23 December 2020 #MAGAanalysis #PenceCard

If By Any Other Means...

First a nod to my new friend, @HeloProcurement, Don The Pleb. You'll enjoy the show we did last night, and it's meditating on our conversation that led to today's lead.

2) I have to say it was a great debate and hat's off to Don for that. Our debate had a foundation in the list I've shared here, the one I drafted after all the work we've done on General McInerney's guidance. It seems the pivot point is #6.
3) Don's point can be respectfully boiled down to...it won't be pretty. Don's wise vision was on the reaction of America to Martial Law. He utterly opposes the use of the military in regards to an election, or on American soil I'm not being sarcastic when I use the word wise.
4) I won't characterize my position in our debate but to say, this pill now might be less horrible than the disease I fear will come should Biden ascend. But go deeper on myside of the case, you can check out my threads over the past week, or better yet, watch our show!
5) As we became fast friends, literally, there can be no winner or loser, we both won. But, a debate is a debate, and while I'd have a hard time saying I lost, it's not very difficult for me to say Don won. He certainly won my profound consideration for his case.
6) Today's lead: If By Any Other Means, is a concession to Don's great points. Martial Law in America will result in violence. No way around that point. He's simply right. We blunder into a cure being worse than the disease case, here.
7) I don't imagine Don will agree, but it's my attempt at something in the middle. Martial Law is to be avoided at almost every cost. I still hold, though, that if no other means cures the stolen election, General Mac's guidance must be kept on the table.
8) The fact that turned my heart to Don's argument was that he chose, in #6, the one element that @POTUS has already dismissed publicly. We were already way past our interview end point, so I couldn't give Don the full acknowledgment of that point. I'll correct that now.
9) I want to go slowly here. To listen carefully and honestly might be defined as "considering." Every person I know who's worked with Trump says the same thing. He listens. Carefully and attentively. He asks leading questions to encourage further explanation. He is considerate.
10) But, stable genius that he is, my suspicion is that his decisions within are made very rapidly, by instinct combined with vast amounts of knowledge. I suspect that much of his listening is more courteous than actually considerate. That's what I mean by slowly here.
11) Where considerate means attentive to the other person's needs, respect for their perspective, etc., @realDonaldTrump is absolutely that. But, courtesy may demand a full hearing, even AFTER all consideration of the other person's point has been dismissed.
12) In the middle, between courtesy and consideration, we can call for hypothetical analysis. I believe that Trump is one of the world's greatest masters of the theory: #HeMightBeRight. That is, he's already made his decision, but he's able to table it in order to truly listen.
13) Another way to say this is with the term "provisional," or "provisionally." It goes something like: I really don't think you're right. But you might be, and if you are, I want to know. So, provisionally, I'll table my standing decision and consider that you might be right.
14) None of that is a commitment to the other person's position in any way. It is not a surrendering of one's actual stance. And then, when debate has concluded, if one's own position still stands, it was never actually altered. The other side's case did not persuade.
15) Which brings us to the other side of the term "consider." Here, it means something like "leans toward." General Mac calls for Martial Law. I kind of think he's right, so I'm going to seriously consider his recommendation, with the probability that I'm going to accept it.
16) A point about Trump that the media has completely missed is his nuance. He has an instinctive use of words that goes beyond anything we've seen since FDR's fireside chats, or Ronald Reagan's faith in America presented in his every speech.
17) There's no way Don could have known that my actual position is that I am a proud follower, awaiting guidance from @GenFlynn and @realDonaldTrump. So the fact that Trump had already tweeted his dismissal of #6, Martial Law, weighed strongly upon me. He's my leader.
18) Have I mentioned that @KateScopelliti is the greatest researcher in the world? If not, allow me to correct that egregious failure now. Kate Scopelliti is the greatest researcher in the world. I don't actually know how I won her heart, but I am blessed by her mind every day.
19) As we discussed my interview with Don last night, Kate found me this surprising thing.


She asked me if I knew what it was, and ignorant of it, I told her no, I wasn't. Obviously, she had all the documentation available in a flash.

