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Things @jkenney *should* say at his presser at 4:
"I've let Albertans down and I'm resigning."
"I should have been a better leader and held people accountable, including my own caucus for complying with our restrictions. I'm sorry."
#ableg #ResignKenney #covid19ab
"It was wrong to push our hospitals, healthcare, and essential workers to the breaking point in an effort to save the economy. Seeing that Alberta was the worst province in #cdnpoli for infections and economic decline last year has taught me that. I will do better."
"We will be instituting the following measures to save lives, healthcare, and our economy;
•a stay at home order for all workplaces except grocery and pharmacy
•suspension of commercial rents and evictions
•working with banks to suspend mortgages for 6 weeks
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I’m having a really hard time processing some anger right now so I’m going to scream it into this void if that’s cool with you.

I got a phone call late in the day on Thursday informing me that I was a close contact to a student who has covid. Again.
I’ve been through this before, it’s whatever. But this time I am quarantined for a large part of Spring Break as are a significant number of kids from our school.

We have all worked so hard this year. SO. HARD.

We all need this break and truly needed it to be a break.
I’ve had to reschedule a few nights away in the mountains, something I was unwilling to sacrifice but will now cost much more money to go over a weekend. I’ve cancelled plans to see my best friend and her baby for the first time since October.
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I watched original The Corporation and watched “The New Corporation” on @CraveCanada today. If you care about the state of affairs un your world watch it! & agree with @terry_truchan & @Shratno to just watch it... sharing my takeaways in what follows 1/12
Beware of Corporate branding that uses “friend & ally” brand messaging “we are a good company” we’re innovating to help you etc ... this could be big corporations simply white washing their brand to conceal their true agenda 2/12
Another one to watch out for is “our business has innovated & solved this problem” & then they take over government operations & lobby 4 deregulation edicts creates a monopoly for them i.e. Alberta’s privatizing Alberta Registries department with exclusive 35 yard contract 3/12
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ATTN: Alberta Tweeps

I'm inviting you all to attend this as hard as it will be to endure. The goal is to garner as many as possible to help reply to the enormous amount of misinformation being spread by large numbers of commenters.

For many this is their only source of info 1/
Commenting rolls fast, it's best to be prepared to be able to share links along w/your comment. If they're intent on 'fighting' w/you let them go. They're not prepared to listen to anything.

His choice of time makes it difficult for parents of younger children - 2/
perhaps one parent could attend. He plays to his 'older' supporters as FB is where a majority of them are, if they're online at all.

Note: Be prepared to 'marked' via a 'Like' by his human bots who have been known to PM us afterwards & attempt to bully. 3/
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Feeling a bit of outrage fatigue. I know UCP likes to make digs about ‘the angry left’ (ie everyone who doesn’t support them or believe their lies), and maybe they’re trying to bombard us with their screw-ups until we’re numb to it all, but it’s ALL justified. 1/11
While we’ve been watching Kenney immolate what’s left of his credibility as a ‘leader’ over this Keystone XL debacle, it’s easy to forget that it’s only 10 days since we found out about the veto AIMCo will have over ATRF’s direction on how to invest hijacked pension funds. 2/11
It’s only 3 weeks since Kenney first tried to absolve his MLAs of blame in their hypocritical Christmas vacations, and less than that since he kicked a minister out of cabinet and another MLA out of caucus. 9 of them travelled. 5/11
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Would you like to join our protest of the @jkenney Government without all the hassle of marching in the freezing cold (coming soon) during a pandemic?

Try our 2 minute drill.
We want to make #ResignKenney and #FiretheUCP trend nationally every day.


With the following coordinated actions.

