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#SupremeCourt will hear a plea on behalf of 24 UPSC aspirants seeking an extra attempt in the civil service service examination for the year 2021.

A bench of Justices AM Khanwilkar, BR Gavai & Krishna Murari will take up the petition which states that an “extra attempt” is pertinent because their preparation has been severely disrupted on account of CoVID-19 situation and also because they will become age-barred next year.
The matter will shortly begin.
It is listed at Item 16 (serial No. 16).

Currently, Item 15 in being heard.

#UPSC #civilservices #upsc2020 #upscprelims2020
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#SudarshanTV matter hearing commences in the #SupremeCourt.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta appears for the Govt, and informs the bench about the proceedings before the Inter Ministerial Committee.
SG says a fresh notice has been issued to #SudarshanTV today, based on the recommendations by the Committee. A hearing has been fixed for tomorrow.

SC agrees to adjourn the hearing to let the Govt conclude the proceedings and pass final orders.
#SupremeCourt adjourns #SudarshanTV case to Oct26.

With Justice KM Joseph not being a part of the bench today, sr adv Sanjay Hegde asks if the old bench will be back or the matter will need to be argued all over again. SG Mehta objects to a lawyer questioning bench's composition
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#UPSC2020 : Summary to SC directions

1. No postponement of #UPSCPrelims .
2. UPSC asked to consider granting an extra attempt to candidates who miss the exam due to #COVID19 but without extending the upper age limit.
3. In view of different SOPs followed by States, #UPSC may issue directions to States to ensure that candidates with admit cards are admitted in hotels near exam centres.

4. No permission for COVID-19 candidates to appear in exams.

5. Not more than 100 candidates in Centres
6. MHA may issue supplementary guidelines to UPSC.

7. No merging of UPSC 2020 prelims with UPSC 2021 prelims as it may lead to a cascading effect.

Summary of SC directions in #UPSCExam case.

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The Court notes that the submission by the Intervenor that he had to work during the COVID period cannot form the basis for displacing the arrangements that have been made till now.

The Court is now dictating the Order in the matter.

#UPSC2020 #upscprelims2020

Considering the fact that exams have been conducted in the recent passed, it is a testimony to the fact that SOP is followed by MHA to conduct such exams. Lack of transport facilities across all centres have not been substantiated by the Petitioners.
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Supreme Court Bench headed by Justice Khanwilkar will today hear plea seeking postponement of UPSC Examination 2020.

#UPSC #UPSC2020 #UPSCpostpone
In the previous hearing, Counsel for UPSC informed the Court that it would be “impossible to change the date”. They were directed to file an Affidavit listing the reasons for not being able to postpone the examination.

#UPSC #UPSCpostpone #UPSC2020…
UPSC has filed an Affidavit and has informed the Supreme Court that the October 4 date cannot be changed as delaying it would delay the Prelims scheduled for June 27.

Details of the Affidavit can be read in the thread. 👇🏽

#UPSC #UPSC2020 #UPSCpostpone @advocate_alakh
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Supreme Court Bench headed by Justice AM Khanwilkar to hear today a plea filed by UPSC aspirants, seeking postponement of upcoming Civil Services exam by 2-3 months in wake of rainfall and the COVID-19 pandemic.

#UPSC #upscprelims2020 #UPSCpostpone
Plea has been filed by 20 UPSC aspirants against Prelims on Oct 4. It is submitted that this 7 hours long Offline exam, which will be taken by 6 lakh aspirants at test centres in 72 cities, is likely to be a big source of further spread of Covid-19.…
An Intervention Application has also been filed in the matter by an aspirant, stating that #UPSC “is not an examination for admitting students into a cyclically run academic course, which will be disturbed for a few months” and sets it apart from NEET/JEE/CBSE.

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Three-judge bench of the Supreme Court to shortly hear a plea seeking to postpone #upscprelims2020 Plea through @advocate_alakh urges for postponement of the Oct 4 exam in view of rising #COVID19 cases. SC had granted liberty to petitioner to serve Centre with plea
Adv Naresh Kaushik appears for UPSC: Impossible to agree to petitioners. It was supposed to be held on September 30. Thereafter it was deferred to Oct 4. Deferment would nullify the objective of conducting the exam for 4 arms of Govt

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The situation has become uncertain for the aspirants of #upscprelims2020. One of d aspirants is on her 7th day of hunger strike. Several aspirants visited the UPSC office & submitted their requests. These aspirants tweeting continuously & requesting officials 2 take actions(1/n)
Following are the genuine concerns of #UPSC civil services aspirants for which prelims exam is scheduled on 4th Oct 2020: (2/n)
1.Upsc cse is a multi-stage exam(3 stages:Prelims, Mains & Personality Test). If any one gets infected in prelims stage, his/her preparation for next stage gets hampered which hampers the overall result. #upscprelims2020 (3/n)
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Chaudhari: I want to show some graphics. They have used Urdu graphics as well. What does this mean?

Justice Chandhrachud: We want to also hear the Solicitor General. What do you say?
Justice Chandrachud adds: An anathema on 19(1)(a) to impose censorship but at the same time human dignity has to be taken into account and some standards have to imposed which in fact, go beyond this program.


SG: Law available for your Lordships assistance.

