Its cute that WaPo doesn't call him by his felon name. Ali Akbar or that Mercer funded the PAC that paid for his and others fuckery.…
If I didn't know better I would say there was "collusion"…
Ali Akbar seems to have a fairly easy to google criminal history but yet he is conspiring with GOP congressman to plan a violent attack on Congress while counting votes.…
oddly Ali's links, brands and fund raising tree up to lawyers like this guy and the Kraken lady and....Rudy.…
The press and law enforcement need to go more than one layer down. There is an entire ecosystem of co-conspirators, enablers, financiers and fuckerists involved in this. Let's dig and pull it out by the roots.…
Now we assume this is a homespun plan. But I beg to differ. I have been tracking Jared, the UAE/KSA and Israeli rush to get deals into place all around the Middle East and Africa. Trump wasn't supposed to lose. So that's why you saw the Pentagon firing, clown hires & urgent trips
So Ali Akbar may just be one tiny crack in the wall but there is a much bigger game being played by Donald/Jared and their organ grinders. Just ask kiddy fiddler George Nader.…

• • •

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More from @RYP__

14 Jan
Same shit, different decade. Imagine if Manafort and Stone had been removed from the system back then. Image
Here’s sociopath Roger shaking his alms box.
Now away from public Roger goes full bin Laden invoking God for the mob.
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13 Jan
Young Donald Trump giving old Donald Trump impeachment advice.…
April 3, 2000. A young Donald Trump warns the world: — “It's very possible that I could be the first presidential candidate to run and make money on it”…
Old Donald Trump ironicly thinks George Bush should have been impeached: "For the war," Trump replied. "For the war! Well, he lied! He got us into the war with lies!"…
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13 Jan
Uh oh. New York doesn't love Trump anymore.…
As I predicted in my Nixon Scenario. Trump's support would rapidly plummet. Harder and faster than Nixons. The option would be to ride out a whirlwind of legal consequences or resign and negotiate a pardon. Pence messed up the next stage but he may be forced to pardon Trump. Why?
Trump was careful to get many people dirty as others were to get him dirty. This is DC. But its also Riyadh, Cairo, Abu Dhabi. Tel Aviv and Moscow. Trump did not push the Grand Bargain for free. There is serious money in what Jared, Pompeo and Trump did and are doing for others.
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13 Jan
We got us a Strike Force. The DoJ provides the axiomatic antiphony to Trump's song of seditional summoning. #FuckAroundAndFindOut…
...and we got us a witch. Go get the dunking stool.…
"Other popular tests include weighing the suspect against a very heavy Bible (if she weighs less than the book, she is guilty) and asking her to recite the Lord's Prayer without making a mistake"…
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13 Jan
Since Trump has a chance to rebrand as a loser let's point out some iconic American losers like Mice and Men, Midnight Cowboy, Vanishing Point, Braveheart, Scarface, Any Peckinpah film, any 80's teen film and any biker flick.…
I would argue that America prefers losers because we identify with someone who won and lost. Even more, those with ambiguous morality: Deadpool, Taxi Driver, every DC villain, all the Star Wars ne'er do wells. America likes villains and losers.…
Taking it a step further, our "heroes" are often villains and losers. Like Trump. Revered for his whoring, assholeness, bankruptcy, lying, cheating and bullshiting. He was flawed. Trump forgot that. It will take him a while to remember that.…
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12 Jan
America has a cultural icon called the “Loser”. He was popular in biker movies, war films and southern movies. The Patriot Party is trying to be the party of revolution but it will weaken the GOP.
I am a fan of the biker, outlaw, rebel segment. From Johnny Cash to rock to basically anything that provokes change. One of my favorite rebel songs.
People who will never go to Harvard, never drive a luxury car or enjoy what the top 25 - 50% of America will ever enjoy. Trump had a chance to lift those people up and move the middle class with it. The economy was good. But then he betrayed them.…
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