You can review my Twitter feed from the week that preceded January 6 and find numerous iterations of me asking “WTF do Trump and his acolytes think he will accomplish?”

Trump overplayed his hand. His attempted coup has backfired in every possible way, & he is far worse off now.
Trump is now banned from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The House is rushing to impeach him a second time - with less than two weeks to go! - and a Senate removal is no longer the fairy tale it seemed a year ago.

Trump is justifiably being treated as an enemy of the state.
America’s eyes are now fully open. The footage we saw Wednesday indicates the kind of people we are dealing with. Trump has never been more disgraced, & those who ride with him are indisputably toxic.

Did I mention that Democrats now have the House, the Senate, & the Presidency?
Yes, there is talk of a second insurrection immediately before the Inauguration. But you can only mount a “surprise attack” once.

Trumpers would require complicity from the entire police force AND the U.S. military, and despite MAGA fanfic they’re not going to get it.
Incidentally, “D.C. police collectively helped the protesters storm the Capitol because they want Trump to be President-for-Life” has its adherents on both sides, but seems a little horseshoe-ish right now so I’ll refrain from speculating on that issue

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10 Jan
Welcome to life in 2021, where the lion’s share of what passes for political discourse consists of Explaining Extremely Obvious Things to People Who Refuse to Listen
- Joe Biden won the 2020 election. Any “fraud” detected was minimal, & did not affect the outcome in any state.

- Several states were not allowed to count mail-in ballots until the Election Day ballots were complete. They were not mysteriously “found” in the middle of the night.
- There was no valid evidence for fraud; just hearsay and viral rumors on the Internet.

- Despite 60 attempts to prove fraudulent behavior, none of Trump’s evidence was considered legitimate in a court of law.
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7 Jan
Well, despite everything that happened yesterday, Biden is America’s next President.

The coup failed. But goddamn, the number of Republicans who supported it was absolutely indefensible.

I had some thoughts yesterday, for those who missed it...
Trump thought that threatening Congress with his goons would wrest the Presidency away from Biden. It did not.

Americans are rightfully concerned with what they will do next in the service of Trump’s monomania.

I think there’s a word for people who deliberately inspire terror.
Make no mistake: nothing that happened yesterday changed Trump’s mind about anything. By several accounts, he appeared to enjoy watching the chaos on TV.

A few more Republicans seem to understand what we’re dealing with. Which is good.

The question remains: how will we respond?
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6 Jan
All right, Democrats: if you’re serious about “looking forward, not back” then at the very least you should use these past four years as a learning experience and strengthen some things we took for granted.

How about:

- Require all future Presidential candidates to disclose 10 years of tax returns

- Draw a line in the sand about when it’s acceptable to nominate SCOTUS replacements & stick to it

- Better yet, get rid of lifetime SCOTUS appointments & make it a 10-year limit

- Have a serious discussion about abolishing the Electoral College. (It’s just affirmative action for red states now; if they want a seat at the table, they should have to fairly compete in the marketplace of ideas.)

- Strengthen punishment for overt sedition

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4 Jan
Does she think that if the MSM were nicer to Trump voters, they’d start paying more attention to the media when they report the objectively terrible things Trump is doing?
Which sect of Trump voters does Meghan McCain believe are worthy of respect?

The aggressively deceitful ones who know that Trump is lying, or the deeply gullible ones who are brainwashed into believing that Trump and only Trump is telling the truth?
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2 Jan
So the official view of the “Trump Always Wins” sect of the Republican Party is that it is perfectly reasonable for a Presidential candidate to win the popular vote, win the electoral vote, but still not ascend to the Presidency if 51 Senators say “Nah”
To be honest, I don’t know if this is even a mainstream view of the GOP or simply the mantra of a tiny but vocal sect of Trump dead-enders who believe “Trump Always Wins” is an immutable law of the Universe that the mainstream media just hasn’t figured out yet
I don’t know WTF these people think is going to happen on January 6th after Congress inevitably confirms the Biden election but clearly they think the Proud Boys are going to serve as some kind of MAGA enforcement militia
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17 Dec 20
“Patriots” in 2020 translates to “Angry white guys with guns”
Most Trump supporters looked at Kyle Rittenhouse and thought “What a patriot!” Which makes perfect sense if you interpret “patriot” to mean “an angry white guy with a gun”
The State Capitol Building was surrounded by “patriots” who were there to protest Michigan’s social distancing ordinances.

Many people considered these “patriots” to be a threat.

Reports later came of a plot by “patriots” to kidnap Governor Gretchen Whitmer.
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