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📢The ERC Advanced Grants competition results are out. Over €500 million in funding for leading researchers!

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🇪🇺#EUfunded #ERCAdG
🎉Congratulations to the 209 new ERC Advanced Grant #ERCAdG recipients 🏅!

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What links obesity and pancreatic cancer? How can we anticipate future threats from wildlife viruses? What are the best materials for architects to use in the buildings of the future?

Just a few of the questions 5 new #ERCAdG grantees will investigate ➡️
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#Obesity is killing Americans
#Obesity increases risk for death from #covid #covid19
#Obesity is a disease
#Obesity is associated with over 200 other medical conditions
#Obesity is usually & eventually unhealthy
#Obesity & those with it should never be shamed or stigmatized
#Obesity is mostly dictated by #genetics & environment
#Obesity is ignored by politicians
#Obesity occurs in 42% of Americans
#Obesity and people with it are ignored, shamed, humiliated, and discriminated against
#Obesity may occur after psychological trauma 2/
#Obesity is worse because we do not address it as a society
#Obesity is worse from eating unhealthy #food
#Obesity is worse because we exercise too little
#Obesity is worse because we create an environment that propagates obesity
#Obesity is a political issue 3/
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Global #junkfood: How the Western Food Industry is Making Poor Countries Fat
We investigate the new tactics of brands like #CocaCola, #McDonald’s and #DominoPizza.
(Why doesn't #BLM protest against this? Aha, the sponsor moneytrain?🤔)
According to the United Nations, contrary to what the woke fashion industry tells us, obesity is a “global pandemic in its own right.”…
Diabetes: Leading Cause of #Death in Mexico
"#Mexico is the world’s largest consumer of #soda- with each person consuming an average of 500 cans annually."…
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My latest @PostOpinions column is about the need for urgent attention to an epidemic that is responsible for 300,000 deaths every year: obesity.

As @Dmozaffarian told me, "the slow pandemic of #obesity has intertwined with the fast pandemic of #covid19".🧵…
Obesity is a major risk factor for diabetes, heart disease, certain cancers & worse outcomes from #covid19. With stress & food insecurity, 42% self-reported gaining weight since the pandemic, with an average addition of 29 pounds. 10% gained 50+ pounds. /2…
The experts I spoke to proposed numerous solutions, including seeing food as medicine so doctors can prescribe healthy produce for patients; changing policies around ultra-processed foods & sugary sodas; and recognizing that systemic racism is built into our food system. /3
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Thread: So please see below. I happened today to read the #obesity page on the @NHSEngland website. The content and statements really surprised me. There are many positive aspects such as highlighting BMI limitations and the use of waist circumference&⬇️…
mentioning the multiple treatment options and the need for psychology, talking about #obesity complications and that modest weight lost has health benefits amongst other positive features. But there are several features that really need improvement ⬇️
Firstly, the lack of people first language in the document. The NHS Language Matters in #obesity and #Diabetes were very well received and it will be great if the NHS site follows the what NHS Language Matters highlighted and suggested ⬇️
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The #COVID19 "narrative" we are in our "third wave" we must lockdown to "save lives".

Question for our "health experts"?

Diabesity is the 5th leading cause of death worldwide.

It's rising "exponentially".

"Officially" it's the 14th+ Wave.

Why are you not saving lives?
The 14th+ obesity "wave" epidemic and the Covid-19 endemic.

#Obesity deaths are twice #Covid19 deaths.

We can save lives and take pressure off of our health care system.

Our health care "experts" are failing us.

Moreover, the absolute "lunacy" of closing down the gyms!
World-Wide Obesity.

41+ WAVE!!!

Rising exponentially!

Our "health care" EXPERTS are failing us!!

Will "bankrupt" the Health care system!
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Incredible solution for losing weight ! A cure to obesity ! NO SCAM ! NO REALLY ! Just need internet connection and YouTube. CAREFUL. Don't watch if you're stressed. Wait to be relaxed. #weightloss #health #fitness #nutrition #diet #fat #overweight
How I found this :
- Asking how "fat burn"
- Finding breathing is the main reason :….

Problem :
Too stressed => Exhale too loud => Roomates not apprecied that
- Searching how to breath better to improve my weight loss.
- Finding this video :
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In this one, youth with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes had impaired metabolic flexibility, which was related to a defect in substrate utilization associated with reduced skeletal muscle and adipose tissue insulin sensitivity.
Metabolic flexibility across the spectrum of glycemic regulation in youth (open access)…

#obesity #MetabolicSyndrome #InsulinResistance #Diabetes
- "our youth with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes manifested impairment in metabolic flexibility, with lower oxidative and nonoxidative glucose disposal and less suppression of fat oxidation in response to hyperinsulinemia"
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Today is #WorldObesityDay.

🌎🌍🌏, obesity has nearly tripled since 1975.

Most of the world's population lives in countries where overweight & obesity kills more people than underweight.