Let’s start with timing.
It appears most of you are morning people.
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UCP seemed taken a bit aback at the backlash over their holiday travel. It’s the arrogance, the entitlement, the hypocrisy, and I think, worst of all the sneakiness. MLAs sitting on beaches, pretending they were here in Alberta. 1/11
#handsoffmypension #ResignKenney
When the full force of Albertans’ anger became apparent, ‘Let us earn back your trust and show you how humble we are” they grovelled. But, as ever, UCP talks out of one side of their mouths as they lie out of the other side. 2 days before Christmas 2/11
Finance Minister Travis Toews signed a ministerial order that *imposes* an investment management agreement between AIMCo (yeah, *that* AIMCo that lost billions $$$ last year) and the Alberta Teachers Retirement Fund. In 2019, when UCP forced the ATRF to be managed by AIMCO 3/11
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Our MLA, @MirandaRosinAB penned an article for the local High Country News in which she expresses how upset she is with public health orders and the "loss of freedom". 1/25+…
Ms Rosin is not stranger to controversy or conspiracy theories. Oct 2018, while campaigning, Rosin said about healthcare: "I think we need to look at a two-tiered system, so that we can get those who have worked hard for their money out of the system if they would like to.”2/25+
She said COVID concentration camps would only be the work of the federal government, and in November released a statement declaring the worst of the pandemic was over. 3/25+
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I was encouraged by my partner to share this email that I sent to Jason Kenney on Friday. Because I genuinely do not believe that I will receive a response, I figured I could air it all out here as a thread.

(Hashtags and @'s are added for this context.)
Premier Kenney (@jkenney),

I want to let you know how much you and the @UCPCaucus have failed the people of Alberta. From the start, you have used divisive, Trump-style rhetoric to prey on people’s fears and financial insecurities.
It is no surprise, then, that your response during a global health crisis would consist of double standards and poorly thought out, reactionary policies. You have consistently put students and teachers at risk by giving no support or comprehensive reopening strategy
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Ok, it's threeeeeead time!!!

First off, I want to share that I spoke with a friend who's parents were "found Trumpers" after being Cons their whole lives andddddddd they have developed a hate for JK and are vowing to vote @RachelNotley next election!

Next, the MAGATS and
Reformer supporters are like a dirty diaper, their worldly value ends when we're toddlers, they're full of shit, and we should trash them and never look back!

Ok, now as 2020 wound down I was optimistic, but not over the moon optimistic about getting rid of this government
but since the calendar has turned over.............BAM! Things are ALLLIIIIVVVEEEEEE!!!

Let's review what we've experienced in the last few weeks:

1. Ministers and staffers travel outside of Canada for holidays of selfishness. Kenney lies. Ministers and staffers feign taking
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Hey @UCPCaucus

We know you’re all contrite and all, what with you having being caught doing what you told us not to do.
You might think that this is an excellent opportunity for us to just forget about all the other horrible shit you’ve been pulling.
You’ve defunded schools as they try and deal with chaos and illness.
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After many days trying to get to this, it's thread time.

So how about our disasterous government taking off and leaving the country while so many of us followed health orders and stayed at home? I only caught part of the Kenney presser but my god I have never seen someone
split hairs and dance around accountability the way he does. So his chief of staff heads to the UK, and then takes a flight into the States only to cross the border. Ironic considering the crackdown on flights from the UK coming into Canada. Or how about Minister Allard going to
Hawaii because it's an annual thing and hell, why should this year be any different? And Tony Yao, what a guy. So when he's not talking about his favorite convo starter, organ harvesting, he's disappearing to Mexico. So he turned his phone off and apparently only recently turned
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Second question from Rick Bell: "Quite bluntly, what is your reaction [Hinshaw] to the white hot anger of Albertans about what's happened in the past few days and Naheed Nenshi is really bad too."

Tyler says he's not asking for forgiveness because the UCP got 1M votes.
CMOH says she understands why Albertans are angry but we're all so tired and so we should be compassionate with the people who went on vacation?

Tyler comes back to say thank you for sacrifices which was a better answer than the CMOHs. wtf.
Third question: why are you bragging about using only 56% vaccines. Isn't the goal higher.

Tyler: we're celebrating the hard work of the HCWs
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Yesterday I wrote a thread about the tipping point of tolerance of inhumane abuse of power by UCP. Attached.

It was in response to the outrage about Xmas vacations and why people feel so angry and filled with rage.

