Now that 24/7 Trump media cycle is over (I think?), let's look at all the many critical stories corp media ignored for profit since 2016.

1) Flint doesn't have clean water or convictions nearly 7 years later
2) We're aiding Saudi Arabia in genocide of Yemen

3) The PPP small biz program was raided by multi-billion dollar corporate conglomerates who are...not small business
4) Trump and his Interior Department AGGRESSIVELY starting fracking and mining on Native American reservations across America

5) PFAS, a cancer-causing byproduct from the manufacturing of Teflon & non-stick cookware, is rampant in water bodies across America
6) We've been at war in Afghanistan for 20 years (Washington Post exposed generals were FORCED to spend millions per day--didn't matter what for)
7) GM, one of the most greedy/unethical companies on earth, laid off 15,000 workers 2 years ago after getting a $51 billion bailout from President Obama
8) East Chicago Indiana, Chicago, Detroit, Wilmington North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and many others have LEAD CRISES'
9) 12 years after tanking the global financial economy, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, and Chase were found to have defrauded customers over the last few years (and are pulling the same scams they did 12 years ago)

10) After President Obama/Hillary Clinton decided to "spread Democracy" in Libya, the country now has a modern slave trade

11) Amazon is CONSISTENTLY defrauding small businesses, stealing their IP, creating knock-off products, & then burying them in their algorithm

12) Leaders of the @StandingRockST have been monitored, spied on, and trailed by the security firm working for #DAPL's owner Energy Transfer Partners for four years after the #NoDAPL movement

13) In Virginia, water protectors have been tree-sitting (protesting atop trees) for OVER 800 DAYS to stop Mountain Valley pipeline from knocking the trees down to build a "natural gas" pipeline under the steepest slopes in America--the Appalachian Trail…
14) 6 years later, the NYC cop that strangled Eric Garner to death was not prosecuted--a decision by Trump's DOJ. @JoeBiden DOJ can still prosecute.

15) Newark New Jersey, predominately poor black community, has been poisoned by lead...their WATER PIPES WERE BUILT IN THE 1800S.
15) "More than 81,000 people died due to drug overdoses in the 12 months from May 2019 through May 2020 — the largest number of overdose deaths recorded in a year"…
16) The U.S. had killed tens of thousands Venezuelans and Iranians with CRIPPLING SANCTIONS that deprive those humans of food, medicine, and shelter.

17) The Dakota Access Pipeline---underneath the LONGEST RIVER IN AMERICA THAT SERVES 20+ MILLION DRINKING WATER, has had over 5 spills that WE KNOW OF

18) The 2020 Democratic Iowa caucus was blatant election fraud and @tomperez @dnc has faced no penalty…
18) As Mayor, @RahmEmanuel helped cover-up the Chicago PD execution of 17-year-old black man Laquan McDonald. As a punishment, he was...given an @ABC News and @TheAtlantic contributor deal.

19) 4 years later after @wikileaks revelations, @HillaryClinton nor her campaign have been held accountable for violating Super Pac Laws

20) 4 years later, STILL ZERO EVIDENCE RUSSIA HACKED @dnc. Yet @maddow @nytimes @washingtonpost & the rest have not corrected their propaganda
21) 3 individuals are on the record that @BillClinton lied and DID VISIT Jeffrey Epstein's private island...yet Clinton was still invited to speak at @dnc convention and still enjoys no scrutiny or questions surrounding his lies

22) For-profit healthcare companies earned RECORD profits as hundreds of thousands Americans died due to #COVID19…
23) YouTube (Google), Twitter, Facebook and other Silicon Valley outlets have been suppressing and censoring independent and progressive media for 3 years while flooding users with @cnn @msnbc and other multi-billion dollar corporate media conglomerates content

24) Police departments across the U.S. are rampant with KKK and other white supremacist members

25) Daniel Cameron, Kentucky AG, covered up the murder of #BreonnaTaylor and lied to the grand jury (3 grand jury members on record saying)

26) @ewarren blatantly lied that @BernieSanders told her a woman can't become president...and the corporate media helped push the lie.

