The left: Politicians lie all the time, so we should just ignore Trump and Pompeo's legitimate claims of election fraud, the origins of the coronavirus, and CCP's dire influence.

Yes! Politicians DO lie. But they lie about certain things in certain circuitous ways. They might make a campaign promise and then flake. Or they might feign forgetting. Or they might say "that depends on what your definition of 'is' is".

*skillful* plausible deniability is KEY
however... you *cannot* then dismiss everything a politician says or ignore them outright because of that fact. rather, it should be *alarming* that Pompeo is claiming he has proof of #sarscov2origin in a lab in china. if he were lying like this, that would be a bold-faced lie...
same for trump and giuliani about fraud.. all the affidavits, expert analysis, demonstrations of ability to hack into dominion machines, video evidence, + public knowledge... etc etc. you cannot just *SAY* these things without it being true. these are fact-based claims.
if they were lying about them the same way, lets say, as how clinton lied during impeachment, then I would be skeptical of them. or any number of dems and #russiagate or #peetape or #quidproquo .. where there's lots of plausible deniability.

but trump and pompeo have been...
saying the same thing over and over again, and trump has referenced the same evidence that was brought up in congress on the 6th during the objections. these are *not* alternative facts. they are claims that are repeatedly observed and have evidence. unlike #quidproquo.
if they..
were lying right now, *they'd* be hung for treason. but no one (dems/media) is clamoring for that. because really, if they were doing anything but LARPING, they would understand and respect the levity of the claims being made and supported by trump&co.

But since Left is LARPING
they will just mischaracterize the whitehouse and @SecPompeo and say "nah it aint true!" and keep going on with what they're doing. they know that if they break kayfabe, shit is going to go down. so they have to keep up a false narrative and use dumb rhetorical tactics...
whoops i meant GRAVITY not levity. sorry! i'm a scientist, not a know-nothing English lit grad. sometimes i mix up words.

... basically: @POTUS and @SecPompeo wouldn't say this shit without knowing the very real consequences.

Interestingly the Left is ignoring and doesn't...
even want to try to play this game, because even if they were to beat trump and somehow PROVE he's lying (LOL) they have broken kayfabe and actually engaged in something real and serious for once, and not all this manufactured BLM woke fantasy fake equality LARPing shit.
ask yourselves, why is twitter/amazon/FB/google censoring? why is the left clamoring for a baseless impeachment yet again right *NOW*? none of it is addressing the merit of what trump or pompeo says. no known virologist is actually properly addressing covid origins, either.
i've never seen such a LARP and I was around fucking NERDS in GRAD SCHOOL who actually LARPED.

the cognitive dissonance should be giving the left an aneurysm but somehow they're immune!

tldr politicians lie, but not like this. Left is assumes its all the same (CCP does this)
that is, there are slogans "it doesnt matter" "what does it change" etc ingrained into the CCP citizenry so that you can make false equivalences all the time and be inactive.

Watch out for this lazythink.

• • •

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