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पहली बात एक साधारण #मेडिकल स्टूडेंट भी बता देगा की वो कैंची साधारण घरेलू कैंची है,दूसरी बात काश #media किसी #metallurgy के प्रोफेसर को ही पूछ लेता की क्या चिता में 1000 डिग्री पर घंटों जलने के बाद #कैंची वैसी की वैसी ही रहेगी ?! Image
पहली बात एक साधारण #मेडिकल स्टूडेंट भी बता देगा की वो कैंची साधारण घरेलू कैंची है,दूसरी बात काश #media किसी #metallurgy के प्रोफेसर को ही पूछ लेता की क्या चिता में 1000 डिग्री पर घंटों जलने के बाद #कैंची वैसी की वैसी ही रहेगी ?! Image
मेरा सिर्फ एक सवाल है - जब ये सच सामने आ जाएगा की जो कैंची अस्थियों में मिली वो तो ordinary grooming scissors है तो क्या मीडिया इसी बात को फिर तीन कॉलम की न्यूज बनाकर छापेगा?!🤔 @sandhuR_md @imaharyana2022 @BansalCP @bakalamekfauji @PremKal89092182 @Kaalateetham @sarkari_doctor Image
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Investment tips for doctors

It is a fact that most of us lack the basics of managing our finances. It is not unusual to come across doctors who have little awareness about their income, expenses & future goals (for which money is needed). Here are some tips that could help.…
1. Life insurance: If you have dependents (children, spouse), life insurance is a must to safeguard their future in case of any unexpected incidents. Life #insurance is to protect the risk, and not an investment to get returns. Term plans are good.
2. Medical insurance: Medical care is expensive and we would have to bear the expenses if we or our family members fall sick. Family floater schemes are the best as premiums work out to be lower.
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INTRAVENOUS THROMBOLYSIS (fibrinolytic therapy) can be successfull if given

A. Within 30minutes to 12 hrs in STEMI

B. Within 3-4.5 hrs in Acute ischemic stroke

C. Within 14 days in Pulmonary embolism

Choose the ✅️correct statement/s among the above.

#Medtwitter #MedEd Image
✅️TRUE statement/s among the above three
Fibrinolytic agents are plasminogen activators(PA) that act by converting plasminogen to plasmin. Plasmin then degrades the fibrin matrix of thrombi and produces soluble fibrin degradation products resulting in clot lysis. Image
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I have no followers so I'm sure this post will be a waste of #TwitterSpace. I have personally been blessed and cursed by the whole medical system most of my life. To start off, my father shot himself when I was 7 due to mental health issues. Back then depression and bipolar 👇🏼
was treated with drugs like Valium. He had a really low moment and boom. “Tell Roger I’m sorry” is what they told me he said. I was introduced to #oxycontin at the ripe age of 15. My first dose was 40mg and I was sick as a dog for hours. That would trigger a lifelong battle 👇🏼
With addiction to #opiods. After my mom abandoned me when I was 16 and after some time in a homeless shelter
then rehab, I began to get my life together at age 22. 23 im married and doing ok and wreck an #ATV (4-wheeler) off a mountain in #NorthCarolina and become #paralyzed👇🏼
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Drug of choice for ANAPHYLAXIS in a patient with no response to Epinephrine?
Patient is on Propranolol 60 mg BD for essential tremors.
#MedTwitter #emergencymedicine #CriticalCare Image
Anaphylaxis is a severe, life threatening systemic hypersensitivity reaction characterized by being rapid in onset with potentially life threatening airway, breathing, or circulatory problems and is usually, although not always, associated with skin and mucosal changes.( ICD-11)
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27 yrs old patient, detected to be pregnant when she missed her periods one day back. She has Graves disease on Rx for past 3 years, presently on Carbimazole 5mg daily and not on propranolol. She was euthyroid with Rx for past 1 year. Best strategy ?
Present reports 👇 Image credit: Usatine RP, S...
A. Stop carbimazole and monitor by weekly/fortnightly TSH, FT4 levels and follow up.