27) #MedicareForAll is supported by over 70% of Americans & a growing majority OF REPUBLICANS...yet @JoeBiden, Dems, and corp media lie about it
What did I miss?

• • •

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NEWS: After thousands tweeted & RT against @YouTube @TeamYouTube for taking down @StatusCoup + @JonFarinaPhoto's livestream of a peaceful gun rights rally in VA yesterday, YouTube has reversed itself after we appealed. Now they should restore @andrewkimmel and others' streams
We will be watching VERY closely now to monitor @StatusCoup's views, subscriber growth, and other metrics—in the past, after we publicly criticized YouTube, our subscriber growth and views randomly FELL OFF A CLIFF (I wonder why).
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I know this is hard for you to grasp, but media pushing viewers to "Stop the Steal" and take action to stop certification of election results they don't like is not
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I'm glad you were able to get a ton of RTS off of distorting what I actually have said--which is right on video saying I DON'T THINK TWITTER/FB/YOUTUBE SHOULD HAVE THE POWER TO REMOVE CHANNELS AND HOSTS.
5 people died in part bc countless media outlets instilled paranoia & misinformation into people's heads & then URGED THEM TO STOP ELECTION RESULTS. Calling for accountability on channels who URGED VIEWERS TO STOP THE ELECTION RESULTS is not "stories I don't like or agree with"
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Seeing folks citing a tweet from me post-Capitol attack calling for outlets who baselessly pushed election fraud conspiracy & for Trump supporters to "Stop the Steal" to be removed as being "pro-censorship."

I ALSO made clear in livestreams I'm AGAINST Silicon Valley deciding...
which hosts and channels are "inciting violence" or doing illegal things. I've said that in MANY livestreams and other videos. I know nuance isn't popular online, but two things can be true...

Media companies and channels with huge platforms and audience should be held...
accountable if they are urging their viewers to try and stop an election result they don't like—that is not "free speech." It's inciting paranoia, misinformation, and ultimately people to take violent action.

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YouTube CEO @SusanWojcicki should have to explain to JOURNALISTS why it is she censoring JOURNALISM in an overly broad and misguided facade of cracking down on extremism. What she and YouTube are doing is SUPPRESSING JOURNALISM
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OUTRAGEOUS that @twitter @TwitterSupport BLOCKED @JennElizabethJ @StatusCoup from boosting tweets w/ our #FlintWaterCrisis cover-up bombshell showing Gov Rick Snyder knew about deadly Legionella outbreak WAY earlier than he said

Twitter has INTENTIONALLY blocked the ability for us to boost a major bombshell report that shows serious potential crimes because it has decided to suppress and censor reporting and ridiculously label it political campaigning and advertising...
.@Twitter @twittersupport should explain to sick Flint residents why IMPORTANT reporting on the govt officials who permanently damaged their health isn't allowed to spread bc Twitter has RECKLESSLY blanketed INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING into the same category as sleazy SUPER PACS ads
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16 Jan
With 4 days left to convince Trump to pardon Julian Assange, mind-boggling to see "leftists" crapping on @jimmy_dore for going on Fox News—which Trump is watching —to plead pardon.

I don't agree 100% w/ Jimmy's style or approach on all things--but that has nothing to do with the GREATEST THREAT TO FREEDOM OF THE PRESS IN OUR GENERATION. What many figures in left media have been doing in their unrelenting deflection away from the ISSUES onto Jimmy is what...
the Khive, Correct the Record @HillaryClinton sycophants, and rest of the Blue-MAGA fanatics have been doing for YEARS....gaslighting and deflecting away from the issues and creating an alternative focus on mean "Bernie Bros" and crying sexism and racism for everything. ENOUGH!
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