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So TFG is in deep trouble for intentional mishandling of classified documents — which BTW is exactly what he said Hillary Clinton should be ‘locked up’ for back in 2016. #Hypocrisy

#TrumpIsANationalSecurityRisk #TrumpStoleClassifiedDocuments #TrumpIsATraitor #LockHimUpNow
2/during his reign of terror, he was found to have obstructed justice, extorted Ukraine by “perfect”call & held back military aid 4 a #quidproquo

He abandoned Kurds & left them to💀for oil apparently to appease #Erdogan for not allowing a dissident 2 b kidnapped off 🇺🇸 streets!
3/he released 5000 Taliban prisoners & gifted Afghanistan to the Taliban setting womens rights back 200 yrs — all w/out consulting Afghanistan’s leaders. Set arbitrary date 4 troop withdraw that screwed over everybody in the end & allowed Taliban to take over the country.
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America has a very short memory.…
It should not be surprising that the first order of business of the broke ass Trump campaign was to find a backer.…
Which came from unsurprising sources.…
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The bell has been rung. The bell cannot be unrung.…
"Over the past year, Republican lawmakers in 41 states have been trying to advance the goals of the Jan. 6 rioters — not by breaking laws but by making them."
Most of America saw what led up to Jan 6 and what the goal was. The results were also clear and the sedition continues. Congress views the dissolution of the democratic voting process as a an exercise in seeing who can force evidence to prove the obvious.
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I read somewhere statement by @PawarSpeaks on #IndiraG & her death.

1: Pawar is frustrated with NO one asking him for anything except where is @AnilDeshmukhNCP?

2: He believed that as king of #Baramati he will still have his swag - he is cut short & agencies are too close

3: His Frustration - with change in Essential Commodities Amendment Act he cannot whip inflation to suit his need.

4: He believes #IndiraG was murdered by Farmers of #Punjab - कौन सा गाँजा फूंकते है यह 🧐

5: Does be mean that everyone in #Punjab is a murderer?


6: @narendramodi ensured that his daughter remains poor & is NOT able to grow Crores of out of flower pot.

7:In short - @PawarSpeaks is just another #IrrelevantSeekingRelevance

8: It’s just that #LongRope is keeping him away from #Tihar - can’t say about 👇🏼


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🎰“We need new numbers.” Trump pressured Jack O’Donnell, former President and COO of Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, to cook the books... He’s still alive - but some executives aren’t. 🤔…
🚁 We have seen what Trump does to people when they aren’t loyal… What happens when his top 3 casino executives are about to testify under oath about his casinos, his debt and his money laundering and won’t answer his demand that “We need new numbers”⁉️
🤔Why did Weichselbaum who managed Trump’s helicopters at the same time he trafficked cocaine get this sweetheart deal on Trump condos⁉️#QuidProQuo
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2day 60years ago #UNGA voted 4the #Independence of Fmr British #SouthernCameroons (SCs) that became an Int'l SCAM by de #Unfair,#Deceptive,#ColonialSchemes of🇨🇲&🇫🇷on #SCians! ImageImageImageImage
A Franco-British axis of evil schemed to deny the Former British #SouthernCameroons her fundamental right to #SelfDetermination via a TRUNCATED UNJUSTIFIED PLEBISCITE with 2 DEVIL OPTIONS in 1961 in BLATANT VIOLATION of @UN STATUTES & MANDATE ImageImageImage
Serious violations 2 wh Int'l Boundaries under Int'l TREATIES were frozen btw the 2sovereign states @Independence in1960 for La Rép. du CameroUn🇨🇲 which didn't & have never included #SCs and 4the latter in1961.

Prof. ImageImageImageImage
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The left: Politicians lie all the time, so we should just ignore Trump and Pompeo's legitimate claims of election fraud, the origins of the coronavirus, and CCP's dire influence.

Yes! Politicians DO lie. But they lie about certain things in certain circuitous ways. They might make a campaign promise and then flake. Or they might feign forgetting. Or they might say "that depends on what your definition of 'is' is".

*skillful* plausible deniability is KEY
however... you *cannot* then dismiss everything a politician says or ignore them outright because of that fact. rather, it should be *alarming* that Pompeo is claiming he has proof of #sarscov2origin in a lab in china. if he were lying like this, that would be a bold-faced lie...
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020.This part is called: RESTORING AND STRENGTHENING OUR DEMOCRACY:Building an Effective,Transparent Federal Government/Only one party understands that qualified,dedicated civil servants serve the people &this nation, not special interests.1/12
Every federal employee swears an oath to support and defend the Constitution. 2/12 #DemPartyPlatform #FederalWorkers #CivilService #transparency
It is a sacred promise to the American people—that federal workers, both civil servants and political appointees, will put the interests of the many ahead of their own personal concerns. 3/12 #DemPartyPlatform #CivilService #transparency
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Trump: Day 1,368 (THREAD)
-8,452,148 Cases of COVID-19 in US
-US CV19 Death Toll Rises to 225,199
-Dismisses Pandemic & Trashes Fauci
-Silent About GRU Charged w/ Hacking
-$259B in Cares Act Remains Unspent
-Hosts Super-Spreader Rallies in AZ
-Attacks Biden for Listening to Fauci
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Here is a Trump scandal so bad, even Fox News is talking about it. How DID @IvankaTrump get so many Chinese trademarks approved in the days after her dad’s first meeting with President Xi? #QuidProQuo #TrumpCrimeFamily
They made Jimmy Carter give up his peanut farm.

