"Riding bikes give you a way of seeing & acting in our environment in creative ways. Always looking to progress and push skills & boundaries. Skateboarders will know this feeling too. You never see a city the same again" - perception @michaelthaber blog 👇
"In BMX there is a ever moving boundary of things that have been done. Not only by you, but by anyone. Once you know something has been done it opens possibilities [...] Just knowing someone has done something similar changes what you think can be done 👇
"...people employing security guards to do their job are thinking they are setting up governing constraints. But often these become enabling constraints, creating the pressure & opportunity to get things done" & "stuff gets done when security turn up" 👇
We could call 👇 "Myth, Ritual & the BMX World" - but it's more about "where complexity science shows up in real life, & how we can deliberately and intuitively approach problems with different methods to get the outcome we want" applied @snowded/#cynefin
Take an environment that rewards progression: "doing things you couldn’t do yesterday, doing things that no-one had considered doing at this place, doing things no one else had done, and doing things no one else had even thought of" 👇 #cynefin & coaching!
Key question #1 - How do those shown in the clips in the blog come to have dispositions & skills that lead them to perceive affordances as they do?

Key question #2: Does our answer to Q. #1 have implications for education, training & apprenticeships?

• • •

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4 Jan
"What follows [is] a protest against psychologistic approaches to ‘grounded cognition’ [that] effectively put the ground inside the brain, leaving individuals stranded in an unspecified ‘environment’ which is invoked
merely for the purposes of [the body]"
quote.ucsd.edu/sed/files/2014… It has been conventional in...
"What distinguishes the expert from the novice, then, is not that the mind of the former is more richly furnished with content [but] a greater sensitivity to cues in the environment & a greater capacity to respond to these cues with judgement and precision" - not representatons! Image
"For the ground of knowing – or, if we must use the term, of cognition – is not an internal neural substrate that resembles the ground outside but the very ground we walk, where earth & sky are tempered in the ongoing production of life" - the walker is "thinking in movement" 👇 For the ground of knowing –...
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31 Dec 20
This matters 👇 It starts with worries about talk of pre-pubescent children "using the quasi-mythopoetic terms" ‘elite’ and ‘international’ & addresses growing tendencies to view youth athletes as "commodities" - well done @andykirkland71 & @markstkhlm 👀
ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/P… The authors may well be studying phenomena within an environ
Argument: "There Is No Such Thing as an International Elite Under-9 Soccer Player" 💪

Their reference to "commodification" links to the biggest of all for me: talk of "producing" athletes / players 😡

Language matters.

We never (ever) "make" (anything) out of young people! How Elite Athletes Are Made
We need to see this through to its logical conclusion... which is that "talent pathways" are NOT production lines.

What/how we write reflects convention... so let's get beyond criticism of individual contributors - it's CONVENTIONAL to write like this 👇

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31 Dec 20
"Where old-school conspiracists amassed what looked a lot like evidence; the new school’s calling cards are repetition and weaponized equivocation [...] if you don’t even pretend to have evidence, there’s nothing for your opponent to debunk" @rachelefraser cambridgereview.cargo.site/Dr-Rachel-Fras…
"Michael Gove’s infamous remark that ‘the British people have had enough of experts’ [...] has been a boon for reactionary technocrats eager to pathologise an ignorant public and impose elite gatekeeping on social media.

C.f. "the spectre of rule by experts" - a serious concern?             The new conspiraicism’s attitude to expertise
Cassam's prescription sounds depressingly familiar:

1. Arguments & evidence;

2. Critical thinking skills & intellectual virtues;

3. Unmasking the propagandistic nature of conspiracy theories;

Reminiscent of this paper from coach development world...

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28 Dec 20
How do we connect sense-makers around:

1. A common respect for the voices of young people;

2. The diverse experiences of those who have spent their lives helping others find meaning in movement?

As @ImSporticus notes, this CSJ paper is not the answer!

Does school-based sport have a place? Of course! For some, school sport will be a way of becoming entangled in the lives of others in ways which will lead to a pastime becoming a valued, stabilising influence throughout life. That's awesome! #becausehuman
But as @ImSporticus notes, it's not "sport" that has the impact. That's down to "good people intentionally designing positive experiences through sport" - which is not the same thing!

Ideal: those involved co-creating the positive experiences! #ownership

Sports charity Made by Sports found that children and young
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18 Dec 20
OK - I don't doubt this is well-intentioned & in good faith... but fundamentally, it embeds talent-pathway / elite sport "exceptionalism" in ways which justify sustaining norms of elite-athlete-transfer & reliance on lots of "-ologies" (declarative professional knowledge).
Keith Davids is cited... but aside from a token reference to non-linearity, the report reads as if his lifetime's work (& the contributions of his colleagues around the world) has no relevance & poses no major challenges to a "business-as-usual" approach.
Crucially, the "new" position statement doesn't even register challenges from the likes of @markstkhlm - who has called into question the ethics of sustaining established priorities & asks if we should even have a social license to continue with them...

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6 Dec 20
"A proliferation of competing narratives is characteristic of the phase Thomas Kuhn calls ‘proto-science’ [...] This is where learning/training/education is today: proto-science. A mixed bag of popular stories about how people learn" - @shackletonjones 👀
"I write this having recently read a number of comments/posts to the effect that learning ‘is just too complicated’ that there are always ‘many right answers’ or ‘everything depends on context’. This is the pre-evolutionary position: it’s all too complicated for a simple answer.
"One of the tell-tale signs is the sheer number of learning theories which are ‘creationist’ in nature – by which I mean that they are stories one can only tell about humans. Any time a learning theory can only meaningfully be applied to humans [...] we should take care" 👏
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