THREAD UPDATE: Family of Poushawn Brown, @amazon worker who died after working in its COVID testing area, just spent hour on phone asking Amazon if she had life insurance.

Amazon made Poushawn's grieving 12 yr old daughter come on to give Poushawn's info

Christina, Poushawn's sister & legal guardian for Poushawn's daughter Gabrielle, called me toward end of call w/ @amazon officials (they spoke with several). I listened as she asked why a 12-year-old who doesn't know her mom's social security # is being asked to come on phone...
I listened as an @amazon employee told her "this is the process." Christina said that the 12-year-old doesn't know her mom's social security and other information and that Amazon should have been speaking directly w/ Poushawn's mother and sister...
"She's a minor," Poushawn's sister Christina told the @amazon official, asking her why she needed to humiliate 12-year-old Gabrielle. The Amazon worker apologized but said this is the "process."

Christina noted Amazon isn't going to pay for Gabrielle's therapy--and Gabrielle...
is grieving and now more upset after having to get on the phone with Amazon. Unrelated to this call I heard the end of, I can report SEVERAL UPDATES to this story....
1) There are @amazon workers at VA warehouse Poushawn worked at—in its COVID testing center— that have shared with Poushawn's sister Christina that THEY SAW POUSHAWN HERSELF administering COVID-19 nasal swabs to co-workers (Amazon has said workers self-administer nasal swabs)
2) Colleagues that worked with Poushawn at the Virginia warehouse have not only told her sister that Poushawn was doing the testing--they have shared other evidence @amazon is LYING about being in contact with Poushawn's family (they haven't at all)...
3) But workers that spoke w/ Poushawn's sister Christina are DEATHLY AFRAID of going public against @amazon bc they fear they'll be fired-just like Christian @Shut_downAmazon Smalls was in beginning of the COVID pandemic for blowing the whistle on Amazon's lack of COVID safety...
4) I've worked on MANY stories where workers are afraid of corporate retaliation...I've never worked on anything where workers are afraid to even talk to a reporter (me) even OFF THE RECORD. I'm told workers fear their phones/emails are being surveilled by @amazon...
5) I have personally reviewed information that shows Poushawn Brown, who was 38 at the time of her sudden death, was one of a few @amazon workers who launched its COVID testing center at this Virginia warehouse and was working in it DAILY (w/ out proper PPP)...
6) I know of at least one instance at the @amazon warehouse Poushawn worked in where a supervisor told an employee to stop talking about her death at the warehouse.

7) @amazon initially asked me to speak OFF THE RECORD. I said no. They then asked to speak ON BACKGROUND...
with no attribution to the company (generally what corporations/politicians ask for when they are trying to get reporters to print their spin without an official trace to them). I said they could provide me whatever they want, but w/ out proof I'm not reporting it....
8) For days, @amazon has REFUSED to answer my questions about Poushawn's death & working environment ON THE RECORD (my hunch is for fear of legal liability).

I have spoken with Poushawn's sister Christina many times over the last few days...she told me UNEQUIVOCALLY that @amazon was LYING to its employees that the company had been in contact with Poushawn's family (no executive has reached out to her or her mom)...
Poushawn's family could not afford an autopsy so it's unknown what 38-year-old Poushawn died of suddenly after months of working in Amazon's COVID testing area. On 1/14, Poushawn told her sister her head hurt...the next day she died while sleeping...
Poushawn's sister Christina has launched a GoFundMe to help afford to raise Poushawn's 12-year-old daughter Gabrielle and care for Poushawn and her's mother--who is paralyzed. It's raised nearly $30K in a few days.…
Where is @nytimes @washingtonpost (the @amazon warehouse Poushawn worked at was 20 minutes away from the Capitol), @cnn @msnbc @Reuters etc?
FYI in addition to @amazon asking Poushawn Brown's 12-year-old daughter Gabrielle what her mom's birthday and social security were...

They also asked her for her mom's DOD (date of death).
UPDATE to this...Poushawn's sister Christina called the Life Insurance company # she was given by Amazon official she spoke to...

Life Insurance company said the normal process is for Amazon to alert them when employee has died...which @amazon didn't do for Poushawn's death

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