No one should use powers of office to influence campaigns; they should do what is right. But since ⁦@HouseGOP⁩ seem to think it would be too risky to break from #TerroristTraitorTrump, they should rethink their notions of future electability...…
You cannot campaign as being for “law & order” if you don’t stand firm against Trump’s incitement of armed insurrection against the Constitution itself. You cannot call yourself a patriot if you don’t stand firm against the seditious conspiracy & ALL of its adherents...
You will not be able to claim the mantle of Lincoln if, when your nation was attacked by Nazis & traitors, you stood by & asked that the rest of the country try to understand them. You will not be able to call yourself conservative in any way, if you stand with coup plotters.
The attackers killed a police officer who bravely defended you. Trump incited them. He took Officer Sicknick’s life & sent terrorists to kill the @VP. No one will ever take you seriously as pro-life, or even minimally loyal to anything, if you use your vote to give aid to Trump.
While the Capitol endured its first armed attack since the War of 1812 & a terrorist coup plot is still underway (in all 50 states, according to the @FBI), the nation is also under an unprecedented cyber attack. The bot army used by Trump to radicalize millions is cyber war...
It may feel daunting, if you were a pro-Trump Republican in 2020, to challenge the menacing & overwhelming force of that bot army; you may, indeed, be facing threats from pro-Trump extremists. But when that bot army is no longer aiding Trump, all anyone will see is complicity...
A vote by any Republican to aid Trump in his ongoing lifelong quest to escape justice—in the wake of a violent attack on the US Capitol, in the midst of an ongoing coup plot—signals: disloyalty to the law, disloyalty to the republic, disloyalty to all Americans & corruption...
That is what history will remember of anyone who sides with Trump after he sent terrorists to kill their fellow elected officials. History will remember any vote not to remove Trump for inciting insurrection as the shameful opposite of that nobility of valor evident at Arlington.
You will also have to campaign as someone who, while dozens of officers were harmed protecting you & one killed, refused to honor their sacrifice & instead sided with their attacker. This isn’t a D vs. R election; this is the Constitution, the republic, everything...
Many have noted that the further we get from Jan 6, the worse this is... it was a coordinated paramilitary attack intended to kill elected officials & overthrow the Constitution. It was real & it is ongoing. Decency prohibits you from using your office to condone anyone involved.
So does the law. Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution states plainly that any person giving aid or comfort to insurrection is ineligible ever to hold office of any kind at any level, unless 2/3 of both houses vote to allow it...…
That 2/3 margin is the same as the 2/3 margin required for conviction in the Senate. It is not there just to “make it hard”. Many votes achieve higher margins. Senate debate about the validity of Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump was ended by votes of 92-7 & 93-6...
The 2/3 margin is there as an indication that the Constitution wants all members to think about these questions outside of any question of party allegiance, as matters of transcendent moral & legal clarity, as stewards of our Constitutional democracy...
If you take the risk of appearing to be sympathetic to those who incite insurrection, you should be aware—the Constitution warns—that it would be wise to measure your choice against not what your partisans think, but the broad bipartisan majority of your colleagues...
Republicans successfully defended Trump the first time he was indicted by the House for high crimes. They made that argument then. Now, however, we are talking about insurrection, an attempted coup, attempted assassinations... treason...
However reluctant you are, as a Republican, to risk alienating pro-Trump voters who may not know all the details... the Constitution demands you be suspicious of any fellow Republican telling you it is OK to side with the insurrectionist...
Or that you can get away with saying you were just “seeking unity” or “thought it wasn’t the right time”... The Constitution clearly prohibits your use of office to aid Trump in any way, in these circumstances. You will abandon your oath if you vote to protect Trump now.
It also clearly prohibits Trump himself from giving any aid or comfort to insurrection, which he most certainly did—in public, to a crowd of insurrectionists that acted on his command, issued from behind bulletproof glass (he had perfect knowledge of what he was doing)...
To the @HouseGOP: Donald Trump betrayed his country, betrayed your voters, betrayed the Constitution, betrayed you. He sent terrorists to kill key officials & possibly you yourself. His actions violated #14thAmendmentSection3 & he now demands you do it as well, to defend him.
