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12 Jan, 13 tweets, 2 min read
FWIW- a large element of the Republican party wanted to do all the shit they are doing now when Obama was elected. There is a reason I left the GOP in 2006. I saw who they were from the inside, which was believe it or not, uglier than the view from the outside.
It was supressed and people kept to themselves, and for the most part the elected Republicans were content to just reap the proceeds of their radicalized base, maintaining they were still in control.
It was still unacceptable to be openly racist. But social media and discussion forums changed all that, and they got together with likeminded folks, and started to think their awful views were commonplace and acceptable. "Hey, a lot of people think this, so it must be ok!"
Then with the tea party wave in 2010, a whole lot of real bottom dwellers started getting elected, and they, with the existing scum like King from Iowa and other nutters, devoured the party from the inside.
But then along came Trump, and he ripped off the curtain and let it all hgang out. "If the President hates bladck people and Mexicans, it must be ok, because he's the President."
And the media had no idea what to do it, nor did the Democrats, and you really can't blame them. How do you deal with people you know are abhorrent when one of them is the most powerful man in the world. There were massive failures- normalizing him, allowing his lies, etc.
The people who deserve the most blame are the Republicans who knew it was wrong but did nothing. The Sasse's, eternally concerned Susan Collins, etc.
And the fiolks like Erick von Erick who now all of a sudden shocked that the people he helped radicalize are... radicals. I mean look at Ben Domenech, the other founder of Red State. He's right there with Trump all along. Lord only knows what Trevino is up to.
I don't know where it goes from here. I don't know how it stops. It feels like a volcano that is going to erupt, and nothing can stop it. I feel that it may get bloody, very bloody. And we will be peppered with McVeigh like acts of terrorism for years into the future.
Because if you look at the Republican response to Wednesday, 120 House Republicans are, by all appearances, all in still. And who knows how many Senators.
It's ugly. Just stay away from Capitols, stay away from their protests and riots, and keep your friends and loved ones safe.
These guys really don't think you are a person or a citizen. Look at them beating and teargassing the Capitol Police and calling them traitors. And those are people they normally fluff.

You, on the on the other hand, are untermensch.
We're going to see a lot of violence and craziness in the upcoming days during the Beergut Putsch.

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10 Jan
I keep seeing my rightwing friends saying "Oh sure you want to unite now" acting like it's up to Democrats to make nice with them. Let me be clear. Get fucked.
You got four years of free Presidenting because of an antiquated electoral system designed to protect slave owners, and you got three Supreme Court seats, you got your tax cuts, and you trashed the economy,
exploded the national debt and annual deficit, destroyed our world standing, did all sorts of evil shit, killed hundreds of thousands through sheer ignorance and incompetence, and threw in a fuck load of racism just for shits and giggles.
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9 Jan
One of the enduring lies of the last four years is that Trump speaks for the downtrodden and disfranchised. This has never been true.
Sure, there are a lot of racist poor people who vote for him, but as the arrests are pouring in from the McRib Rebellion, you are seeing Trump's true base. Middle and Upper middle class white people with means
That's why the Trump boat flotillas were popular- his base is predominantly crazy white people of means. The poors don't have 200k boats. Truly poor people can not afford to fly or drive across country, dress up in expensive tactical gear, and riot.
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6 Jan
I mean look- Joe Manchin can be fucking INFURIATING at times. But more often than not he gets to the right place in his own time, he’s not malicious or evil, and I have never once doubted he loves West Virginia and he stuck with the Democrats through it all.
Is he my dream Senator like Sherrod or Warren? No. Will he fail me again in the future? Yes. Is he persuadable? Yes.
I am really, really hoping he can work with the squad and liberal Senators on the green new deal and can help retrain miners and other West Virginians in renewable energy and funnel money so this could be a hub for that tech.
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8 Nov 20
One last thing before I piss off into a netflix stupor. I am so glad that we are finally going to have a President who actually enjoys things. One of the things that drove me most insane about Trump, and I have said this before, is that the man was simply incapable of joy.
He doesn’t like to read, he doesn’t like music, he doesn’t care about art or poetry, or fine dining. He doesn’t laugh. He doesn’t laugh at himself. He is joyless. He doesn’t understand beauty in nature, in people, in architecture.
The only way he measured things is by how he perceived it made other people envy or look up to him.

I’ll hold up a bible because other people like it and I want them to like me.

I will hang around all these bottle blondes with fake boobs because that’s what people like.
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5 Aug 20
Wanna hear a quick and funny story about karmic justice in the gaming world? I know you do.
So I play world of warcraft classic with about 20 guys I played WoW with circa 2004-2010. We play alliance on a very populated PVP server, Sulfuras. There are two main factions- alliance and horde.
today was a very big event- the opening of the gates of Ahn’Qiraj, which is big enough that if you google it you will find all sorts of coverage. At any rate, it is a week long event that involves the entire world to somewhat work together to open a new set of dungeons.
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24 Mar 20
The people treating this pandemic cavalierly are making me insane. Maybe I am an outlier, but I am taking every precaution I can. Today I had to do curbside pickup for my parents. I did one last week for them, but they just got home from wintering in South Carolina
So they have nothing because they always clear their pantry. So they need essentials- flour, eggs, salt, olive oil, baking soda, etc., on top of everything else.
I knew I was going to be their lifeline to the outer world before they even came home, so I started a soft isolation a week before they came home. I can’t help them if I know I am contaminated.
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