Overweight & #obesity are major risk factors for a number of chronic diseases, including:

🔴 diabetes
🔴 cardiovascular diseases
🔴 cancer

Eating a healthy diet 🍎🍉🍌🥕🥦🍆 can help prevent #obesity. People can:

✅ maintain a healthy weight
✅ limit total fat intake
✅ increase consumption of fruit, vegetables, pulses, whole grains & nuts
✅ limit the intake of free sugars & salt

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Check: Is #BMI of your child healthy?…

Global prevalence of #obesity doubled b/n 1990-2005 steep ⬆️ in school age kids
1 in 5 Indian child is obese - predicted 17 million will be by 2025
Ill effects of #childhoodobesity
Immediate - ⬆️BP/Cholesterol, joint/muscle problems, gall stones, heartburn, diabetes, asthma, sleep apnea
+ anxiety, depression, bullying, low self esteem
Long term - Risk of adult obesity/severe obesity, diabetes, heart disease, cancers
Make it fun! - sport/dance
Get the family moving
Hr/Day of moderate to vigorous #physicalactivity
1/week strengthening (climbing/jumping)
Trade 'Sit-Time' for 'Fit-Time'…
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1/n How come we still have academics sustaining narratives of #obesity rather than of how real people find value & meaning in everyday lives? Revisit @whatsthepont on @tobyjlowe / @snowded & accept criticising "neoliberal" does not make things progressive!…
New out 🤯 A review which says lots about the academic context in which it was written - with its embedded behaviorist fixations on just implementing *better* - with complete disregard for the unintended consequences of treating "agency" as a dirty word 👇…
In all #becausehuman fields, we see justifiable professional kick-back at reductionist agendas driven by a focus on #obesity & nonsensical CMO guidance of 60 min of moderate-to-vigorous physical activity (MVPA) per day for healthy growth and development 👇
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We #doctors are taught to believe that the solution to the so-called #obesity epidemic is to tell our patients to lose weight. I think that's the WORSE thing we can do. Telling patients to lose weight usually has the complete opposite effect longterm. Wanna know why?
There are a number of factors responsible for weight gain. Diet and exercise (obviously). Stress. Genetics. Hormones. Age. Medical conditions. Certain medications. Level of education. Income. There's a wealth of evidence that demonstrates weight gain is not just about lifestyle
But in most cases most of these factors cannot be avoided. We have no control over our patients genetics, whether they have had children, are going through the menopause, or have certain medical conditions. All we can do is try to help them with their modifiable risk factors.
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It's almost the end of national #obesity awareness week so here are some facts for you from the WHO:
1. Obesity is a form of malnutrition
2. #ChildhoodObesity is most prevalent in developing countries
3. Globally, there are more people who are obese than underweight
Which begs the question WHY? Why is obesity becoming an issue that affects more and more low/middle income countries in which starvation and communicable diseases remain a leading cause of death? Is it greed? Or is it something more sinister?
In recent years, opioid addiction has ravaged the USA. It is responsible for homelessness, increase in crime rates, & a number of premature deaths. The sad thing is that many opioid addicts started out with perfectly legal prescriptions from their doctors. So whose fault is it?
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#McKinsey Data visualizations from "Charting the Path to the Next Normal". "Globally, governments allocated a stunning $10 trillion for #economic #stimulus in just two months. That was triple what they spent during the entire 2008–09 financial #crisis."…
"#Digital became the way to get many things done—from visits to doctors to shopping to #socializing. The reliance by Asian governments & businesses on six digital & mobile technologies would become a model for the world."

#4IR #5G #GreatReset #telehealth
#McKinsey is a World Economic Forum strategic partner.
On Jan 25-29, "The #Davos Agenda", will focus on "the future of work, accelerating stakeholder capitalism, & the Fourth Industrial Revolution." #Social, #human & "natural capital".

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New Years Day health reminder.
1. Don’t go on a low calorie diet to lose weight, it only trains your metabolism to be more efficient.
2. Do change the type of food you eat... this can change your weight set point and lead to permanent and not temporary weight loss
3. Stop (or cut down) eating sugar and refined carbs like pasta, bread etc.
4. Throw away your vegetable oil - these are NOT health for you and cause inflammation and insulin resistance (and therefore obesity).
5. Cook with olive oil or a natural saturated fat like butter or ghee
6. Lower your glycaemic load (this is the total amount of carbs in your food) down to 100g then 80g then 60g but don’t go keto.
7. Do NOT avoid natural saturated fats (ie red meat and dairy products)... these do not cause obesity.
8. Fat does not make you fat - carbs do!
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#COVID19 lockdown is NOT about health 😉
Sugary drink consumption claimed 40,000 deaths annually in #Mexico. “With products that do damage, we have to discourage their consumption so that fewer people are unhealthy.”

