Media repeatedly citing the 25k National Guard deployed to DC. But that’s just a fraction of Guard activity across the country right now.

Imagine what these soldiers are experiencing. Another mobilization (after they’ve already done hurricane relief, Covid support, etc)...1/
...more need to coordinate w employers for time off away from their normal job, more time away from family. 2/
And then there’s the anxiety of potentially facing fellow citizens, the difficult rules of engagement they must understand and potentially apply, the challenging “use of force” against a civilian mob. 3/
I served in as active Army, but always had a great deal of respect for our National Guard and Reserves, as these “citizen soldiers” (don’t ever call them “weekend warriors” around me!) give so much more in serving our country in supporting their governors & civilian authority 3/
All of them are in my thoughts & prayers tonight. Let’s just hope they’re not tested by the knuckleheads that might be thinking about going against our government & our Constitutional norms. 4/End

• • •

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14 Jan
Had a chance to provide some info to @NatashaBertrand regarding the challenges associated with countering IEDs. That exchange caused me to ponder the question: “Could we be approaching the early stages of an insurgency in the US?” 1
Now, my friend and former DHS official @juliettekayyem has suggested the term “stochastic terrorists” to describe the actions of those who attacked the capital last week. Her model, in part, describes random timing & targeting to excite a generalized fear in society. 2
That could be past of an insurgency. But given expansive online collaboration & planning, this may be the beginning of something much more nefarious & more difficult to address. We ought to be wary of what we may be facing. Let me explain... 3
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11 Nov 20
Best to all on this 2020 Veterans’ Day!

Some have suggested vets post pictures in uniform. But...I’m going to post a few w those met among the way.

Here’s CSM Roger Blackwell, sharing thanksgiving dessert on top of Mt Sinjar. One of the best soldiers I’ve ever met. 1/
Here’s LTC (Dr) Kamal Kalsi, who was brave and courageous in combat and in making changes in the Army. dear friend & patriot. 2/
Here are 3 WWII veterans who parachuted into Normandy, at a reunion at St Mere Eglise, 68 years after they fought for freedom on the European continent. One of them now sadly gone to higher ground. 3/
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6 Oct 20
Gettysburg is one of my favorite places, I’ve been there hundreds of times.

It’s extremely wise for @joebiden to go there to speak about national unity and our values.

Lincoln’s was not the primary speaker in Nov 1863, months after the battle, but his words resonate today.1/
Edwin Everett, a famous orator of that period, was the main speaker. He attracted a large crowd & he gave a grand speech for over 2 hours.

President Lincoln, as an afterthought, was asked to provide “a few remarks.” He spoke 272 words & it took just under 2 minutes. 2/
What was unique in Lincoln’s speech was the use of key words: we, us, dedication to unfinished work, a reference to our nations documents, what should unite rather than divide us. 3/
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11 Sep 20
In the middle of a friendly conversation with a new civilian friend this morning, he asked: "Do you remember where you were on 9/11."

My wife and I glanced at each other with knowing looks.

"It's a long story, how much do you want to hear?" 1/
In August 2001, I was assigned to the Pentagon for the first time in my career. That's because I was selected for promotion to Brigadier General, but first had to serve in a "Joint Assignment" as per law.

Our family left the high Mojave Desert and we drove to DC in July. 2/
Arriving at the Pentagon, I was told I couldn't assume the position until the Senate confirmed my promotion. My boss, a great 3-star Marine, gave me stuff to read & told me to lay low until the Senate acted.

After 3 weeks, he told me to take some leave. That was 3 Sept. 3/
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29 Jul 20
"The plan to pull US troops from the long-time NATO ally has been met with broad bipartisan opposition amid concerns that it will weaken the US military's position vis a vis Russia, however the Trump Administration has decided to proceed with the move." 1/ (of 15)
Having just watched the SecDef, Vice CJCS and @US_EUCOM Commander, I am sickened by this decision and explanation.

It is not tied to any strategic advantage, and in fact is counterproductive to showing strength in Europe.

A couple things:

First, what is obvious to me - having served 12 years in Germany and having participated in the last force structure change from 2004-2011, this is not a "strategic" is specifically a directed personal insult from Trump to our great & very supportive ally Germany.
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27 Jun 20
Report of Russia bounties on US Troops in Afghanistan is shocking but not surprising. There was intel on their arms transfers and support of the Taliban months ago.

Putin wants payback for our actions against their forces in Syria and for us supplying the Muj in the 1980s. 1/
The fact that no action was taken is also shocking, but not surprising with this administration.

The process of sound diplomatic engagements, application of strategy & policy, and use of all elements of national power is broken.

But it's not just with Russia. 2/
The multi-year strategy to address N.Korean missiles still simmers, and seems more dangerous than ever...… 3/
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