You can find all of the marketing tactics other companies are using.

Here’s how to see and replicate them for your startup.

1/ Here's the benefit:

Competitive analysis de-risks your own growth experiments: Adopt the best growth ideas and avoid the worst ones.

Testing the right things quickly —> faster growth.
2/ Important:

This IS NOT about repurposing another startup's hard work. That's stealing.

Instead, analysis is about:

• Identifying the right companies to study
• Learning from their successes and failures
• Then prioritizing growth tests using your learnings
3/ Find the right companies to study.

Look for those that:

• Have a similar audience to you: e.g. small business owners
• Have a similar business model to you: e.g. self-serve SaaS
• Face the same growth challenges as you
• Have sustained high growth rates for a long time
4/ Here are 4 tactics you can use to source their growth ideas

1. Study their A/B tests
2. Analyze their ads
3. Reverse engineer their best blog content
4. Audit their onboarding funnel

Let's look at each.
5/ #1 Study companies' A/B tests.

Goal: See which A/B tests other companies are running and back into their hypotheses.

• Turn on your browser’s incognito mode, hit their landing pages, and repeat.
• Take a screenshot every time you see a visual change. That's a test.
6/ Then compare the variants. Are they testing:

• New value propositions?
• New product imagery?
• New social proof (e.g. testimonials)?
• A different way to show pricing?

Determine whether it’s worth testing similar hypotheses for your own company.
7/ #2 Analyze their ads. FB and IG:

Skip the Facebook Ads Library. That'll show you ALL of their ads.

You want their BEST ads:

• Visit the company’s site (w/o ad blockers)
• Then head over to Facebook (also w/o ad blockers) and wait for their retargeting ads to hit you.
8/ Look for retargeting ads w/ the highest engagement—a signal of high frequency, which usually means they convert best.

Identify the hooks that compel people to click.

Read comments: What questions do people have about the product? Use these to create your own ads.
9/ Google:

Use Ahrefs to audit competitors' paid search keywords. You can find their click costs, search volume, & associated ads

Take note of the keywords they consistently spend $ on—these are likely winners

Conversely, consider deferring keywords they briefly spent money on
10/ #3 Find top content.

• Use Ahrefs (again) to find companies' high-volume keywords & blog posts.
• Then use BuzzSumo to find stats on their post’s social media shares.

Find the overlap between high-volume & highly shared posts. Consider writing about these topics too.
11/ #4 Audit onboarding funnels.

For companies with similar audience & business models:

• Sign up for their newsletter/free trial
• Buy their product
• Engage with their emails

Note their attempts to reach out to you: emails, ads, & sales outreach. What do they get right?
12/ Once you've used comp analysis to source and prioritize growth ideas, try this:

1. A/B the best new ideas

2. Measure if an A/B did well and whether it's worth implementing

Lesson: You don't have to start from scratch. Study competitors.
Want more actionable growth tactics?

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2/ Fast-growing accounts have two things in common:

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2. Key: They write tweets that get *retweeted.*
3/ Retweets bring followers.

We polled people to ask why they retweet. They said:

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We found 6 startups that are growing way faster than everyone else.

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1/6 Experiment with timing.

Here's a clever example:

@brooklinen "leaked" a time-bounded discount and had one of their *best* revenue days of the year.

Great startups experiment not only with copy/creative, but also framing.
2/6 Get people to FEEL the problem your startup solves.

Here’s how Muzzle (notification hiding tool) uses their site to visualize the problem:

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• Points out how Muzzle puts an end to this during Zoom calls
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On average, email earns $40 for every $1 spent 🤯

The next highest ROI growth channel returns half that.

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1/ Why email?

1. Email is where the most dollars remain UNCAPTURED.

2. Email is an OWNED channel. Instead of relying on social media algorithms to surface your content, you're directly in subscribers’ inboxes.

Email is high ROI and has few gatekeepers.
2/ How to grow your list:

You DON'T need a huge list. You want a growing list of people who are in the mindset to actually trust and buy.

• Create a lead gen asset that excites people—quickly. E.g. ridiculously good content
• Use popups: They work
• Quality of subs > volume
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PSA: How content marketing actually works these days.

Quality matters more than SEO skill.

Backlinks and SEO micro-optimization are becoming less useful, while being the best result for your query is the dominating factor.

(2/6) Google heavily prioritizes content based on click-through rate (CTR) and a term we call "finality"

• High CTRs, which are a function of your PAGE TITLE, prove your content is relevant for the search term.

• Content has "finality" when people don't bounce back to Google from your article. Your content satisfies the searcher's FINAL intent.
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15 Dec 20
How top startup landing pages evolved due to COVID-19:
(2/6) Airbnb's business was upended in April. But by June, rural bookings were growing.

Key site changes during that time:

• Action prompt: "Book unique places" —> "Go Near [places]"
• This handles the objection of "It's not safe to be where everyone else is."
(3/6) Zoom exploded this year—due to COVID.

Key messaging changes in their site:

• "In this together" leans into the pandemic.
• "Keeping you securely connected" handles the objection of security outside of the office.
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