Basic Concepts & Examples…

#devops #kubernetes #k8s #linux #docker #sysadmin #Azure #infrastructureascode #serverless #terraform #ansible
3️⃣ How to Manage Secrets in Kubernetes – A Complete Guide…

4️⃣ Kubernetes Security: 5 Best Practices for 4C Security Model…
5️⃣ Kubernetes Ingress with NGINX Ingress Controller Example…

6️⃣ 15 Kubernetes Best Practices Every Developer Should Know…
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The key points to prepare for your KCNA (Kubernetes and Cloud Native Associate) exam.

1. Understanding Kubernetes fundamentals such as Kubernetes resources, architecture, API, containers, and scheduling

(1/3) #Kubernetes #KCNA #CloudNative #DevOps #Containers #CNCF
2. Container orchestration concepts such as runtime, security, networking, service mesh, storage, and container orchestration fundamentals.

3. Cloud-native architecture such as autoscaling, serverless, community and governance, roles and personas, and open standards.

4. Cloud-native observabilities such as telemetry & observability, Prometheus, and cost management.

5. Cloud-native application deliveries such as application delivery fundamentals, GitOps, continuous integration, and continuous delivery/continuous deployment (CI/CD).

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If you have an EKS cluster, that EKS cluster will have an IAM Role associated with it.

Ensure that the Role has all permissions needed.

For example, if you need to create Volumes for k8s, it'll need the following Policy Attachment.

How did I find this out?

#kubernetes #AWS Image
First, I tried to create a PVC and noticed that it was in a Pending state Image
Next, I described the PVC to see what was going on and I saw this.

`kubectl describe pvc name_of_pvc -n namespace_name` Image
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So... what is Kubernetes?

As Kubernetes continues to gain popularity, engineers have to know how Kubernetes works, and why it might make sense in their environment.

A thread 🧵
Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself

- What benefits does Kubernetes bring to environments?
- What do technologies like containerization do for organizations?
- Does Kubernetes actually help teams?
In this blog post, I’ll provide some basic background on containers and Kubernetes.

Also, some suggestions for how to think about Kubernetes for infrastructure pros.
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Are you using Ingress Controllers in your Kubernetes environment?

If not, let's break down what they are.

A thread 🧵
At a high level, Ingress Controllers are:
- Specify multiple paths
- Specify multiple services

All in one load balancer.

Let's break it down.
ingress Controllers are just like any other Controller in a Kubernetes environment. They confirm that the current state is the desired state for the deployment.
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Kubernetes is a complicated beast. There are many moving parts under the hood. Simplifying Container orchestration isn’t easy

Here are 11 Resources that will make you a Kubernetes wizard in no time 🧵👇

#DevOps #DevOpsCommunity #Kubernetes #K8S
1. A Beginner’s Guide to Kubernetes

A comprehensive introduction to Kubernetes architecture.

2. A Guide to the Kubernetes Networking Model

An in-depth run-through of Kubernetes networking.

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Really proud of what we have built @sectionio over the past few months. An unparalleled distributed computing platform that you can take for a joy ride with industry-standard tooling. Low Bar, High Ceiling is the ethos of our platform. #docker #Kubernetes. Some things I love🧵
Get started with any #container, public or private in less than a minute. I am running my latest side project ( on Section. All hooked up to a #github action. All my containers running in different corners of the world are seamlessly updated in seconds!
Our new Console provides all the requisite tools so that you don't have to deal with the hassle of operating your workload. Just the name of the image is all you need. Focus on building & getting that product market fit #buildinpublic
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