You have a duty to yourself, your family, your country & your God, to honor the rule of law, honor the Constitution, honor the sacrifice of Officer Sicknick & of all who rest in Arlington, to vote to impeach Donald Trump for the unforgivable crime of inciting insurrection.
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11 Jan
The @FBI is warning of dozens of coordinated paramilitary plots connected to the Capitol insurrection, targeting DC & state capitals. We are in the midst of an ONGOING TERRORIST COUP PLOT. Any use of office that provides aid or comfort is unlawful. #14thAmendmentSection3
Trump worked for months to foment this insurrection in an effort, by his own words, to overturn the results of a free & fair election. ANY use of public office to provide him with any personal aid or comfort, in these circumstances, is unlawful. #18USC2384
There is, by the way, no such thing as “armed protests” that also happen to be planning to “storm” government buildings or carry out “an uprising”. This is a paramilitary coup plot. It is now nationwide & it is all traceable to Donald Trump’s incitement.…
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11 Jan
If Bill Belichick accepts the Medal of Freedom from Trump after he instigated a terrorist insurrection, he opens himself, the @Patriots & the @NFL to potential liability for providing aid & comfort to a seditious conspiracy. #18USC2384
If Belichick goes ahead with the ceremony, the @Patriots should immediately announce his dismissal & the @NFL should initiate proceedings to bar him from any future association with the league. Records of any support for Trump-linked groups should be turned over to the FBI.
Before any Trump fan or @Patriots fan says this sounds too extreme or unfair, consider that Bill Barr, the loyal AG who acted to protect Trump from indictment or impeachment, said Trump orchestrated the insurrection & “betrayed his office.”
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11 Jan
Please share this: The attack on the Capitol was a terrorist attack, in support of a seditious conspiracy. With sedition, homicide & felony murder charges, participants could face 60+ years in prison. Anyone present who invaded the Capitol should voluntarily surrender to the FBI.
There were explosives & other deadly weapons & evidence of a plot to kidnap & murder elected officials. Funding for the event, for the campaign of seditious lies that radicalized some attackers & for events where direct incitement occurred will be traced.
Anyone who provided any tacit or direct support to any of these elements of the conspiracy—lies about the election, threats or extortion of public officials, infiltration of law enforcement, or funding of any kind—should surrender to the FBI.
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10 Jan
The first question in filing criminal charges against Trump for seditious conspiracy & instigating insurrection is: Would any of this have happened if Trump weren’t doing what he has been doing?
The second operative question is: Did Trump actively & knowingly court the allegiance & mobilization of armed paramilitaries who later took part in or helped orchestrate the attack on the Capitol?
On this point, we know from highly visible public acts but also from less known detailed investigative reporting that Trump courted, incited & condoned these extremists groups not once or twice but EVERY SINGLE TIME for years.
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18 Jan 20
Appeals court ruling dismissing youth climate lawsuit is founded on a logical incoherence: the Courts exist to redress grievances; the ruling says they are not empowered to do so. #JulianavUnitedStates #OurChildrensTrust…
The US Constitution, the 1992 Climate Convention (a ratified treaty & so Constitutional law under Article 6), the Clean Air Act & THREE Supreme Court rulings require the federal government to protect Americans from avoidable danger. #JulianavUnitedStates #OurChildrensTrust
The ruling attempting to justify dismissal admits that the federal government is not only failing to act, but is actively & disproportionately funding & incentivizing the development, commercialization & consumption of climate-disrupting fossil fuels...
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25 Oct 19
@nytimes It appears Trump’s Attorney General is using his office to conduct a campaign of harassment & intimidation of US officials who have gathered evidence about crimes committed by Trump & his associates.
@nytimes If the AG has conspired with the White House or any private lawyers, staff or associates of @POTUS, he would be engaging in illegal coordination to obstruct ongoing criminal & counter-intelligence investigations targeting Trump & his network.
@nytimes @POTUS If any of his actions, or orders he has issued to any other person, involve an effort to taint confirmed evidence or sway the testimony of witnesses, his actions or orders would be unlawful & would warrant his referral for criminal prosecution.
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