1. Chronicles of an Exiled Citizen
A thread

One thing that our people must be liberated from is fear. Fear of the known & unknown. Fear of the assumed. Generally, most of our people are both slaves and prisoners to fear. Fear rules us. Decisions we make are based on our fears
2. After the July 28 break-in at our home, alot of our people have distanced themselves from us. They feel that should it be known that they are related to us or connected to us, they will be vulnerable and the state will attack them in our stead
3. Some do not take our calls anymore. They believe the State has a way of using the calls to trace them. I gave one guy my contacts via a secure platform. He gave me his. Immediately an unknown number called him. Me thinks it was coincidence. He thinks it was someone snooping
4. I remember one night I got a call from my wife. She told me that a relative had chucked her and the kids out of their place and told them to never return. This is because the relative did not want to be caught in the crossfire in a war that we chose.
5. Continually we are reminded that "you knew that Zanu kills but you went ahead labaqala. Sekulihlupha now you want to involve us". So we find ourselves lonely, isolated, rejected and outcasts. Activism is now like the biblical leprosy
6. The future is never certain. The next move is never known. At times we sit down and wonder how we got here. We wonder too what the next steps are and what the future holds. Finally, we wonder if our efforts are worth it or we are just wasting our time
7. Then there is the betrayal by colleagues. One time someone wanted to assist us get settled in exile. They called a colleague in Byo to cross reference our story. They were told "Mthwithi is a nobody, the state can't waste resources persecuting him"
8. Another colleague got assistance and was asked if my family and I would need the same assistance. They said "Mthwithi has investments and a good job to take care of him. Further, his wife comes from a rich family" Madness
9. The world is reeling under the pressure of covid 19. We are dogged by lockdowns and affected by shrinking economic activities. Stuck in a foreign land, we must make ends meet. We must prove that we are not commercial Activists. Its hard. Its tough
10. Then there are those who offer to assist but with stupid conditions. One such condition is that we join certain political outfits. Another is that we endorse or support so and so. Now one has to choose between principle, survival and the struggle
11. Daily we see comrades getting rogue in a quest to survive. They sellout. They gyrate in enemy territory for survival. They become political blowjobbers at the expense of others and the struggle. It is dog eat dog.
12. Those back home call us, Blaming us for neglecting them and the struggle. Some accuse us of being cowards. They feel we should have stayed and faced a certain death like "real heroes". We are coerced to die a stupid death for temporary applause
13. Those who assisted us call to blame us for things happening in their lives. Dogs barking all night to them means they are seeing Ferret that is after them because of us. Suspicious cars is Ferret spying on them because of us. We are blamed for everything suspicious
14. In the new year, we contemplate coming back home. But I have a fear. My fear is different from the rest of the fears. I fear that I can never be silent when our people suffer. I fear that I can never be quiet when the oppressor continues with impunity
15. We continue in our small and lonely world. Weaned from social and family joy. Alianated from the world we used to know. Insulted by Christians who feel we have negated the call & are now being used by devils. They forget Christ did not free us from satan to be abused by Zanu
16. We continue in cocaphonic monologues and soliloques. The blank gaze in the faces or our children tormenting us daily. We have no answers. The fear of the unknown claws us. We have thrown away our lives and dumped our kids in the deep end of political oceans
17. We remain hopeful that
God will hear our prayers
Our people will overcome fear
And stand with us
Dictatorship will fall
And Zimbabwe will be free
And our children will live in it

The struggle continues. Sizonqoba😢

• • •

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22 Oct 20
1. After Dr Dumiso Dabengwa died and the family successfully snubbed a heroes acre burial as per his wishes and the presidency snubbed his funeral, many ZPRA cadres have made me custodian of their burial wishes via wills and commissioned statements...
2. They complain about how government ignores them in life, lets wallow in poverty and be harangued by hunger only to give them Grand Funerals. Dr Dabengwa used alot of his resources to assist them. After he passed on many have remained neglected
3. I generally, enjoy spending time with leaders of different stages of periods of our history and now. Veterans & Chiefs are my favorite though. The stories, the honest criticism, the humour and the wisdom is amazing. After about 3 months in exile, I called some to touch base
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#NdebeleTwitter herewith Season 2, Episode 1 of #UmnxebaWodumo.

