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1/ Heads up!

I'm preparing a guide to fixing organisational problems in scaling software development teams.

I'd love to talk to you if you're a founder or leader dealing with this! Things I'll cover (feedback welcomed):
2/ A decade plus programming/team building and leadership experience across start ups, global mega banks and sizes inbetween.
3/ A shit ton of research on complexity, psycology, climatic changes in our industry and how the best teams in the world operate. Many of the best resources here have come from people not so much in the public eye, or misunderstood now. Boyd, Musashi, Goldratt and more.
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@WorkFearlessly Why is so much of the writing on #PsychologicalSafety just a re-hash of Google’s research and of the works of @AmyCEdmondson? We need more original research. Here’s my small contribution. 1/
“To build #PsychologicalSafety, try #Trust.” @AmyCEdmondson. I’m working on a meta-analysis on #Trust and #PsychologicalSafety, aimed at potentially finding a theoretical model for the development of #PsychologicalSafety in a group. 2/
Even though #Trust != #Psychologicalsafety, it is a necessary but not sufficient pre-condition for it, and looking at the scientific research into #Trust gives us many useful insights into #PsychologicalSafety 3/
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1/ Boyd's OODA loop is probably the most valuable mental model I know of for reasoning about the increasing pace of change in the world. But - it's was formulated at a time before much of current complexity science. What's missing?
2/ I want to share some of what I've been looking at to start answering that question, what a view to taking a fresh look at OODA in the context of a couple more decades of progress.
3/ One of the really valuable meta anaysis of Boyd's work and related ideas is Evolutionary Epistemology by Franklin C. Spinney (whose own story is pretty fascinating in it's own right…).
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Pues parece que tenemos opción ganadora y con abrumadora mayoría. Como bien preguntaba @fedcasabianca , el motivo de este tweet era reflexionar sobre los procesos (las prácticas) y los valores de quienes los ejecutan. Hilo.
A veces pensamos que las prácticas que seguimos son inocentes de lo que luego sucede. Son nuestros valores, los de los que ejecutamos la práctica, los que deciden el resultado. Yo discrepo. El diseño de una práctica puede influir significativamente sobre los resultados.
Voy a tratar de hacer un repaso de diferentes situaciones siguiendo el framework #cynefin porque me ayuda a hablar de complejidad y su relación con el diseño de prácticas.
Quizás te interese este artículo que escribí hace tiempo…
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Last week I spent 2 days in the "Agendashift Advanced" workshop (April 2019) with @asplake, and I found new ideas and improvements across all of the #Agendashift activities: @Agendashift Evolved!
Looking back at the messy sketch notes that I made from @asplake's #Agendashift book last year, Agendashift is still organised across the same 4+1 activities: Discovery, Exploration, Mapping, Elaboration which all feed in to "Operation" (managing ideas for change).
The current #Agendashift poster also now shows that Operation is ongoing, supporting and evolving from our change ideas right from the very beginning.
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Whenever I see a tool become popular (e.g. #wardleymapping #cynefin, [insert tool here]), I have a tinge of sadness (amidst a lot of gratitude).

Why? Bc it reinforces for some ppl that the lack of “tool” was “the problem” all along. Tools help. But it’s not “the problem” .(1/3)
I remember a decade ago having an awesome whiteboarding session. We weren’t “doing X” exactly, but we were improvising well. We were grounded in first principles. We got so much mileage from those conversations.

That required an extremely safe environment. AND PRACTICE (2/4)
Whenever you have a new Way ... you have the Way of Ways. As you move further along this path, you’ll get shallower and shallower interpretations. Less context. Less awareness of the influences, prior work. More silver-bullet-ism (3/4)
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