B. Switch to PTU 50mg bd and do FT4, TSH after 2 weeks and review

C. Switch to PTU 50 mg bd + LT4 50mcg OD. TSH, FT4- 4wkly

D. PTU 50mg BD and Propranolol XL 20mg , Monthly TSH,FT4-followup
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‘COVID’ deaths in Scotland by occupation, 2020 - 2022

0 (zero) deaths from 17,000 staff

#Doctors & #Nurses
0 (zero) deaths from 150,000 staff

0 (zero) deaths from 52,000 staff

0 (zero) deaths 245,000

5 deaths from 120,000 staff
1/ ImageImageImage
NRS Response:

There have been no deaths registered between 2020 and 2022 for doctors (SOC2010 code 2211) or nurses (SOC2010 code 2231…
We have a few stone heads questioning the validity of these Scottish stats

The data comes from the Scottish Government’s official statistics agency. Irrefutable source

In the 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿working age population (age 20-65) just 1,754 Covid deaths were recorded

Only 287, solely from Covid Image
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@madeleinedaisyr Alan Steere took out the legitimacy & decades of research & progress for #MECFS & #fibromyalgia in 90s. He had published they & #lymeDisease caused serious neuroImmune illness. For the 1st #lyme #vax, he took all 3 out, saying all were hysterical Womens’ non-illnesses instead 2/
@madeleinedaisyr Why did he (#bigPharma) take out #MEcfs & #Fibromyalgia along with #lymeDisease when the goal was to change #lyme medicine knowledge so they could approve Lyme testing they knew wouldn’t work? Cause all 3 are caused by the same thing. Lyme results in MECFS & #fibro 3/
@madeleinedaisyr A #stanford researcher was looking into markers for #MECFS (2015-2020ish) & was funded & all was good. AS SOON AS he added #lymeDisease into his #MECFS research, he was suddenly taken out in a scandal & I don’t believe he did what accused of. When added lyme-that a coincidence?4/
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I saw the @QuietEpidemic yesterday at 1 of the premieres. It can be hard for lymies to get places, but if you’ve never been to a #LymeDisease film premiere, U are surrounded by #lyme peeps who’ve been through what you have, & know true suffering & what it takes to not give up 2/
2. The #lymeDisease film @QuietEpidemic is very well made, shows what it is to have #lyme, how it destroys lives, & that it isn’t confined to a few NE states. & it dares to share truths & show names & faces! These R the truths that WE must get known to the world. It’s up 2 us. 3/
3. It shouldn’t be, but it’s up to #lymeDisease patients, loved ones, & the few #doctors that treat #lyme (the few that actually understand illness & medicine & biology) to disclose the federal “health” agencies & #bigPharma intently made testing fail & caused illness in many 4/
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1/ A long thread - I'm now home after going to the hospital 5 times (yes 5!). I've been failed 4 times by Pinderfields. At first I thought I had an ovarian cyst, had an ultrasound and CT, A&E called me 3 times which my notes would be bluntly clear that I am deaf!
2/ 5 days later, acute agony, back to Pinderfields, found out I had 2mm kidney stone! Was admitted to a ward for 2 days. Now diagnosis changed to endometriosis (I was dubious because the pain was different to what I was used to)
Non stop flow of Oramorph to cope with pain
3/ Pinderfields liaises with Hull gynae who I'm under. Usual gynae on annual leave. Pinderfields did ultrasound which came up inconclusive 🙄. Fobbed me off with painkillers. Home after 2 days.

