Imagine a screen composed of pixels. The top left is white, the bottom right should be black. You can only move one hue per pixel as you go white to black. In a screen of 4 pixels, you get 4 hues of white. In a screen of 1024 pixels, you get closer to black. This is what is...
...happening with SARS-CoV-2 right now. The more feeding ground it gets (transmission), the closer it gets from white to black- black being a variant that will not be stopped by the spike vaccines. The human screen measures 91 million infections, and variants are looking...
...too dark grey for comfort. If the vaccine manages to wipe out all the other colours, the dark greys may just drift to black. This will wind the clock back to February 2020- back to square 1. We must at all costs stop the virus from spreading because if we don’t get the jabs... enough into arms, grey will turn black- and we’ll need two vaccines to stop this from wrecking havoc on us. The SA variant (sorry @mvankerkhove) is already in multiple countries, & it is escaping mAb Rx. If we do not strangle transmission jab escape is about when, not if.
This will be the last time I use the term SA variant btw for the same reason I don’t call SARS-CoV-2 the way the orange goblin calls it. It’s known as B.1.351 or 501.v2 - the latter wins the Twitter character medal.
+ short correction to the pixel analogy. Colour change is not always 1 hue; it usually stays the same, or changes 1 hue. You need a lot of transmission (pixels) to get to black. 91 million infections is closer to 16K TVs, and most of us still have HD TVs at home. We have to...
... push this virus from the colour gamut potential of a 16K TV to that of a 1960’s 14” cathode ray tube box (which lacked perfect blacks)- by vaccination AND other measures, Vx’s being the mop up tool, not the panacea.

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22 May 20
Let’s talk about nasal carriage of #SARSCoV2, detection, replication, transmission. The receptor ACE2 is expressed ar high protein levels in the lower respiratory tract. There is little of the protein in the nose, mouth, upper airways. Yet it is detectable in nasal swabs, ....
...less so on oral swabs, but also in saliva, and extremely well in bronchoalveolar lavage or tracheal aspirates. This implies the virus is mainly produced in the lower lung, that’s where we see most of it. So don’t cells in the upper respiratory tract produce the virus at...
...similar quantities as the lower lung, or do they not get infected as well? Virus shedding is pretty comparable in comparable tissues - lung epithelia of the nose and larger airways, but not the lower lung, which serve as a thin gas barrier. You could anticipate...
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THREAD: ANTIBODY GAME CHANGER TESTS AND DIAGNOSTIC REALITY. Most people don’t understand infectious disease and how ‘tests’ work. Like many things in science they’re not simply black and white things. This thread will explain in simple terms the value of #covid19 tests.
Infectious disease like #COVID19 has four phases: exposure, incubation, disease, resolution. Exposure is when you catch it. With COVID19, it involves coughs, droplets, aerosols and infected surfaces. Incubation is when the virus quietly minds its own business. No symptoms...
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I was right. Sci chauvinism is profound in the #cobra advisory position re #covid19. Too many assumptions ignoring Asian data, too many expert opinions based on flu; case to point: banning mass gathering will have limited impact. Hello? South Korea????…
The paper is riddled with jibes over suppression of testing in U.K., also “It is important to note at the outset that given SARS-CoV-2 is a newly emergent virus, much remains to be understood about its transmission.”
Also ICUs to be overwhelmed more than 8x in the U.K. at least. Testing known to be imperfect (the elephant in the room). Source of deplorable ‘herd immunity’ concept revealed. 1st rule of effective modelling is to stress test your assumptions.
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