You could look at the past week & reasonably think MAGA/Q folk MUST know it's over.

But the thing about conspiracy theories is that they never end: they morph into new theories while maintaining that they've ALWAYS been right.

For MAGA/Q, it's "the plan" - Let me explain.
Right now the narrative running through the darker parts of the Internet involves "The Storm."

The Storm is a conspiracy theory that ALL of this - the election loss, the rhetoric, the insurrection, the 2nd impeachment - are part of Trump's master plan to root out the Deep State.
You see, in Trump's infinite wisdom he realized he could never MAGA as long as there were traitors in his own party.

So he came up with The Storm as a way to know who was truly a believer in MAGA, and who was a RINO.

This has all been an elaborate trap to catch those traitors.
The Storm starts w/Trump discovering, many months ago, that the voting machines had been hacked by Bill Gates' associates.

Trump ALLOWED the votes to be flipped, but they have PROOF that Trump won 410 electoral votes.

Of course, he let them THINK they had won.
By APPEARING weak & disjointed, he encouraged the Dems to lash out and the RINOs to jump ship.

Even the departures from his admin were carefully planned to give the appearance of disorder so that ALL the traitors would think it was time to show their true colors and strike.
According to The Storm, what's next will happen on January 20th.

On inauguration day, w/the Dems & RINOs in one place, the US Army will arrest ALL the traitors at once.

Simultaneously, SCOTUS will reveal that they've had the proof of election fraud & declare Trump the winner.
With the traitors under arrest & the true winner of the 2020 presidential election declared, the Army will escort Trump back to the White House where he will welcome back all the Secretaries, aides & loyal MAGA who played their part in The Storm.
The Storm ends w/a list of all the state governors & lawmakers, media people & celebrities who will be rounded up for treason, culminating with mass executions of the traitors and the changing of US Law to allow Trump to be president for the rest of his life.
I'd like to think that this was idle fantasy, created by some truly twisted people, but unfortunately the Trump years have shown that this kind of thinking is commonplace among the MAGA/Q.

I've seen this narrative too many times to think it's fanfic.

They ACTUALLY believe this.
The saddest part of this is that on January 20th, when none of this happens, when Trump is booted from the WH, when the indictments drop --- they'll morph the theory again.

Anything but face the reality that Trump never had a plan, or any care for country.

• • •

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17 Aug 20
Not too long ago I was part of an exercise to determine how difficult it would be to identify people involved in protests w/just the metadata (including location) from the cellular network.

We had a semi-simulated data set that used real info w/swapped IDs

... It was CRAZY easy
Once we sorted the data, we could track movement patterns of the devices & see which devices were communicating & moving w/each other.

In our data set, the vast majority of devices were burners or otherwise obfuscated, but we quickly figured out which devices were daily drivers.
As it turns out, that's enough.

If you find the daily drivers (and that becomes STUPID easy if you have access to more metadata) then you have a real-ID reference point.

From there, you can spot all the devices that are moving or communicating w/the real-ID.
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3 Jul 20
There is a question I get asked quite a lot, & I'd like to address it.

There are many variations of the question - sometimes asked seriously, sometimes out of mockery - but the gist is always:

"If you're a priest, why don't you ACT like a priest?"

It's a good question.
Thing is... they're not REALLY asking,
"why don't you ACT like a priest?"

They're asking,
"why aren't you acting in the way I EXPECT a priest to act?"

... that expectation can be born from experience w/priests, or from preconceived notions of what the priesthood represents.
I know the "traditional" roles of a priest: pastor, confessor, counselor, administrator, etc. -- and those ALL important parts of the ministry of the Church.

However... if ALL priests ONLY did those things, our ministry wouldn't just be stunted... it would die on the vine.
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13 Apr 20
Ok... let's get serious about COVID inthe US.

Beyond politics, recriminations, or soapboxing - I think it's now pretty clear that COVID-19 isn't going away soon. Certainly not without a plan that risks the lives of billions across the planet.

So it's time to think long-term.
1. We're going to need some sort of universal basic income. It's no longer a fantasy option, but an absolute necessity. Too many of us (~80%) were living paycheck to paycheck w/virtually no savings.

Those people will start starving in a month.
2. The President must make full use of the DPA.

We are approaching a time at which it will be in the corporate interest to NOT produce anything b/c the price the public can bear is not profitable.

If he wants to be a "Wartime President", he needs to treat this like wartime.
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4 Apr 20
I'm going on a financial rant.
Fair warning to those who don't want more bad news about the economy.


There is no question that COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on the global economy, and the US in particular, but the truth is that the foundation for the meltdown started in 2017.
In Feb 2017, Trump said,

“We expect to be cutting a lot out of Dodd-Frank b/c, frankly, I have so many people, friends of mine, who have nice businesses who can’t borrow money. They just can’t get any money b/c the banks just won’t let them borrow.”…
The specific reason WHY those banks wouldn't let Trump's friends borrow money was b/c of the Dodd-Frank regulations against loaning money to companies that were already heavy in debt.

The idea was simple:
Force companies to act responsibly by not allowing them to over-leverage.
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30 Jan 20
For those who are confused by the $1.1b decision won by @Caltech against Apple & Broadcom, here's a quick primer.

There are four patents in the suit:

They get REALLY technical, but they all involve the circumvention of the "Shannon Limit"
The Shannon Limit is theorem that establishes the theoretical maximum error-free data transfer rate of a channel with a given noise-level.

In other words, given a certain amount of frequency space & transmit power, the Shannon Limit is the maximum data rate through that channel.
Think of it this way:

In a channel there is a point at which I am transmitting so much energy that the receiver gets errors & asks for retransmission, dropping throughput dramatically.

The SL defines that point so I can transmit UP TO that limit and maximize throughput.
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8 Nov 19
There's a lot of noise swirling around yesterday's judgement against Trump by the NY Supreme Court.

I'd like to focus ONLY on the facts, and not the rhetoric.

First, though the case is about the Donald Trump Foundation, the judgement is against Trump himself.
Last year, Trump agreed to dissolve the foundation as part of a 4-part settlement w/the NY Attorney General.

Those four parts are important b/c they explain what was wrong w/the foundation, who was responsible, the penalties for the wrongdoing,

... and ADMISSIONS of wrongdoing.
The first stipulation of the settlement was the dissolution of the Foundation.

This was agreed upon after Trumps "No Settlement" tweet, and after a court judgement against them that the foundation was running illegally.…
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