9 days later of trying to manage pain at home, acute pain kicks off....
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"The grass is always greener on the other side"

All is not bright for doctors living abroad. I have had multiple opportunities to settle abroad with salaries offered between 5-20 times (as compared to that of India's), but I chose to settle in India, and I have never regretted.
2. There are multiple reasons why doctors staying back in India could be happier:
*The joy of seeing a fellow Indian (many of whom can't afford expensive medical care) get better is manifold greater than the joy of treating a foreigner.
*Comforts of living in India are greater+
3. +as one can afford to hire cook, babysitter or other helps with lesser salaries.
*I know of doctors living abroad, whose parents (staying in India) are old & have disabling illnesses. Children feel miserable and helpless, while remotely managing their parents' illnesses.
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Hospitalisation can burn a hole in your pocket and derail your finances. It will become even tough, if the person who brings in the money, is now in a hospital bed. All this can be avoided by just paying a small annual premium towards health insurance

#healthinsurance #hospital
There are some loop holes in these insurance policies which may again end up leaving a hole in your pocket. So let's shed light on a few things you should be aware of before purchasing insurance.

#HealthForAll #healthinsurance #hospitalised #hospitals
1) What type of health plan it is?

There are various types of health insurance plans -
Individual Health Insurance
Senior Citizen
Surgery & Critical Illness,etc
Go thoroughly through the benefits of each plan and then choose the one that best caters to your requirement.
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Twitter Space on "Metaverse for Healthcare"

🧵A thread:
1/ #Metaverse can provide a virtual environment for #healthcare professionals to collaborate, share knowledge and ideas, and even perform surgeries!

This virtual collaboration can help eliminate barriers like distance and time, making healthcare accessible to all. 🌎🚫👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️
2/ Virtual reality can also help medical students and professionals train in a safe, immersive environment without risking any harm to real patients.

This can help them learn and practice complex procedures and techniques more effectively. 🎓💻👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️
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Rajasthan: Thousands of doctors from the Govt and Private sectors from all districts of Rajasthan gathered in Jaipur to protest against the Right To Health bill brought by Congress state govt. The rally was 3-4 miles long, with over 50000 medical and paramedical personnel.
The doctors have been agitating to get the Right to Health Bill in the state withdrawn. The massive rally was carried out to press their demand. The bill was passed by the Rajasthan Assembly on Tuesday last week
The reason private doctors are against the bill is that they believe that it will result in increased bureaucratic interference in their functioning
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For junior #Doctors
Think of common causes before the rare ones

1. 19-yr old was brought with history of muscle pains, cramps and spasm for three months. He was evaluated by neurologist (located in a smaller town). NCV/EMG, serum CPK & thyroid profile were done and were normal.
2. The local neurologist suspected a diagnosis of neuromyotonia (<200 cases have been reported worldwide), and referred for testing of anti voltage-gated potassium channel (VGKC) complex antibody.
However, I wanted to look for a fairly common cause first.
3. Ordered for vitamin D testing, which was reported as 9 ng/mL (normal level >30 ng/mL).
Started him on vitamin D supplements, advised him to adequately expose skin to sunlight; and engage in regular physical exercises.
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A snapshot in time confounded by @TheNRMP match “algorithm”. The truth is #medicine is we have work to do in #genderequity - US physician workforce only 37% women. Rads 27%, Gen Surg 22%, #EM 👋🏼29%…@acepnow @WomenSurgeons @AmCollSurgeons @radiologyacr @EmergencyDocs…
@AAMCtoday stats on 2021 US physicians by % female. #pediatrics 65%, #orthopedics 5.9%. Note surgical sub speciality ($$$) higher male dominance, medical/primary care higher female…#orthotwitter @aap_peds @aaos1
New generation of US #doctors show progress, by @aamc study on residents and fellows, 47% total female, #gensurg 46%, #radiology still only 27%, #emed 39%…
Based on the @StanfordMed graphic, we can assume why progress for gensurg but why not for Rads…
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Attention healthcare professionals, if you haven't yet explored training in ketogenic dietary therapy for mental illness and neurological disorders, you may be missing out on a groundbreaking approach that is transforming lives. (1/10)
The online training program designed by @KetoPotterRDN @KaniaZupec has seen tremendous success, with several hundred professionals completing the training within the first year. (2/10)
@KetoPotterRDN @KaniaZupec In addition to benefiting those with epilepsy, advanced ketogenic dietary therapy has shown promise in improving the symptoms of a variety of neurological disorders, including migraine headaches, autism, and dementia. (3/10)
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This thread is