SG relies on Bonard v. Perryman, an 1891 ruling.


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< 𝐒𝐮𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐬𝐡𝐚𝐧 𝐓𝐕’𝐬 “𝐔𝐏𝐒𝐂 𝐉𝐢𝐡𝐚𝐝” 𝐒𝐡𝐨𝐰 >
Top Court to hear a plea against the Sudarshan TV programme acclaimed as a ''big expose on the conspiracy" of Muslims indulging in "infiltrating government service''.

Though top court had refused to pass a pre-broadcast injunction order against the show, expression of views derogatory to a particular community had a "divisive potential" & the petition had raised significant issues bearing on the "protection of constitutional rights".
The court while doing so had thus issued notice to Union of India, Press Council of India, News Broadcasters Association as well as Sudarshan News, returnable today.

#sudharshantv #UPSC
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पूरा थ्रेड पढ़े

1947 में जब नेहरू-गांधी की साज़िश से देश का शर्मनाक बंटवारा हुआ था, उस समय कुछ मुसलमान इसलिए पाकिस्तान नही गए थे क्योंकि उनके नापाक इरादे यही थे कि वे भारत मे रहते हुए पाकिस्तान की हर संभव मदद कर सकें और धीरे धीरे भारत को भी इस्लामिक देश बना सकें।
भारत मे बच गए मुसलमानों की इस साजिश में कांग्रेस पार्टी शुरू से ही शामिल थी और उसने मुस्लिम तुष्टिकरण के जरिये इस तरह का इतिहास लिखवाया और इस तरह की नीतियां बनायीं जिनसे हिंदुओं को ज्यादा से ज्यादा प्रताड़ित किया जा सके और मुसलमानों को ज्यादा से ज्यादा खुश किया जा सके
कांग्रेस पार्टी को भी अपनी साज़िश में शामिल देखकर भारत मे रहकर पाकिस्तान से हमदर्दी रखने वाले मुसलमानों के हौसले और भी बुलंद हो गए और इन लोगों ने देश मे अपराध, दंगों और आतंकी घटनाओं में बढ़ चढ़कर हिस्सा लेना शुरू कर दिया
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A big babu confirmed that the scores were rigged to produce an IAS topper from #Kashmir
Only to create an icon who'd inspire the India-haters to become patriots.
That icon AOT called #India the 'Rapistan'
It seems, such idiocy is now rolled out nationally.…
Extra marks to the #Muslims in the interviews isn't enough and also out in the open.
So, #Urdu was added as a subject for the written exams.
When even that didn't help, #Kashmiri in Urdu's script was added to the subjects.
Why not try campus hiring directly from the madrasas now?
Earlier our adversaries used #secularism to deny n deprive #Hindus
Then came '#Muslims have the first right on resources' theory
When #India woke up to these perversions and delivered an unambiguous mandate, it is the hyper patriots now robbing us blind on #UPSC and #scholarships
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#UPSC - it is registered as one of the toughest exams to clear - it's one where you're graded - it's how different you think and present - your thoughts. It's a question of perceptions and how logically , subject to law of the land, one is able to function. Princeton stated that
2. It's not a test of what one has learnt , it's an objective assessment of what one has learnt and how it is presented - it was a pride to be selected and I've been associated with brilliant minds , out of the box thinkers, gladiators of a selected class; all these went for a
3. Big toss when Indira Gandhi ruled the roost at centre, and this was scientifically milched by late MK, later by Lallu, Com. Jyothi Basu, Mulayam's regime, followed by Mayavathi and let us just say all in Kerala , leave alone late. MGR & JJ
- these are just a few who ruined
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Has someone passed the work of @yugaparivartan to Suresh Chavhanke? I remember him talking about corruption & favoritism (
of minority candidates in UPSC recruitment.

Cc @doubtinggaurav
This question should be answered by UPSC not @IPS_Association !!

Here is the blog:…
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The 24-years-old Neha Bandhu of Nainana Jat village in Agra, has secured 121 rank in union public service commission for 2019. Hailing from Dalit community, the IIT BHU alumni is under trainee of Indian railway personal service. #UPSC @RailMinIndia @Mayawati ImageImageImageImage
Speaking to me, she said, "Uplifting the marginalized was her motivation to join civil service."
IRPS under trainee, Agra Dalit girl secures 121 rank; uplifting the marginalised was her motivation for success - Times of India…
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#UPSC CS Exam: A boy was asked a question on Chandigarh’s architecture. He gave his unbiased opinion, criticised absence of Indic elements. The Board suddenly turned frosty. Vinay Mittal in the chair with a JNU professor and AIS officers. Got 87/275
Share such stories on DM.
#UPSC Horrors: I’m from Raj. Cat-ST, IITian. Appeared for i’view 2015 CSE. I criticised Naxals, defended Gupta period as golden age of India. Member disagreed nothing golden about it.
Chairman wasn’t even looking at me. I thought I did very well. Got 83/275. Arvind Saxena Board
#UPSC Horrors:
From a sufferer:
Sir..Every upsc aspirant reads The Hindu, which is leftist openly.. it is time UPSC is called out for sourcing its questions from editorials of the hindu...Where slight left tilt is acceptable but slight right tilt leads to butchering of marks
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