1/_ Trump does not own Mar-a-Lago and is prohibited from living there by the 1993 agreement he signed and permits issued by the City of Palm Beach. See thread for links to source documents.
**I will post unroll link.** Image
2/_ In early 1993 Trump was the sole owner of Mar-a-Lago. He filed an application with the city to convert it into a private club since he was in financial trouble and the cost of upkeep was high.
3/_ Chronology
March 1993 - Application for a Special Exemption Use and Preservation Plan
April 1993 - Addendum to the application
November 1993 - Use Agreement
4/_ The Use Agreement (UA) is online at:
Page numbers cited below refer to the digital file and not the page numbers that are part of the source document. Image
5/_ UA p5. Trump agrees to convey Mar-a-Lago to the club which is a corporate entity.
Trump no longer is the owner of Mar-a-Lago. There is nothing in the paper trail that gives Trump any special rights.
6/_ UA p5. Trump agrees that "[a]ny usages not specifically set forth in the Plan ... are excluded ... except upon new application to and approval by the Town Council."

The plan makes no reference to any residential use.
7/_ UA p6. “The guest suites ... shall be limited to the use of Club members, shall be limited to ten (10) in number, shall not be open to the public, and shall not be advertised. No kitchen or other food preparation facilities shall be allowed in any of the guest suites.”
8/_ There are 10 guest suites. In legal documents the word “shall” is considered mandatory. If Trump is not a “member” of the club then he is not entitled to use any of the 10 guest suites.
9/_ UA p6. “The use of guest suites shall be limited to a maximum of three (3) non-consecutive seven (7) day periods by any one member during the year. The operations of the Club shall not result in a nuisance to any of the neighboring properties.”
10/_ The limitation on how many days a member can use the guest suites each year certainly seems clear.
11/_ The March 1993 application and April 1993 addendum are in a single document online at
The page numbers cited below appear in the circled area. Image
12/_ The above document is a bit weird. I had to reload it a few times before all of it would display. The April addendum (Ad) starts on p.175.
Ad p176. Intent of addendum is to respond to comments made in response to the application.
13/_ Ad p176. “All modifications are restrictive of the Application For Special Exemption No. 11-93. If anything in the Addendum is inconsistent with other submitted materials, Addendum provisions shall control.”
14/_ Ad p184. This page is part of the traffic analysis which is included in the addendum. Describes the original owner’s use including the owner’s suite and “9 guest quarters”.
15/_ 1 + 9 = 10. Trump’s application paperwork consistently refers to 10 guest suites. Trump’s paperwork never indicates any intention to treat the original owner’s suite any differently than the other 9 suites.
16/_ Ad p217. The addendum includes the Site Plan Review
Ad p219. “The ten guest rooms have no kitchens and therefore are not dwelling units under the interpretation by which the three dwelling units were established.”
17/_ Ad p220. “l. The use of the building and grounds is recreational.”

Trump’s 1993 application to convert to a private club never made any indication that part of the property would be used as a primary residence for anyone.
18/_ The same file that has the addendum also has the original March 1993 application (App) starting at p.2. There is an introduction at p.5-10.
19/_ App p8. “The Club will be a corporate entity, The Mar-a-Lago Club, inc., and will own the real property and its improvements.”
20/_ App p9. “All statements in this text and the special exemption application constitute representations binding upon the Club and enforceable by the Town of Palm Beach Code Enforcement Officer and Board.”
21/_ It is no secret that Trump intends to live at Mar-a-Lago. Doing so is not consistent with (1) the application Trump signed and (2) the permit the city of Palm Beach issued. Will the city officials enforce the permit or welcome Trump?

• • •

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