Chapter 47, titled


“Our Edenal Experience in the Womb & the Loss of a “Golden Age”

“…an Account, in Fictional Form, of Being a Fetus”

of *Dance of the Seven Veils II*

by Michael Adzema

THREAD… #psyche #prenatal

D7V2 47/1
*Dance of the Seven Veils II* by Michael Adzema is due out March, 2023.

it is subtitled,

*Prenatal/Perinatal Psychology, Mythology, and Your Divine Self*

*Infant to Prenate, Veils Four-Six*

& is Volume 3 in The Path of Ecstasy Series


D7V2 47/2
“[*Quotes/highlights:*] “The bond between them is a love having no source in either. It is there, ever present, flowing back & forth like waves lapping on a beach...effortlessly, lazily.” []

READ/DWL CH…!AvgkzaPrRv… #psychology #prenatal #consciousness

D7V2 47/3
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Female physicians have higher infertility rates and pregnancy complications

1. Female physicians, particularly surgeons, have a significantly greater incidence of #miscarriage, #infertility, and #pregnancy complications compared to the general population…
2. In another study, of 692 female surgeons, 290 (42.0%) had a pregnancy loss, more than twice the rate of the general population.
*Female surgeons operating 12 or more hours per week during the last trimester of pregnancy were at higher risk of major pregnancy complications
3. Female surgeons had fewer children and were more likely to delay having children because of surgical training.
Incidence of postpartum depression and musculoskeletal problems were also higher in them
#MedTwitter #Doctors…
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Kyllä me #judaisti-#siionisti-#kasaari-#natsit sitten naurettiin.
- Sinisilmäiset #goyimit kaikkein mieluimmin alentuvat pelleiksimme, sotivat puolestamme, tuhoavat maansa ja kansansa omalla kustannuksellaan ja nuolevat saappaamme puhtaiksi, lastensa verestä. ImageImage
#EudraVigilance: 41,834 #DEAD 3.9 Million #Injured Following #COVIDVaccines in European Database as U.S. Military Deaths Soar 1100% | Mar 22, 2022
- From the total of injuries recorded, almost half of them (1,814,420) are SERIOUS injuries.
https://tinyurl. com/24j2ssbj Image
#Darpa-#Roulette-#mRNA, #Idolatry in the Twenty First Century.
80 #Canadian MDs “#boosted” and dead | Oct 20, 2022
- Though many #doctors have maintained their income by complying with and participating in the criminal injection campaign.
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The Bazuki Metabolic Neuroscience Initiative supported by @BaszuckiGroup means good things for mental illness and neurological disorders. This is a thread to learn more. 🧵 (1/7) #neuroscience #metabolism #metabolicpsychiatry
@BaszuckiGroup The initiative will have three arms: clinical, mechanistic, and computational, and will serve as a hub for coordinating funding and research in this area. (2/7) #brainhealthmatters #research #neuroscience
@BaszuckiGroup The initiative will also conduct its research in these three areas, including foundations, Frontiers, and Technology development. (3/7) #research
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Fare il medico… c’è chi dice che è una vocazione e lo è sicuramente, ma è altrettanto certo che al giorno d’oggi è una sfida, soprattutto in contesti come la guardia medica! È una sfida, perché non è possibile che un medico nell’esercizio delle proprie funzioni venga aggredito
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In 2020 the #CDC told us: sure, they pushed #IDSA #lymeDisease guidelines for years but they won’t do anything to make up for that now & they don’t care about the chronic long #lyme cases they caused, acute cases will be their only focus &their test works.
2. CDC makes a big deal of pre-test probability (that patient has #lymeDisease) suggesting their #lyme test would show many false positives if everyone was tested 4 Lyme. So that probability deemed likely after CDC’s told docs for 40 YEARS not to test unless in NE or have rash?
3. Minute 2:30- #CDC said they saw #lymeDisease cases (determined from insurance claims) were from the states they expect them to be. He thinks everyone is stupid. Duh, for 40 YEARS they’ve told #doctors not to test if patient isn’t in one of those states!
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