Ivanka was awarded trademarks from China in 2017, 2018 and 2019 as her dad negotiated with Xi. Meanwhile US farmers fell into bankruptcy & US manufacturing entered a full year recession in 2019 ahead of the #TrumpCrash of 2020.
Trump himself has received hundreds of millions in loans from foreign powers, millions in direct business, and he and Ivanka have been gifted trademarks from China in the midst of trade discussions. All of this is a flagrant violation of the Constitution.
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@ZevShalev 1/ Just what every Postmaster General needs...a 24-carat gold staircase. Absolutely obscene. Think of slave-conditions required to mine, process, deliver that gold to Greensboro. #LetThemEatCake
Did Senate confirm DeJoy? Unable to verify yes or no. (more)
@ZevShalev 2/ Wikipedia:
"The postmaster general is now appointed by 9 'governors', appointed by the president w/the advice and consent of the Senate"
Senate approved all 6 USPSBOG members, most recent confirmations in Jun 2020.
footnote 3, p 73 of PDF: (more...)… Image
@ZevShalev 3/ #CommanderInCheat had opportunity to shape USPSBOG to his liking because as of Dec 2016, there were exactly zero board members. A single Senator held up confirmation hearings for President Obama's 5 nominees. (more) h/t @clearing_fog
Dec 20, 2016:… Image
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Watch dog dogged lapdog who was having dog walked by underdog now in the dog house.…
Looks like Big Mike might be dirty. Some of that sweet sticky $8B in Saudi gun money might have stuck to him and Donny "Quid Pro Quo" Trump. Somebody also better tell Jared "Peace in Our Time" Kushner about that account in Dubai. Iran has spies too.…
I know you will be shocked, shocked to learn that George Nader's speciality was getting wedged in the middle of arms deals starting with Maliki in Iraq and then graduating to the big boys. Nader showed the amateurs how real money is made. Oh look.. Kushner.
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A Russian gets caught doing dirty tricks so Putin makes a Rambo style action film to reverse the narrative. Political operative Maxim Shugalei was rolled up in Tripoli hotel planning #fuckery for Haftar and Saif. When will Trump do the Roger Stone flick?
Vlad...the"Their task is to carry out research that would put an end to hostilities. However, in the meantime, they get to uncover some facts that can cost a lot to the puppet government, and should be kept to Libya by all means." ...needs more fire.
The last Putin narrative flop flipper was "The Magnitsky Act - Behind the Scenes." Remember it was trotted during the pre election around DC by Prince pals Paul Behrends and Dana Rohrabacher. #QuidProQuo #NeededMoreFiring…

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Step back & ask what is money?

Biggest threat to wealthy is exposing worth is a malleable human invention

@Teri_Kanefield nails it—democracy vs hierarchy

Declaration of Independence’s equal worth clashes with our innate differences

To what extent does worth lie in our humane treatment of others?

In our abilities, activities in context of others?

In our accumulation of wealth through our exchanges?

Worth & worthiness & our tenuous clutching to our own value frames freedom & humane choices or lack of them.
What’s likely driving the fervor to restart the economy at the expense of others lives is a fear that the longer we continue relying on essential workers previously labeled “menial” & “low value” we openly expose the lie that wealth is worth.

That we afford what we value.
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Si le #coronavirus est toujours dans les parages à l'automne aux #EtatsUnis, le vote par correspondance est incontournable. Et pourtant #Trump, qui vote par correspondance, est vent debout contre comme au #Wisconsin. Pourquoi ce mystère? Réponse dans ma chronique sur @Lesjoursfr
2) D. #Trump, le 30 mars sur Fox News: "Il y avait des choses dans cette proposition démocrate, des niveaux de #vote (par correspondance) tels que, si vous les acceptez, il n'y aura plus jamais 1 Républicain élu dans ce pays."
#CQFD #quidproquo