20) As Don debated me, a nascent idea was forming. It should have been obvious all along. You'd ONLY impose something like Martial Law in the most dire of straights. It would be the last possible option considered, and rightly so. The #PenceCard is a better option!
21) Please mind, I am making precisely NO prediction here. The track record of my analyses is VASTLY better than my predictions record. What did happen? I'm good. What is happening? I'm good. What will happen? Not so good.

Will the #PenceCard be played today? I don't know.
22) We need to follow this out. In his tweet, @Raiklin give us a source. We need to read it. I will NOT be commenting on it in one of my long, slow analyses. But I have read it, and so should you!

23) I believe in following the lead. Check this out:

White House Memo Details How ‘Pence Card’ Can Save Trump’s Presidency On Dec 23

That's an interesting lead! It's a well written story that follows. It also gives us the ultimate source.

24) Here's the lead of that document:

SUBJECT: Operation “PENCE” CARD - Dec 23rd

Holy cow. I haven't read many White House Memos before. It is VERY tempting to believe this is 100% authentic. If anyone with more experience can verify, please do.
25) You know what? I'm going to take my own advice for once. I'm going to make a new pot of coffee, and read both the story and the memo again, in full. Please do the same. That is, check out these sources and determine what you believe in response. Yes? Back in a bit...
26) Stop. Hold the presses. They used to tell us back in the day, Breaking News Can Change Everything Here At FOX. I did love that channel once upon a time, but I digress.

The "PENCE" CARD - Dec 23rd, and there's a superscript "h". Hmm...

27) Here is its summary:

"The Constitution and federal law establish a detailed timetable following the presidential election during which time the members of the electoral college convene in the 50 state capitals and in the District of Columbia,
28) "cast their votes for President and Vice President, and submit their votes through state officials to both houses of Congress. The electoral votes are scheduled to be opened before a joint session of Congress on January 6, 2021.
29) "Federal law specifies the procedures for this session and for challenges to the validity of an electoral vote. This report describes the steps in the process and precedents set in prior presidential elections
30) "governing the actions of the House and Senate in certifying the electoral vote and in responding to challenges of the validity of electoral votes.
31) "This report has been revised and will be updated on a periodic basis to provide the dates for the relevant joint session of Congress and to reflect any new, relevant precedents or practices."
32) You know what? As a researcher, I am a frustrated weed whacker. I'm trying to read a White House memo on the #PenceCard, and a little superscript h brings me to the above summary, on a 13-page document, every detail of which drips with truth and significance. Alas.
33) Back on track, why did we stop the presses? This is from the White House memo:

"BACKGROUND: U.S. Constitution & U.S. Code Prohibit Vice President Michael R. Pence from “receiving” electoral votes from six fraudulently certified States.

Oh I want to stop and comment...
34) "On December 23, the Vice President will notify each Secretary of State which certified for Biden where the fraud occurred that he hasn’t RECEIVED any Certificates of legally “APPOINTED” Electors or their votes (because of the fraud).
35) "The Vice President further requests that the Secretaries of those States (and the relevant District Judge) send the Certificates of legally “Appointed” Electors & their votes-based upon nonfraudulent elections-that did not violate laws passed by the States’ Legislatures,
36) "to him before January 6, 2021 (per U.S. Constitution Art. 2, Sec 2, Cl1; 14th Amend. Section 1, Equal Protection Clause; 3 USC12 & 13)."

Remember J. E. Dyer's article we worked on so hard? We've gone over the Constitutional aspects there. Ah, but the USC? Let's go check!
37) Oh my! There is LAW!!!

United States Code Law. Remember today's lead, If By Any Other Means? This appears to be the other means. It is so like Trump! @HeloProcurement should be happy now, if he's following our analysis here! Here's the other means.

38) Indulging myself, look at the title of this section:

3 U.S. Code § 12 - Failure of certificates of electors to reach President of the Senate or Archivist of the United States; demand on State for certificate

Let's go check 13...
39) This one is hilarious!

"3 U.S. Code § 14. Forfeiture for messenger’s neglect of duty

"Every person who, having been appointed, pursuant to section 13 of this title, to deliver the certificates of the votes of the electors to the President of the Senate,
40) "and having accepted such appointment, shall neglect to perform the services required from him, shall forfeit the sum of $1,000."