#covid19  #cocacola  #obesity…
In de #USA gaan per jaar 465.000 mensen dood door obesitas gerelateerde ziektes en een paar honderdduizend (tussen de 250 tot 450.000) door medische missers.
Geen hond gooit hiervoor het land in #lockdown, typisch 😎

#Covidhoax2020 #COVID19
Coronavirus outbreak - #Obesity increases risk of #COVID19 death by 48%, study finds
Comprehensive study suggests #vaccine may not work as well for overweight people…

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My system has been firing for hours since I first saw this thread show up in my feed. I feel absolutely furious that people are misrepresenting #ACEsScience as determinant & dismissing it as unethical & faulty. No one with any reputability is saying "I am my ACEs." #WhyITalkACEs
Maybe you haven't been affected by your experience of #ACEs Maybe you had enough mitigating experiences of #BCEs or #PCEs Maybe you pulled yourself up by your bootstraps. Maybe you were able to access resources in early adulthood to prevent or redirect long term effects.
Maybe the effects of your #ACEs and #ChildhoodToxicStress just haven't shown up in your physiology yet. #Cancer #HeartDisease #Diabetes #COPD #Obesity #AutoimmuneDisease #Suicide #Depression have all been shown to also occur in people with histories of #ChildAbuse #ChildNeglect
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Read thread 👇 for key points about the Scarred Liver Project which demonstrates #EvidencetoImpact as we lead up to #WorldEBHCDay on 20 Oct.
Impact story by Neil Guha Tile with portrait shot of ...
Deaths from #LiverDisease in the UK continue to rise. In the majority of patients, liver disease is preventable and caused by lifestyle-related risk factors such as excessive alcohol use, type 2 #diabetes and #obesity.
In the UK, 50% of patients are first diagnosed with liver disease following an emergency admission to hospital with complications from liver failure. These patients have a reduced quality of life, a short life expectancy and expensive associated healthcare costs.
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[1/n]. Almost 74.3% of #SouthAsia's #undernourished people resided in #India during 2017-19 as opposed to 78.4% in 2004-06.

URLs: ; ; ; ;

[2/n]. Prevalence of #SevereFoodInsecurity in the country was 15.5% in 2014-16 that climbed up to reach 17.3% in 2017-19.

URLs: ; ; ; ;

[3/n]. Nearly 76% of #SouthAsia's #SeverelyFoodInsecure people lived in #India during 2014-16 as opposed to 77.3% in 2017-19.

URLs: ; ; ; ;

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‘Although proportionately scarce, exercise may paradoxically trigger sudden cardiac arrest in individuals with #cardiovascular disease (CVD), particularly those who were previously sedentary or have advanced CVD.’
‘In parallel with the drive to promote #exercise in all individuals, physicians will be confronted with an increasing number of enquiries from individuals with established risk factors for coronary artery disease or established CVD about participation in exercise‘
‘Such consultations need to strike a balance between the multiple benefits of #exercise, the small risk of sudden death, and the patient’s goals for cardiorespiratory fitness & ongoing participation in relatively strenuous exercise following a #cardiovascular diagnosis.’
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The risk of respiratory infections & diminished pulmonary function are known to increase in ppl with obesity.

Some of the (metabolic) changes caused by Obesity are INSULIN resistance & inflammation, both of which make fighting infections more difficult

1/c Image
This case has been observed in patients with obesity when fighting other infectious diseases such as, such as influenza and hepatitis.

Currently, patients with COVID-19 & obesity have been seen to have a higher risk of negative health outcomes in hospitals.

COVID-19 which is highly contagious with presumed high mortality rates, has dramatically increased the need to understand the association between obesity and negative health outcomes from respiratory disease, particularly death.

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Currently, 40% to 80% of African Americans in the United States are overweight or obese, contributing to the disproportionate #obesity-related health risks and deaths among members of this group (CDC, National Center for Health Statistics, 2012).
Do #BlackLivesMatter #lockdown ? Image
There is a #obesitas #pandemic, 460.000 deaths a year in the #USA.
Put a restraint mask on their mouths, pls 🤗

#lockdown ? #COVIDー19 ImageImageImageImage
Half Ton Man (#ObesityCrisis Documentary) | Real Stories
Weighing the same as five baby elephants
Shall we put the #FastFood restaurants under #lockdown, pls🤗
#COVID19 Image
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New pub alert: our qualitative paper identifying perceived barriers & facilitators to a healthy lifestyle & weight loss among a diverse group of teens with overweight & #obesity has been published.

A thread of our findings & lessons learned 👇🏾.…
We conducted 10 focus groups with teens medically classified as having overweight or obesity (OW/OB).

41 teens
68% female
53.5% identify as Black, African American, Hispanic/LatinX, multiple races
Socioeconomically Diverse
All w BMI over 85th percentile for sex/age
We found that teen girls and teen boys described their lived experience with overweight/obesity (OW/OB) differently.

Girls shared that healthcare providers, family, & friends discussed weight w them & they felt weight loss was needed to meet societal and/or medical standards.
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