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@LaylaMoran @AppgCoronavirus @march_change @GwynneMP
Public awareness of #LongCovid is poor. There are potentially 4000 new cases of #LongCovid every day this year @LaylaMoran
#LongCovid affects children
We need a national register to count people with #LongCovid and this will help drive up compliance and explain policy
We need better follow up of patients with #COVID19 to help #countlongcovid
The post covid clinics are subject to a post-code lottery - for example there are none in Wales
Employment: people are losing their jobs due to be on long-term sick leave. They are receiving warnings and are forced to take their cases to tribunals. Key workers are facing financial ruin for doing their duty. It is unacceptable @LaylaMoran
The @appg are asking for #LongCovid to be classified as an occupational disease. Employers need guidelines. Statutory sick pay, PIP and universal credit needs to be geared up to deal with #longcovid
'This house has heard them and is listening' #longcovid
.@DrDanPoulter talking about how young people are vulnerable. 'We are seeing a group of individuals who are experiencing the effects of #COVID19 months or weeks after infection'. We need better data - to better understand the impacts and treat people better.
.@IanLaveryMP everyone out there is extremely frightened and worried. #longcovid appears to be a serious threat, more than we once believed. Impacts can be devastating, debilitating. 29 year of constituent been feeling the affects since February.Another developed a neuro disorder
We need to look after people who have got this debilitation disease. Fears that the government will fail to do this says @IanLaveryMP
health professionals should be provided - but must not include exercise testing and this is in the @NICEComms guidelines. Health advice should not be provided by online support groups but by healthcare professionals - Carol Monaghan
All CCGs need to inform themselves of the wider implications of this disease
Little progress is being made according to @joplatt but her supplements bill is around £90 per month says @ToniaAntoniazzi. She has 2 members of her own staff battling #longcovid. All of those people experience extreme fatigue. There is short-sightedness on the part of the govt
People going back to work when they aren't ready will only make them more sick. We need strong leadership from the government
We are forgetting those who suffer from #COVID19 , who survive it but continue to suffer. Some shocking statistics - 21% go on to suffer for 5 weeks or more. 1 in 10 suffer for longer than 12 weeks. Paying tribute to @long_recovery - LongCovidKids. Children must be counted
Now hearing from @GwynneMP who is explaining his own experience. It's been a battle to get the govt to recognise #longcovid is real. Has had to learn to pace himself. Still has bad brain fog. People who don't have luxury of working virtually risk losing their jobs
Awareness campaign needed for children and they need to be treated in the NHS clinics.
#longcovid is one of those challenges that we will be learning about in months and years to come. Please share the challenges you are facing, speak to your GP so we can save and change lives
.@Debbie_abrahams we must recognise that Covid has an impact long after the acute phase. People shouldn't feel stigmatised. Please at the speed of the @NICEComms guidelines. But disappointed there's no reference to immunology or immune therapies.
Many symptoms are due to imflammatory issues associated with the immune system. Supports more research. Working age people must be supported through their employers and the @DWP . People with #LongCovid must not be stigmatised
We must reduce health inequalities to prevent people becoming seriously ill says @jogideon. People with #longcovid suffer from brain fog. Many find respite by taking in fresh air in open spaces. The health of our nation is a collective responsibility
.@WayneDavid_MP - must emphasise treatment and support for #longcovid sufferers so that they are not forgotten. Relating @LeeDavidBowen 's experience. 10 months later he is still suffering from fatigue.
.@ClaireHanna - we know so much more about this disease now and it is regrettable that people still think that #COVID19 only affects the vulnerable. Younger people are experiencing symptoms after more than a month. Around 9000 people in N Ireland may be experiencing #longcovid
Years of underfunding of the NHS is contributing to the situation today - we owe it to the people suffering now to ensure this doesn't happen again
.@amcarmichaelMP we need more flexibility in the way the system responds to people with #longcovid. There is some similarity with people who are suffering from #ME and how the medical establishment have treated them. Highlighted constituent who can't get job seekers allowance
Too many people have been left behind and excluded from provision. A universal basic income would have avoided this
.@KeeleyMP Grim milestone of 100k deaths. Have heard evidence - impact of #LongCovid is profound and numbers growing. We have little idea of how #Covid19 effects people long-term. The Doctor's #LongCovid group is growing. We need to support frontline medical staff
We need to establish if #longcovid is an occupational disease
.@theSNP member explaining how a young constituent is trying to lead a normal life but has to spend days in bed. We don't know how long these young people will suffer. It could potentially become a chronic long-term condition. It affects more than the respiratory system
Inflammation plays a key role in this condition. #LongCovid is real and affects young people. Little empirical evidence on how to treat it. Vitamin D may help people who develop #COVID19. Scottish government supporting long-term research into #LongCovid
Need action on sick pay rates, we have one of the lowest in Europe. Our rate of SSP is poverty pay. Long term economic support must be put in place for #LongCovid sufferers so they have support
@DrRosena speaking now. Paying tribute to @LongCovidSOS and other support groups. Finite evidence on how to treat the condition. Need better data collection and further research in order to treat this condition. The symptoms can be crippling, preventing people from living lives
Leaves many unable to return to work. Stress and anxiety can cause relapses. Many don't know when they can return to work. Long term consequences will be grave without action from the government. Especially concerning for front-line and NHS workforce
We need a patient led approach. What plans are there to extend the clinics in 2021. Can't have a postcode lottery. Some patients are being denied referral as they didn't have a positive test. What measures will the govt take to make sure people don't lose out on treatment
The public need clear messaging to counteract the misinformation online. Paying tribute to @JoPlattLeigh. The government can't push longer terms issues to the periphery. #LongCovid should be of serious concern otherwise we may be living with the consequences for years to come
Now @NadineDorries is saying that the government is doing all they can to protect people's physical and mental health. We don't yet fully understand #LongCovid. Some people experience lasting impacts on their health. Quoting stats from @ONS.
Talking about delivering high quality care to patients, @NHSEngland 5 point plan. Now responding sensitively to #LongCovid. @NICEComms has provided guidelines and case definition. Online yourcovidrecovery service. £10m for assessment services.
Hundreds of patients receiving treatment in the 69 clinics in England. Further 12 sites launching soon. NHS working to better understand the disease and how to support recovery. Mentioning @PHOSP_COVID study. @NIHRresearch funding call £20m - expected to commence early 2021
#LongCovid taskforce described. #LongCovid is a new challenge for healthcare systems worldwide. The UK is committed to listening to people with #LongCovid. Paying tribute to the NHS, researchers and people living with the condition. Hope to improve lives and fight this pandemic
Summing up by @LaylaMoran. Heard some powerful stories today. Must learn from other conditions e.g. ME. Failure of the welfare system to cope with this changing landscape was highlighted.Thanked @NadineDorries for the update on the NHS. Suggesting a further meeting with the @appg

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