UCP seemed taken a bit aback at the backlash over their holiday travel. It’s the arrogance, the entitlement, the hypocrisy, and I think, worst of all the sneakiness. MLAs sitting on beaches, pretending they were here in Alberta. 1/11
#handsoffmypension #ResignKenney
When the full force of Albertans’ anger became apparent, ‘Let us earn back your trust and show you how humble we are” they grovelled. But, as ever, UCP talks out of one side of their mouths as they lie out of the other side. 2 days before Christmas 2/11
Finance Minister Travis Toews signed a ministerial order that *imposes* an investment management agreement between AIMCo (yeah, *that* AIMCo that lost billions $$$ last year) and the Alberta Teachers Retirement Fund. In 2019, when UCP forced the ATRF to be managed by AIMCO 3/11
Toews wrote opinion articles, an open letter on Facebook, and spoke multiple times in the #ableg about how teachers’ concerns were ‘absolute nonsense’, and how ATRF would still be the ones who had the strategic say in how their money would be invested. He assured us. 4/11
“AIMCo will invest according to policies set by the ATRF board,” Toews promised—publicly. But now, the imposed ‘agreement’ states that if AIMCo disagrees with what ATRF wants to do, they don’t have to follow ATRF’s policies. AIMCo doesn’t have to consult, they don’t have to 5/11
ask permission, they can just veto it and do whatever AIMCo wants. And, according to Toews’ ministerial order “Such decisions by AIMCo are not subject to appeal or arbitration.” This DIRECTLY contradicts what Toews spent so much time promising would not happen, and 6/11
belittling anyone who feared it would. And again, Toews signed this order on Dec. 23, when teachers in Alberta, who had a harrowing fall dealing with covid at school, were all on break (some schools ended Dec.22). He did not inform ATRF until Jan. 4, 2021, when teachers were 7/11
back online after Christmas, and the news was not released until today, when teachers were all back IN their classrooms. Again, AIMCo lost billions $ in 2020 through poor/risky investment decisions. No teachers wanted to transfer the management of their pensions to AIMCo. 8/11
UCP that just DAYS ago was begging Albertans to let them earn back their trust was up to this behind our backs. This time it’s teachers, but don’t forget they’re coming after your CPP too, and you can bet they’ll be just as ‘truthful’ about what they’re up to then, too. 9/11
Think of working all your life and having a hefty deduction off EVERY paycheque you ever earned going into a fund, only to have UCP seize it from you, hand it over to dubious and incompetent managers, and lie about what they are doing. Even if you are not a teacher, 10/11
this should concern you deeply. UCP wants to ‘earn back’ and rebuild our trust. This is NOT the way. They think a few days of hollow apologies pulled the wool over your eyes again. Please let your MLA know it did *not* in no uncertain terms.
#handsoffmypension 11/11

• • •

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12 Jan
More lies from UCP. Time to write letters. This is truly outrageous, and done in UCP’s typical underhanded, devoid-of-honesty-or-integrity MO. 1/2. #abed. #ableg
ATA- Finance Minister Imposes Pension Management Agreement www-win.teachers.ab.ca/News%20Room/Is…
From the link:

“AIMCo is not required to implement ATRF’s Investment Policy if, in the sole opinion of AIMCo, it would threaten to compromise AIMCo’s economies of scale or operational efficiencies. Such decisions by AIMCo are not subject to appeal or arbitration.” 2/2
2+/2 When Bill 22 was passed, Toews assured, “the ATRF board will remain in control of determining how the pension funds are invested at a strategic level as well as retaining ownership of the plan’s assets. AIMCo will invest according to the policies set by the ATRF board.”
Read 5 tweets
11 Jan
Kenney is bragging about how much better Alberta is doing with vaccinations than other provinces. He says we’re on track to vaccinate all LTC residents by next week. #ableg
After assuring his base that no one will *have* to get a vaccine and saying he will change the law to prevent it from being mandatory, Kenney begs everyone to be vaccinated, then blames Trudeau for why it’s not going faster.
Kenney says they will include paramedics in the first phase of vaccinations. Finally!
Read 31 tweets
10 Jan
Mixed feelings on the return to school tomorrow:

-16 year old is happy because he prefers in-class learning and has cool new outfits from his birthday and Christmas to wear

-less enthused about getting up 40 min. earlier for travel time and also no haircut since September
Older kids who are teachers:

-prefer teaching in person. Very hard to work with kids who tune out or fail to show up online. More interactive lessons in person
-but, commuting, lots of supervision to police health protocols and constant worry about getting sick 2/4
My husband:
-looks forward to peace and quiet, won’t have 5 people online all day
-constant worry about covid, and must drive youngest to school and back so he won’t be on rolling germ box (the bus) 3/4
Read 4 tweets
6 Jan
UCP ministers and MLAs have been given the talking points that Albertans are right to be angry (no kidding!), but that they will work hard to ‘rebuild’ our trust. Considering everything they’ve said and done in the last few years, there is no reason to ever trust them, but 1/12
here is my list of what I would need to see happen before I could even consider it. ALL of this:
1. Tell us right now who else travelled out of province for the holidays. Everyone. We know there are more. By waiting for them to be discovered, especially those who already 2/12
denied it, trust is further eroded. If that means more cabinet ministers have to resign, so be it. Why should this all fall on one when others are guilty?
2. Pass the recall legislation. You promised. It’s time. And it better be feasible and possible to use. 3/12
Read 12 tweets
5 Jan
Update today begins with Shandro honouring the memory of two continuing care workers. The latest one is a woman in her 50s in Edmonton
He’s talking about the hard work and commitment of Alberta’s health care workers. The vaccine gives them and all of us hope that we can get our lives back this year. This is a lot of piggybacking on goodwill that rightfully belongs to other people who are not Shandro and UCP.
Shandro says AHS has been ramping up vaccinations, but it is a “function of the supply we receive”. This is blaming Trudeau, right?
Read 30 tweets
3 Jan
I know many of us are enjoying the schadenfreude of seeing UCP supporters outraged at the clowns, hypocrites and idiots they elected. I am! But let’s not take that for granted. For one thing, they might forget by next election. 1/5
Also, the selfishness, entitlement, and lack of critical thinking skills that made them vote for UCP in the first place have not gone away. There is a strong possibility that the real reason some of them are mad is because *they* did not hop a plane to Hawaii or Mexico too! 2/5
Selfish disdain for others is the beginning & end of the character of many, if not most, UCP supporters. There is nothing they hate more than seeing someone else get something they felt entitled to. These people will still be cheering when UCP cuts teacher salaries this year. 3/5
Read 5 tweets

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