While the Marxists and Liberal spend hundreds of hour pontificating of inequality in Shastras (which cannot be proved as it is not true), have you ever heard or seen them discussing the Islamic doctrine of Kufu/Kafa'at (equal/equality)? This is institutionalised inequality (1/n)
(2/n) Taken from Hadis, which carry the weight of mandatory doctrine, they state principles of racial inequality - Quraysh are suitable matches for one another as are the (other) Arabs suitable matches for one another.’
(3/n) The ruling relevant to non-Arabs is as follows: ‘An Ajmi (non-Arab) cannot be a match for a woman of Arab descent, no matter that he be an Aalim (religious scholar) or even a Sultan (ruling authority).
(4/n) Fuqahaa (jurists) state that a weaver is not a Kufu’ (match) of a tailor, rather he is inferior nor is a tailor the Kufu’ of a cloth merchant nor a cloth merchant the Kufu’ of an Aalim (scholar of Deen) or Kazi (judge of an Islamic court). (Durrul Mukhtar 3.90; MH Sa’eed)
(5/5) Not to say of course that a non-Muslim cannot be equal of a Muslim in any manner whatsoever. This institutionalised discrimination makes Ashraf treat the Pasmanda (Ajlaf and Arzal) as inferior beings and rule over them through Taqlid. Ashraf dwells in his own separate world

• • •

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13 Jan
#UPSC CS Exam: A boy was asked a question on Chandigarh’s architecture. He gave his unbiased opinion, criticised absence of Indic elements. The Board suddenly turned frosty. Vinay Mittal in the chair with a JNU professor and AIS officers. Got 87/275
Share such stories on DM.
#UPSC Horrors: I’m from Raj. Cat-ST, IITian. Appeared for i’view 2015 CSE. I criticised Naxals, defended Gupta period as golden age of India. Member disagreed nothing golden about it.
Chairman wasn’t even looking at me. I thought I did very well. Got 83/275. Arvind Saxena Board
#UPSC Horrors:
From a sufferer:
Sir..Every upsc aspirant reads The Hindu, which is leftist openly.. it is time UPSC is called out for sourcing its questions from editorials of the hindu...Where slight left tilt is acceptable but slight right tilt leads to butchering of marks
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24 Aug 19
Here is a gem from Rizwan Salim, published in 1997 in HT: 'What the invaders really did to India':
Savages at a very low level of civilisation and no culture worth the name, from Arabia and west Asia, began entering India from the early century onwards. (1/n)
(2/n) Islamic invaders demolished countless Hindu temples, shattered uncountable sculpture and idols, plundered innumerable palaces and forts of Hindu kings, killed vast numbers of Hindu men and carried off Hindu women.
(3/n) Many Indians do not seem to recognise that the alien Muslim marauders destroyed the historical evolution of the earth's most mentally advanced civilisation, the most richly imaginative culture, and the most vigorously creative society.
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7 Aug 19
Add one more fact: Instrument of Accession was a legal provision made applicable through Govt of India Act, 1935. Each of the 562 Princely States signed the same document. All of them later signed an Instrument of Merger, except J&K. That’s why 370. Now, J&K also stands merged.
(2/n) When did the exercise of securing the accession start? After 6 June 1947, when the Partition Plan was announced by Mountbatten in great haste, as he was keen to get Britain out of India.
(3/n) A provision for accession existed in the Govt of India Act, 1947, which was made use of by Patel, who managed to get every Princely State on board by 15th August except Hyderabad and J&K. Junagadh signed accession to Pakistan.
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6 Aug 19
Revocation of Art 370 is a brilliantly executed plot over many years.
Proves ‘Where there is will, there is a way’. Summary of a brilliantly executed action follows (1/n)
(2/n) Held protracted negotiations with PDP, even agreed to a CMP that was decried by RWs, inveigled Sajjad Lone and formed a Govt with PDP, gave a long rope to @mehboobamufti
(3/n) Withdrew support at a time when NC and Congress would be salivating with the prospect of power, as PDP was completely discredited by then. Governor’s Rule under J&K Constitution. Assembly kept suspended.
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17 Jul 19
I don’t mind distributing the message that lies buried in the ayats of Qur’an. I think all of us can do that. I only hope that this great act of spreading peace does not lead to some Maulanas taking offence. Qur’an be distributed among non-believers so that they know the reality
So let’s start. Do send it to the Magistrate Manish Singh:
A rough list:
1:7, 2:19, 2:22 (flat earth), 2:122, 2:191 (kill the Jews), 2:193 (fight the image worshipper), 2:216, 2:221 (prohibition on marrying non-Muslim, apostates be killed), 2:223 (wives are tilth- kheti) (2/n)
2:230 (can’t marry the same person again without marrying another-halala), 2:286 (Dua to Allah to make believers defeat kafirs), 3:19, 3:28(should have only Muslim friends), 3:85, 3:151(cast terror in the hearts of unbeliever), 3:169-171(Jihad takes straight to heaven)
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24 May 19
Regarding Ashraf, Ajlaf, and Arzal, the distinction is clear. Arab racist like Ibn Taiymaiya even went to the extent of invoking Arab superiority. You can see it among the Shi’a as well. An Ayatollah has to be an Arab, and wear a black turban. Lesser clerics wear white (1/n)
Ashraf category is basically related to Arab descent, but in India, it is loftily claimed by Persian descent and Central Asian descent as well. There is a lot of fraud in this too, as false claims have been made through centuries (2/n)
(3/n) For example, the Indian Quraishi has nothing to do with Quraish, the ruling tribe of Mecca. No Siddiqui has any connection with Abu Bakr, the first Caliph, and no Ansari has any connection with the Ansar of Medina. These are all treated as Ajlaf by the Sheikhs and Syeds
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