Opinion | The four kinds of truth America needs to pursue reconciliation washingtonpost.com/opinions/2021/… From Haaarvard. Boo fucking hoo. The first step is for white evangelical Christians to try to honestly understand the society they live in and step into a reality-based world. Does
2/ reality have a liberal bent? Yes. For one thing, liberalism in academia produces new knowledge. The Christian Right starts from the very unproductive premise that the Bible supercedes and provides answers to all philosophical and scientific questions. That produces nothing but
3/ theological bullshit. Does belief in Intelligent Design lead to new scientific discoveries? No. The ID scientists quibble & kibbitz. They don't produce jackshit. I'm very sympathetic to the argument that right and left populists have a rage against the neoliberal elites. There
4/ is tons of data to support the idea that globalism and Reagan's voodoo economics have hurt the middle- and working-classes, and this partly explains voting for Trump. But, give me a fucking break. If you really believe that, you would not, logically, support even bigger tax
5/ cuts for billionaires and cutting clean water, air, soil regulations for corporations. This Harvard professor, like other commentators, simply wants to ignore a certain brand of Christianity that confounds their entire analysis. When white evangelical Protestants believe their
6/ fellow citizens are agents of Satan and that they are Christian prayer warriors in a cataclysmic, cosmic war of good vs evil, maybe, just maybe, those people ought to reexamine their belief system. My dad is 89 and went from a Goldwater GOPer to a QAnon idiot. Even Goldwater
7/ had the sense to take the off-ramp from the GOP. Other than the fact that we occupy the same time-space coordinates, we don't share any facts to discuss. And, if an evangelical or conservative is going to step into reality, one of the first issues to confront is whether or not
8/ they believe people of color who are citizens are legitimate voters, should not have their right to vote impeded, and should have their votes counted in accordance with the law. That's the starting point. The rest of these Harvard talking points are just bullshit.

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21 Jan
theatlantic.com/politics/archi… One key argument that keeps GOPers from supporting federal programs is that they do not believe they benefit from them. They believe Other people benefit. That has worked well for GOP leadership. But, if you tailor policies so that people can talk about
2/ them around the kitchen table, they can discuss how the policy affects them. What do they get out of it? It is a transactional and instrumental way of looking at politics. GOPers are not altruists. So, Dems have to reach out to governors, legislatures, county commissioners to
3/ get a buy-in on how their state, their county, their city is going to benefit. The Dems can't play inside the beltway politics like Pelosi & Schumer and expect to win. Already, Romney is snapping back to the standard GOP do-nothing. But, Utah is hurting. If you want to trap
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15 Jan
1/ THREAD on Oath Keepers and an Insurrection of Total War. Stewart Rhodes is head of Oath Keepers, an anti-government organization that makes direct appeals for membership among active-duty military and law enforcement, as well as veterans. The organization serves as the spine
2/ of the larger paramilitary militia movement, a nation-wide recruiter of local people to form their own local militias, a vector to radicalize and recruit the then Tea Party movement members into the larger “Patriot” worldview, as well as a link to the Ron Paul libertarian
3/ network. However, the main purpose of Oath Keepers is to subvert the military and law enforcement from within. Rhodes wants national, state, and local decision-makers to harbor doubts that their orders will be obeyed. Similarly, the recruitment of active-duty military and law
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22 Nov 20
Joe Biden spent much of the general election in his basement. Now, he and his aides ponder a very public inauguration. washingtonpost.com/politics/biden… No one doubted the legitimacy of LBJ's taking the oath of office on the airplane from Dallas. Biden does not need an inauguration with a
2/ with a crowd. Why not be sworn in inside the Oval Office, give his speech, and then sit down with a mountain of executive orders and start dismantling the Trump regime's assault on everything we hold dear? Why risk having Americans travel to DC by plane, train, etc? If you are
3/ going to ask Americans to make sacrifices to beat this pandemic into oblivion, start on the very first day. Stop being a prisoner to media expectations and normative expectations. Show the American people that their safety and welfare comes first and you and VP Harris are
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22 Nov 20
The problem with this is Russia did ZERO to divide--the GOP & Christian Right did that, plus Limbaugh, conservative talk radio, Fox News, CBN, & blogosphere. The Russian contribution to this division is essentially nil. The Trump campaign in 2016 spent $70 MILLION PER MONTH on
2/ suppressing the Black vote, getting Sanders' voters to vote third party, and get their base out. The Russian IRA spent a pittance. What the Russians did do, is use the hack of DNC/Podesta emails to get the mainstream media to make a shitstorm of articles about nothing. Those
3/ emails and the blizzard of mainstream articles (I see you, NYT) forced Clinton on to the defensive, reinforced Trump's "crooked Hillary" narrative, and diverted attention away from Trump's own problems. FFS, immediately after the "Access Hollywood" tape dropped, there was a
Read 5 tweets
22 Nov 20
Conquering for Jesus: The Politics of Spiritual Warfare (Part 1) via @YouTube @profagagne has produced a 3-part video based on his university lectures (with a transcript) that provides the clearest understanding of how the Christian Right's, actually the
2/ New Apostolic Reformation, a Venn diagram of fundamentalists, evangelicals, pentecosals, & charismatics use the tools of "spiritual warfare" to engage in real-world political warfare. This political warfare is a form of Fourth Generation Warfare for it holds that anyone who
3/ opposes their Christian nationalist view of America is opposed to God and therefore an illegitimate ruler in service to Satan. In Part 3, he shows a video of a march against the largest abortion clinic in NC. In 2 years, 23,000 people showed up. You can imagine these prayer
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22 Nov 20
Survey uncovers widespread belief in 'dangerous' Covid conspiracy theories theguardian.com/world/2020/oct… The leap of logic here is breathtaking. Anti-vaccine is based on this excerpt. Now, almost everything the public knows about these vaccines is based on press releases from the drug
2/ companies, not peer-reviewed scientific papers or from government scientists and regulatory boards responsible for safeguarding public health. The assumption that drug companies' statements can be taken at face value is a value judgement publics around the world do not share
3/ educated elites. Take the opioid crisis. The Washington Post series showed drug companies intimidating and sidelining the DEA through the manipulation of Congress with $$$$ and doctors & pharmacies dispensing mountains of pills for profits. And then people see Trump & other
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