Now that's another means! And it leads us to what I'm going to call Don's Doctrine:

Never use Martial Law if US Code Law can get the job done.
41) Hey, when I went to make my 2nd pot of coffee, I snapped this indoor sunrise shot and meant to share it. We're not off topic, honest.
42) Before I explain the connection, I'm heading back over the memo. I have to read some more. But didn't you just LOVE the U.S. Code on topic of "honest and non-fraudulent elections?" But back to work reading now...
43) “Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as
the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors.”

The point has been made many times, but still note:

As the Legislature thereof may direct!

Not the governor, or court, or any other person or body. That's critical!
44) "Therefore, the papers (or “slates”) the states attempted to submit to the President of the Senate and Archivist of the United States are not legal, permissible certificates of votes and lists by Electors as recited in Title 3, U.S.C., sections 9 and 11."
45) "Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin violated the U.S. Constitution’s Art. 2, S.1, Cl.2 and 14th Amendment, Section 1, Equal Protection Clause in administering their elections, therefore rendering their slates impermissible."
46) We're getting to the heart of the matter here:

"On Dec. 14, the States consummated a fraudulent and Constitutionally deficient certification of their electors as required by 3 USC 7.
47) "State and federal authorities have discovered Overwhelming evidence of election fraud and irregularities since Nov. 4, likely rising to the level of criminal election fraud and public corruption. Civil courts dismissed these claims procedurally, rather than on substance.'
48) If you're still with me, let's slow down over this sentence:

"Civil courts dismissed these claims procedurally, rather than on substance."

The Cabal wants you to think there's no case here, no evidence. So what do they do? Use procedure as a substitute for substance.
49) Here's a Pasquale Principle:

Criminals with their lawsuits, use the law itself to protect crime.

Well, here's the original:

"A lawyer with his briefcase can steal more than a hundred men with guns." It's from The Godfather.
50) Down and dirty, locked and loaded. This is The Donald showing his fighting mein:

"Lastly, The Vice President has access to
51) "federal information related to pending Federal Criminal investigations in progress at the DOJ, each Election District Officer, FBI Field Office, US Attorneys Offices, USPS Postmaster, USPS Inspectors General of the six States and 8 cities in contest."
52) The #PenceCard is:

"JUDGMENT: All of these factors above inform and contribute to the Vice President’s analysis in deciding that he, as the representative of the Federal Seat of Government did not “receive” a constitutionally permissible slate of electors.
53) "For that reason, he is not only duty-bound to request that the States send certificates and lists as required by Title 3, U.S.C., sections 9 and 11 from Electors that were appointed in the manner that the State Legislatures directed as soon as possible,
54) "he is also the sole plenary power that has the authority to make this determination."

Sole Plenary Power.


Now to a quick qualifier. I've been taken in before. What is this document is not authentic? More egg on my face. I believe it authentic, but what if I'm wrong?
55) In a long life of analysis, a saving grace I've always enjoyed is my righteous obsession with the data. If the data is spurious, my analysis will be false. There is only so much vetting a lonely analyst can do! I'm taking this on good faith. I believe it true. If it is...!
56) If it is, we have a window on the other means, making Martial Law unnecessary. The main reason I believe this document valid is this. January 6, 2021. @realDonaldTrump has called upon all able patriots to show up in DC on that very day. Doesn't look like coincidence to me.
57) "Kindly send the certificates and lists as required by Title 3, U.S.C., sections 9 and 11 from Electors that were appointed in the manner that your State Legislature directed as soon as possible,
58) "and before January 6, 2021 at 1:00pm EST in the manner prescribed in Title 3 U.S.C."

Michael R. Pence
Vice President of the United States
President of the Senate of the United States
Presiding Officer of the Joint Session of Congress on Jan 6, 2021
59) Again, if authentic, this is the very guidance we've been waiting for. Please do your own research and come to your own conclusions. Fake news is everywhere. I can't protect myself, let alone you, from its cancerous reach. But assuming this authentic...
60) Martial Law may be averted WITHOUT giving up on the mandate to secure an honest election outcome. Again, hat's off to @HeloProcurement. Check him out and if you're intrigued, set up a payment plan to his Patreon. He deserves it. America needs him, too.
Thread ends at #60.

• • •

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