My Hillside Experience

It all began when I met uGalvin. Sagidla sonke eMoray but yena yilezana ezazingaboni nex. So he tells me he is now a waiter. Phela bragging about jobs is the new ntenene bragging contest Image
2. Nxa sifika ku parking he gets into a very expensive car. Ngangenwa yingubhane madoda. This guy owayekopa Kimi ama Corrections is now driving this sexy thingumabob? Zimbabwe ilesono shame. My ego was sodomised I tell you. He saw it and said, don't worry call me. I can help you Image
3. After serious thought, ngimfonele after 3 days. He tells me ukuthi akwenzi ukuthi sikhulume over the phone. I must go to his work place siyexoxela khona. I just cudnt believe it! Galvin wama ansa arongo now has power to call me to his office? Kunzima bo Jo Image
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2 Sep 20
Herewith Thread 4 of my experiences #ChroniclesofHope

Thread 4: The Bad days.

Being in hiding is a game of mental strength and for those whose backbones are clad with iron. Especially those of us who want to go home and not to Europe
#ZimbabweanLivesMatter Image
2. The 1st days are bad. Anxiety. Worry and concern over the well-being of the family. At some point I went for 4 straight days without eating, worried about my children. I just can't believe I can be this helpless and watch them bullied. A friend sent this about Cde Umile Image
3. The worst is that in the day that the State goes rogue even relatives blame you for it. They castigate us for 'ukuqala iZanu'. Very few want to assist. Majority does not want any contact lest they are endangered. To get a relative to house my family was a futile effort
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30 Aug 20
Herewith Thread 2 of My experiences #ChroniclesofHope
Thread 2: Temple Run, Ferret enablers.

So the guy who led the Ferret Team to my house is Tapiwa Moyo of Nkulumane. We have failed to get his photo but we will give infor that will enable all of us to look for his photo
2. This Tapiwa at one point was a member of Joice Mujuru's Party Zimbabwe People First. He wanted to be Bulawayo Province chair person and had a serious fued with one Esnath Bulayani over the post. He has been deployed to Spy on Jabulani Sibanda former War Veterans chair
3. So a few days before they attacked, we got Intel to the effect that he has been deployed to follow me around and confirm where I stay. Sure enough he was monitoring my movements. He didn't know I notice him or that I know him. I played along. Then one day I made a grave error
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30 Aug 20
As promised herewith the thread about my experiences. #ChroniclesofHope
Thread 1: The Clouds Gather

It all started with a WhatsApp Chat below on the 1st of May. This is 2 months before the July 31 Demonstrations was announced. At this point nothing suggested that am in danger
2. Everything was normal in the Zim sense way. Somehow, this message confirmed with my spirit. Something was afoot in the horizon and God warned me through someone I least expected. I needed to start preparing for that fateful day
3. I had seen how @JoeMzacaNgulube had been in activism & remained unknown in these streets. I decided to grow my Following. I had 386. I changed my content and used my other talents: Humour and Storytelling via #UmnxebaWodumo. I also embraced #NdebeleTwitter. I grew to over 2k
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29 Aug 20
Yesterday Marked 1 month since I went into hiding. I will tomorrow do 5 threads to share my experiences over the last month. I will also reveal the identity of one Ferret enabler. I have learnt to tell my story as a means to stay afloat
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There are days we are hopeful that a New Zimbabwe will come and we will go back home. Then there are days, like today, where I am overwhelmed, discouraged & Hopeless. As a Depression Survivor I get episodes and emotional rollercoasters Image
I find myself missing my son who calls me Commander 🤣 and wonder if I will see him again. I miss dancing with him and watching his jolly self play. I catch myself gazing in Oblivion planning my own funeral and wondering if this is the Zimbabwe that our fathers died for Image
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