Here is a list of all of the Republican members of the US Senate who won their last election by less than five points:

Roy Blunt (MO)
Ted Cruz (TX)
Ron Johnson (WI)
Rick Scott (FL)
Thom Tillis (NC)
Pat Toomey (PA)

Notice a pattern. ImageImageImageImage
1) Republican Senator who is either not particularly popular or who can’t make a good case for their continuation in office comes up for election.

2) Republican voters who may not particularly like them vote for them anyway “because of conservative values.”
3) Republican Senate wins another term. And continues to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to either advance conservative values or even to protect the US Constitution. But they’ve got six more years to act a fool knowing that they have no accountability for years to come.
They do things like refuse to hear evidence that the President has abused his office to try to cheat in the election, refuse to hold him accountable for mismanaging a pandemic and sometimes even offer to help the President overturn a Constitutional election.
This is why people need to stop voting for people who do not deserve to stay in office just because they’re holding onto some to romanticized image of what the Republican Party used to stand for twenty years ago.
You don’t get Constitution, Faith, Family, Freedom and all that cool sounding stuff you hear about on Fox News. You get a guy/gal who you know isn’t worthy of the office they hold - for six more years.
So, close election after close election has given voters a choice between somebody who they only sorta liked and a chance for something different.

And, time after time, because of the hope that that (R) after their name might mean what it used to mean, they went with sorta like.
And we end up with a bunch of people in office who are smug, unaccountable and completely not interested in protecting the US Constitution or even their constituents.

#GASenate voters should look at this history. And break this crazy pattern.
Oh, and one more thing. This time about #VoteChristian.

You should probably already know this from hopefully reading the Bible at least a little. But just because someone quotes Scripture or knows how to talk “church talk” does NOT mean that person is in any way godly.
General statement - the Bible tells us to watch people’s fruits. Not just their words.
(Matthew 7:15-23)

But, more importantly, the Word of God does NOT tell us WHO TO VOTE FOR.

• • •

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1 Jan
I won’t ever understand why some people had such a hard time believing that COVID exists or that there are common sense things we can do to keep it from killing more people.

It takes a lot less faith to believe the truth than it takes to believe a lot of their other theories.
1) There’s an airborne pathogen which is both much more deadly than the flu and also more contagious.

2) The virus affects different folks differently. And not always the way we expect. A lot of people have no symptoms at all. It’s killed little kids. Some have lasting issues.
3) You can spread the disease to others, if you have it, just by talking. Even if you FEEL fine. You can get it by just being near people who have it.

4) Wearing masks significantly cuts down the chance that infected people will unknowingly spread it to others.
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1 Jan
A lot of members of the @HouseGOP and @SenateGOP think that there is some end to Trump's insatiable appetite for obedience.

There isn't.

You thought all you had to do was not criticize him. Wrong.
You thought all you had to do was not impeach him. Wrong.
You thought all you had to play along as he pretended he won the election. Nope.

You thought all you had to do was stay silent on whether or not you'd help him try to overturn the election. Not good enough!!
Trump behaves like a gangster. Think about what would happen in a criminal gang when a new recruit goes along with a few petty crimes but tries to draw the line at something serious. The leader will respect that, right? Nope! You'd better do it or else!!
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31 Dec 20
Another observation: every Senate race in the last six years that came within five points went the same way that the Presidential race went in that state. This does NOT factor in the wildness of run-off races.
Hassan (D) won New Hampshire by 0.14 points in 2016. Clinton won NH that year.

Toomey (R) won Pennsylvania by 1.43 points in 2016. Trump won PA that year.

Cortez Mastro (D) won Nevada by 2.43 points in 2016. Clinton won NV that year.
Blunt (R) won Missouri by 2.79 points in 2016. Trump won MO that year.

Johnson (R) won Wisconsin by 3.36 points in 2016. Trump won WI that year.

Peters (D) won Michigan by 1.68 points in 2020. Biden won MI in 2020.
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31 Dec 20
A total of 345,672 human lives were lost to abortions performed by Planned Parenthood, America's leading abortion provider, in a 365 day period, in 2018-19. The most it ever reported.

A total of 340,553 human lives were lost to COVID in America over just the last 305 days.
So that means that an average of 947 human lives a day ended as a result of abortions performed by America's leading abortion provider.

And an average of 1,116 human lives a day ended as a result of COVID in America. The place that has become the world's epicenter for the virus.
I am and will always be pro-life. I oppose the ending of human life through abortion. I care about human life at all stages - both before we leave the womb and afterward.

But I don't understand being concerned about human life only when it's in one location or the other.
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30 Dec 20
Are you angry about GOP Senator Josh Hawley saying that he is going to try to overturn the Presidential Election? Do you live in Georgia?

The best revenge is voting on January 5th to make sure that there are fewer Republicans in the Senate on January 6th.

Sit down, Josh!
#GAPol Image
No matter what, the election is not going to be overturned.

But this clown show is going to make for a very long day and make America look like a third world Banana Republic.

On the morning of January 5th, there will be 49 Republicans and 48 Democrats in the US Senate.
Depending on the outcome of Georgia, there will either be:

- 52 Republicans and 48 Democrats
(If neither Ossoff or Warnock won)

- 51 Republicans and 49 Democrats
(If either Ossoff or Warnock win)

- 50 Democrats and 50 Republicans
(If both Ossoff and Warnock win)
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8 Dec 20
There are now only SIX states in the country where Trump's MARGIN (the number of people who voted for him versus the number of people who voted for his opponent) GOT BETTER FOR HIM than in 2016. It got worse in 44 states.…
(Click "Swing vs 2016 Margin")
Those states are:


Trump still lost California, Hawaii and Illinois. He just lost by less than he lost them in 2016. The only states where he improved on 2016 and won in 2020 are Arkansas, Florida and Utah.

In 2016, about 136,753,936 people voted for President. And Trump got about 46.1% of those votes. Just under 63 million.

In 2020, about 158,402,125 people voted for President. Trump got 46.9%. 74.2 million.…
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