I’m going to try to do a better job today.
On Friday January 1, 2021, Kenney gave a speech about the scandal his party is caught up in.

The hubris & contempt for the public was palpable. He showed up late, putting many on edge, & then proceeded to cover the butts of several MLAs & political aids who travelled over Xmas.
There would be no consequences. No laws were broken.

That sparked outrage and protest. And rightly so.

When a premier has the audacity to try to excuse a betrayal of public trust and minimize the contempt his party showed for public health, the public boiled over with rage.
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Mayor @doniveson warns Albertans not to flout Covid19 precautions just because the @Alberta_UCP MLAs & staff did. We refer to the impact from politicians' bad modelling of public health advisories as the #DominicCummingsEffect. It's measurable. It's dangerous.
#CummingsEffect happens when the public stop adhering to public health messages after learning that a political figure personally flouted the same advice. It is a measurable danger during an epidemic. *This* is the real danger from the #UCPvacations. (2)…
The effect is named for Dominic Cummings, an aide to the UK PM @BorisJohnson. Cummings & his family flouted health advisories & travelled from London to Durham. Both felt ill; later covid19 +ve. Their action shocked locked-down Brits, & scandal ensued (3)…
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I know many of us are enjoying the schadenfreude of seeing UCP supporters outraged at the clowns, hypocrites and idiots they elected. I am! But let’s not take that for granted. For one thing, they might forget by next election. 1/5
Also, the selfishness, entitlement, and lack of critical thinking skills that made them vote for UCP in the first place have not gone away. There is a strong possibility that the real reason some of them are mad is because *they* did not hop a plane to Hawaii or Mexico too! 2/5
Selfish disdain for others is the beginning & end of the character of many, if not most, UCP supporters. There is nothing they hate more than seeing someone else get something they felt entitled to. These people will still be cheering when UCP cuts teacher salaries this year. 3/5
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With #ResignKenney continuing to trend, I want to talk a bit about what realistic options Albertans have for holding this govt accountable.

Let's be clear about one thing - there is no way Kenney will choose to resign. There are, however, other ways to take down a leader [1/8]
that has lost the moral authority to govern.

The typical process is to simply vote their party out in the next election. Unfortunately, the next #abvote is not until spring 2023, so w/ their legislative majority, we are likely stuck with the UCP for another 2 full years [2/8]

That doesn't mean it isn't possible to force an election sooner or remove Kenney as Premier! Let's talk about how this could work.

There are 2 feasible scenarios, both of which involve UCP MLA's breaking ranks with their party.

To force an early election, we [3/8]
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Twas the night before Christmas and all through AB
MLAs issued edicts for you and for me.
Don't travel. Don't gather. No family. No friends.
Before we can have those, the COVID must end!
And so Albertans, their faces drawn tightly
Stayed home responsibly daily and nightly. 1/5
But out at Westjet there arose such a ruckus
As UCP MLA's conspired to fuck us!
For off to Hawaii the hypocrites flew
As new cases climbed and the death count it grew.
On Allard! On Liepert! On Stephan! On Snider!
On Nixon and Fir with Matt Wolf beside her!

2/5 #ableg
To the peaks of Vail ski hills! To Akaka falls!
Now fly away! Fly away! Fly away all!
They went to beaches. We stayed at home.
They were together. We were alone.
We missed seeing family. Missed worship and song.
We held back our tears and tried to be strong.

3/5 #ableg
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This is Alberta if we don’t get COVID under control. Quite difficult when MLAs and political aids and press secretaries flout COVID public health orders, businesses remain open, and churches are pushing the boundaries of 15% capacity by about an extra 35% on a regular basis.
In other words, Alberta’s future and Alberta healthcare’s impending collapse is to be expected when the government and the entire political party that makes up the government refuses to take COVID seriously.
If you’re hoping to avoid catastrophic healthcare failure, now is the time to speak up.

But speaking alone is not going to accomplish a policy change.

Ontario has similar issues. Speaking up resulted in the scapegoat resignation and utterances of disappointment.
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