It's almost the end of national #obesity awareness week so here are some facts for you from the WHO:
1. Obesity is a form of malnutrition
2. #ChildhoodObesity is most prevalent in developing countries
3. Globally, there are more people who are obese than underweight
Which begs the question WHY? Why is obesity becoming an issue that affects more and more low/middle income countries in which starvation and communicable diseases remain a leading cause of death? Is it greed? Or is it something more sinister?
In recent years, opioid addiction has ravaged the USA. It is responsible for homelessness, increase in crime rates, & a number of premature deaths. The sad thing is that many opioid addicts started out with perfectly legal prescriptions from their doctors. So whose fault is it?
Why would a dr prescribe a medication that had the potential to make their patient a homeless drug addict? The answer is simple. The patient was in pain and the doctor prescribed them a medication that the drug companies had persuaded them to prescribed. So whose fault is it?
The individual's for being to weak to resist the temptations of a highly addictive drug? (After all, not everyone who takes opioids gets addicted) The doctor who prescribed the medication? Or the drug company that did nothing but profit from the sale of said drug?
When it comes to obesity, the majority of people blame individuals. Eat less. Exercise more. Stop being so weak. Others blame the parents, the schools, the government. But why is no one asking why it is much cheaper to buy a cheeseburger than a salad?
Why is no one asking who profited the most over the last 50 years in which worldwide obesity rates more than doubled? It wasn't the individual or the parent or the school or even the government. It was companies like @CocaCola @McDonalds @Nestle
When are we going to stop judging and blaming individuals and looking into the unethical practices of some of the world's leading producers of unhealthy food/drink? Probably never. Why? Because they have all the money and all the power and they want to keep it that way.

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17 Jan
Causes of weight gain include:
1. Diet and exercise
2. Chronic stress
3. Genetics
4. Hormones
5. Age
6. Medical conditions,
7. Medications
8. Income
9. Education
Up until now, we've always been focused on the first one. What about the rest?
Everyone focuses on diet and exercise. They use it to point fingers, blame the individual, and perpetuate the myth that weight gain is due to laziness. Ever wondered why? Who stands to benefit the most from these stereotypes?
Back in the mid 20th century, a growing amount of evidence showed that tobacco use was harmful to health. But drs still smoked in front of patients. Some encouraged their patients to smoke. Why? Because the tobacco industry did everything they could to control the narrative.
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16 Jan
We #doctors are taught to believe that the solution to the so-called #obesity epidemic is to tell our patients to lose weight. I think that's the WORSE thing we can do. Telling patients to lose weight usually has the complete opposite effect longterm. Wanna know why?
There are a number of factors responsible for weight gain. Diet and exercise (obviously). Stress. Genetics. Hormones. Age. Medical conditions. Certain medications. Level of education. Income. There's a wealth of evidence that demonstrates weight gain is not just about lifestyle
But in most cases most of these factors cannot be avoided. We have no control over our patients genetics, whether they have had children, are going through the menopause, or have certain medical conditions. All we can do is try to help them with their modifiable risk factors.
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