Someone rents home. Landlord denies maintenance of broken part of the structure. Does the renter know his rights to deny landlord rent until the maintenance is performed? Does a renter know the steps he must take to show a judge he is prepared to pay back rent upon maintenance?
Does a renter even know where he would go to look for his rights?

If he did know, would he be able to navigate a 20 year old website to find the required information he needs in order to enforce rights for which legislation was written to provide him?
And to my main argument, no one knows what the status of the various legal cases are. Our basic duty as Americans was to vote. We have voted. We still do not know the outcomes of our votes and what court cases still continue to make their way through the system.
This information as it should all be public record, but the information is hidden from us, and those who claim knowledge of such things are invariably spewing outright horseshit and causing further anxiety in an irresponsible manner for the purpose of moar clickies and likies.
I should note, and this is where I'm signing off for the night:


• • •

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17 Dec
I've decided that I will not be spouting off an uninformed, kneejerk opinion on a topic I don't have enough information about. Instead I shall cast shame on the idiots who do, and bring further confusion to everyone.
We as a people have been defanged not only by being fed wheelbarrows full of raw unmitigated horseshit, but even the knowledge of where to go to find this information has been buried beneath obscuring layers of horseshit thicker than the planet's crust.
We do not live in a democracy, whose vital functions require a freeflow of information much like pure capitalism requires a completely informed consumer populace. We instead live in an oligopoly of knowledge, where important facts we need to know are denied to us and hoarded away
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17 Dec
Hey, you.

Yeah, you.

You're not alone.
"Of course I'm not alone, I have people on Twitter I talk to!"

No, fuck that, dumbass. I'm not real. Your twitter followers aren't real. Likes and retweets are fake fucking points meant to skinner box you into wasting time on stupid shit.

I mean, you, as a person, aren't alone.
Lol to all the people throwing likes and retweets.

Y'all don't even know what I'm about to fucking throw at you and you're diving on that shit anyways.


Twitter's just a fucking internet insane asylum, a rattrap for the mad and the desperate.
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8 Dec
1) So. Waited to talk about this 'galactic federation' nonsense.

I'm going to put it like this:

If aliens were at all smart, they would NEVER TOUCH EARTH and PRAY TO THEIR FILTHY XENOS GODS EVERY FUCKING DAY we never leave our spinning dirtball.
2) Why?

Well, think about it.

In almost EVERY major sci-fi piece of literature and culture we have, HUMANITY FUCKING CONQUERS THE GALAXY.

If aliens were looking at our culture, they'd say, 'hey, they dream about space, let's see what about it they li- OH WHAT IN THE FUCK?!?'
3) 'But what about Star Trek?'

Yes, Star Trek.

You know what happens in Star Trek?

Humanity gets FTL tech, and within a few DECADES, suddenly every filthy xenos species is either a) OUR JUNIOR FUCKING PARTNER or b) GETTING THEIR ASSES WHIPPED BY US.
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1 Dec
1) Anyone passingly familiar bidding for state government projects won’t be surprised by this.

It is an unspoken fact in the US that the only thing that approaches the depth of Federal pockets is that of State and local governments.
2) As you approach state and local levels, you trade the raw money-printing power of the Feds with increasingly less oversight and regulation, until companies can literally sell societal snake oil, certified by ‘professional boards’ staffed by THEIR OWN employees and lobbyists.
3) What happens as a result of this self-propagating scam artistry of state and local government ‘consultants’, ‘contractors’, etc is that they conglomerate and merge together, each new company buying the old ones and repackaging the disasters under a new brand name.
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6 Nov
There are no blue states.

There are only swing states that Democrats had enough time in to build massive mail in ballot fraud programs so they could keep their incestuous oligarchic party in power.
The hundreds of millions the Democrats demanded be sent to the USPS? A payoff for future services rendered. The US Postal Service is integral to ensuring that ballots only reach desired demographics, removing returning ballots from unwanted voters, and transporting fake ballots.
The DoJ? The FBI? The Inspector Generals? The DHS? None of their membership in DC want a Trump reelection, and they control the national response to the blatant fraud. They won’t lift a fucking finger.
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3 Nov
1) Stupid late thread. Blame the wandering drunken wildebeest that beat on my sliding patio door and my front door incessantly until I told them to fuck off, only to realize it had the wrong address.

I’d like to talk about social desirability bias.
2) We discuss this in the polls, usually, but something strikes me as odd. Outside of blue cities, people aren’t afraid to declare their support for Trump. Even in Myrtle Beach, I’m surrounded by people who support Trump.

the thought occurs... who’s polled saying they’re afraid?
3) It can’t be Democrats. They have to proclaim every five minutes their hatred of Orange Man, publicly on social media where it can be recorded.

Almost like it’s required of them.

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