3) D.#Trump, le 8 avril (compte Twitter): "Les républicains devraient combattre de toute leur force un vote par correspondance étendu. Les démocrates le réclament. 1 énorme source de fraude, et pour quelque raison que ce soit, ça ne fonctionne pas bien pour les républicains"#aveu
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Truth be told...Trump is pretty much an "asset" for anyone who pays. Saudi's, Emiratis and AIPAC pay a lot more than Putin.
I mean...this is a spoiled rich kid that was handed over $600 million by his father, screwed much of it up and ended up renting out his TV and tabloid name to gangsters and hustlers for a piece of the action. Why would he run America any differently?…
#Quidproquo in its ancient sense meant substituting something considered valuable with something of lesser value. Trump is renting out America's troops, suppressing democratic/legal values and destroying our government in exchange for something of value.…
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The bad news is that #WilliamBarr stained DoJ investigation into Erik Prince for ITAR/FCPA/Espionage will be buried. Trump #quidproquo is now officially normalized. I guess Donald needs that DeVos money to get relected. The good news is that they didn't get all the evidence.
Prince has been down this road before, in the same countries with the same rulers. One of the reasons he had to sell his businesses and move to Abu Dhabi. Since then he has learned not to be so clumsy in writing his mercenary proposals for dictators.…
Prince has also moved on from trying to flog his two illegal Thrushes and is flogging old dictator junk to dictators. If we do this Afghanistan deal, Erik even might get a crack at his $3.5B mercs for minerals gig. surprise...Erik's Thrush aircraft…
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Trump: Day 1,119 (THREAD)
-Called a "Carnival Barking Clown"
-Diverting $3.83B From DoD for Wall
-Gen Kelly Delivers Scathing Speech
-Barr Stages Stand Against Trump
-15th Case of Virus Confirmed in US
-Wants Officials Off His Foreign Calls
-#QuidProQuo Crushed by AG James
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Jesus... Bill Barr must be busy these days.…
Barr was brought in to not only smother Mueller in his bed but sew up all the gaping wounds his investigators opened when they started tripping over multiple conspiracies and crimes. Crimes that would lead back to Trump's mistakes during the election.…
The known cases are done or winding down but increasingly taking on the look of tampering by Barr as he internally tries to minimize, pressure, obsfucate, slow roll or "stay". His meddling in the Stone case was clumsy and a sign of desperation. The Judge…
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Will this be Trump's next impeachment ? Saudi Arabia and the UAE George Nader poisoned Trump and his donors with illegal foreign donations, acted as a unregistered agent for the Arabs and Israel, successfully influenced our foreign policy. #NaderKnows…
One should remember that Jared was drastically in debt and couldn't even get a security clearance. He worked diligently to back door sensitive information and had multiple private conversations often using private email and coms with foreign powers.…
“ Kushner...paid $1.8 billion for the building in 2007... a drag on his family’s real estate company ever since. Brookfield paid the rent for the entire 99-year term upfront...removing (Kushner’s) biggest financial headache: a $1.4 billion mortgage”…
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-my staff are getting threats
- they are being smeared by the media

So the douchebag who's been the lead agent in threats, media smears and leaks of blatant lies is a victim?

Cry me a river, asshole.
Good Lord.

"Who will join our staff if they know their name will be dragged through the mud?"

I don't know, Schifty. Why don't you ask @DevinNunes staff who you smeared for 3 years?

The beautiful thing is that patriots will always step up to fight tyrants & fascists like you.
Jefferies invoking Thomas Jefferson: "tyranny is defined as when what is legal for the Gov't is illegal for the citizenry."

Again unwittingly bolstering legal cases against Obama, Hikkary, McCabe, Schiff, Clinesmith, Pelosi (family) and #BidenCrimeFamily

What a dolt.
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Finally, Finally... FINALLY!!!
I did my due diligence and #ReadTheTranscripts!
It reads like a script, that [THEY] *NEVER* thought would be recorded/released.

PROOF of their LYING (and #BidenCrimeFamily ) is all there.
Go get em @RudyGiuliani, cant wait!! 🍿🍿🍿...🍕!
@RudyGiuliani PS, to make it as easy as possible for those who havent #ReadTheTranscripts yet (like me, till today) is the short 5 page tran-"script", very interesting:
@RudyGiuliani #ReadTheTranscripts
Script Page 2/
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New evidence links Nunes aide Derek Harvey to Parnas. They were in frequent contact

In one exchange, Harvey passed along Nunes’ contact info two days before the HIC’s impeachment report indicated that a phone connex to Nunes made contact w/ a phone connex to Parnas.

The text messages, provided to investigators by Parnas, show Harvey in contact with Parnas throughout the spring of 2019 — the same time Parnas was working with Giuliani and other Trump allies to remove the U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch.

Yovanovitch had been viewed as an obstacle to Giuliani’s effort to convince Ukraine to investigate Trump’s political rivals, including Joe Biden.

Previously released information suggested Harvey and Parnas began communicating at least as early as January 2019.
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This thread about about Epstein's connections to a UN think tank, the Royal families of Norway & Bahrain, top international diplomats, Clinton Foundation and US Navy

#UnsealEpstein #PedoDiplomacy #NoFreePasses
Epstein's foundation, Gratitude America, made its largest donation ($375k) to International Peace Institute in 2017.

Epstein issued a press release in 2013 stating that he funded the launch of an IPI office in Bahrain.

IPI is ran by Norwegian diplomat, Tejre Rod Larson
Ban Ki Moon was honorary chairman of IPI from 08-16.
Other notable IPI directors/advisors include former head of Saudi intelligence Prince Turki Bin Faisal Al Saud & Epsteins former business partner Mort Zuckerman…
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