Quick thread on the Capitol siege and media culpability (it's not what you might expect) incoming.
Recently, we've heard A LOT about media culpability for platforming and laundering the ideologies of white supremacists like Richard Spencer. All fair.

I won't rehash the other list of grievances.

But there's another issue that's older: the death of print media and paywalls.
Contemporary media rests on two foundations:

1) access
2) profit

Obviously, the need for each corrupts the entire enterprise. But their convergence raises an urgent problem we need to address ASAP.
If you want an informed citizenry that isn't susceptible to "fake news" and conspiracy - GUESS WHAT:

Don't limit access to well-sourced, credible info through paywalls and subscriptions.

Disinfo, conspiracy BS, and propaganda of all stripes are readily available for... FREE.
How not to solve the problem in one image - courtesy of @washingtonpost :
In sum: it’s nice to call for teaching “digital literacy” to ensure an “informed citizenry,” but:

Unless you get rid of paywalls at credible media outlets...

You’re operating on pre-Gutenberg logic - and blaming the peasants for a failure to be born as the clerical elites.
The media ecosystem won’t reform itself; it’s on all of us. It won’t be easy, but it’s far from a crisis with no solution.

I want to wrap up for tonight by offering a bit of hope.

95% of why I use Twitter: I believe education should be free and accessible to all who want it.
This here Bird App can be a vicious swamp - BUT:

There are way more people willing to do the hard work of examining their biases and go through the discomfort of learning than you’d think.

Don’t believe me? Scroll to the end of that Shamima Begum thread. Read the replies.
Here’s a random selection - when I’m feeling cynical, I make reread them as a reminder: I don’t give people enough credit for being willing to challenge their own views. These replies shocked the hell out of me.

It’s not easy - but, damn — it is possible. It is.


• • •

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10 Jan
Neo-Nazi dork ‘Baked Alaska' stormed the Capitol with COVID

... he’s planning on suing the bar where he says he caught it. nypost.com/2021/01/07/str…
See also: Baked Alaska

- “you gave me COVID so I’m suing”
- “it’s my right to give you COVID as I commit sedition”

What was it the Dear Leader said? “They’re not sending us their best.”
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10 Jan
These are the people paid to analyze situations for us.

Good God, how frustrating.

Call me with questions, Chris. Happy to fill you in on a decade or so of work on the matter.
Twitter is infested with some of the absolute dumbest takes I have ever seen on the issue of white supremacy, insurgency, and political violence.

Please vet your sources.

People are falling for so much utterly ridiculous shit, my God.
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10 Jan
"What Should Happen to the Capitol Invaders? [...] it’s important to separate feelings of anger from of justice."

So...here's the (one) thing:

Unless compassion / empathy extends to ALL, this cycle will continue, and worsen - it's already entrenched.

Serendipitous timing, given my last thread with the thread about rationality in propaganda analysis and the War on Terror.

Obviously, I am 100% behind the need for logic, rationality, and wise strategy over the passion of emotion.

Post-9/11 came the question of prosecution: "terrorism" as criminal act, or war? And that went well.

I'm not arguing for "making a lesson" (etc) out of Capitol insurrectionists, but something to think about:

Entitlement and expectation of no consequences played a huge role.
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9 Jan
Send me your email; I’m happy to share 4+ years of work with you.
In case you new folks are interested in the relationship between violent non-state actors like ISIS and neo-Nazi movements, here's an old thread.

I've long referred to this parasitic relationship as "symbiotic extremism."
Same topic: 'symbiotic extremism'.

The relationship between ISIS & far right mobilization (from 2018):
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The state of higher education:

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9 Jan
Update (with correction):

“The rest of the world is laughing at us right now.”

- the first American President to catch a permaban on Twitter and then get the actual official POTUS Twitter account also suspended the same day
Guys I am super excited to see what January 9 and 10 has in store.
Okay but hear me out was watching Rome burn this funny
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