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4 Aug
THREAD on @ninaturner loss: Unlike the phony leftist tweeters celebrating Turner's loss, I was on-the-ground in Cleveland-Akron & spoke w/ campaign folks & witnessed w/ my own eyes.

She didn't lose bc "she ran as a Democrat" (would have lost by 50 if she ran as Green Party)...
She didn't lose bc she "tried to court conservative Democrats" instead of running scorched earth against @JoeBiden and the Democratic Party (Biden beat Trump by 30+ points in this district; the area is majority Black voters who don't hate the Dem Party like YT hosts do)...
She didn't lose bc of "The Squad" of Force The Vote—a laughable claim considering the majority of voters in this district wouldn't be able to tell you which politicians are even in The Squad...
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21 Jul
#FlintWaterCrisis EXCLUSIVE: Top officials in Rick Snyder's admin had phones "wiped" or altered w/ no messages on them from 18-month period Flint used Flint River.

Snyder also refused to give key Flint documents to prosecutors. By me + @JennElizabethJ…
"When I turned in my phone, it got wiped,” Snyder's press sec Sara Wurfel told Flint prosecutor about her phone being wiped when she left job in Nov. 2015—shortly before launch of the Flint criminal investigation.

“That is not standard,” ex-state official told The Intercept.
Prosecutors discovered that top officials w/ MI Dpt. of Health and Human Services-including chief medical executive Dr. Eden Wells and MDHHS chief deputy director Tim Becker-had no messages on their phone before Oct. 2015 (Flint used Flint River from Apr. 2014 through Oct. 2015)
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5 Jul
THREAD: The corp Dem establishment & its media allies are LOVING THE current divide & Conquer/mass cancellation/neverending war among indy media.

To rightfully politically frustrated progressives giving this oxygen for a month now at expense of all else...THIS IS WHAT THEY WANT
In reality, this goes back far earlier than this year and the current online war bw hosts and channels...I started seeing this in 2016 after @BernieSanders endorsed @HillaryClinton. Rightfully disappointed and frustrated progressives' began turning on Bernie & diving head first..
into a political nihilist mentality that believes ANY politician--whether or not you agree with them on policy/morality--that takes a direction or makes a policy or strategic choice you don't agree with is a "sell out" or "fraud." Now this has extended to YouTube hosts...
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25 Apr
THREAD: On the 7th anniversary of the disastrous Flint River switch, Flint STILL does not have clean water, #MedicareForAll for its citizens, all of its lead service lines replaced, residents' damaged interior plumbing fixed, & no state or city government official is in prison...
The #FlintWaterCrisis is a story w/ a lot of layers: environmental racism, water privatization gone horrifically wrong, greed, corruption, etc....but it is as much a story of national and local mainstream media completely abdicating its responsibility to cover and INVESTIGATE...
With MUCH LESS resources than larger outlets, I've reported in Flint 17 times since 2016. I've interviewed 100s of residents. I've dug through 1000s of documents. In this time, I, along w/ @JennElizabethJ, uncovered:

1) Gov. Rick Snyder was involved with massive cover-up...
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3 Feb
THREAD: With time to reflect, & seeing Silicon Valley's censorship onslaught, I regret this tweet made in heat of moment.

Whether certain cable/YouTube outlets mislead audiences w/ dishonest claims lacking real evidence, they shouldn't be targeted...

Having been in-the-field at more Trump/right-wing rallies that I care to remember, I HAVE SEEN UP CLOSE the power of dangerous misinformation like "Stop the Steal" and Qanon. I personally think the media hosts and channels that push these things to be contrarian or get clicks...
are pretty horrible and doing great damage to an already severely misinformed and uninformed country. BUT if those hosts and channels are not directly calling for people to commit violence, it is their right to spew misinformation and/or conspiracies dressed up as journalism..
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2 Feb
THREAD: Hey @YouTube @TeamYouTube-now you've taken down @StatusCoup & @JonFarinaPhoto's HISTORIC footage from Capitol attack claiming it's SPAM or "advances false claims" of widespread fraud, errors, or glitches in the 2020 election.

ARE YOU KIDDING!?!?!? .....
Freelance journalist @JonFarinaPhoto put his health & safety (COVID + armed militia men storming Capitol) at risk to shoot historic footage of thousands brainwashed to try & "Stop the Steal." @StatusCoup FOR MONTHS DEBUNKED "false claims of widespread election fraud"....
I know your algorithm is meant to suppress independent media channels but let me break it down for you: JOURNALISTS shooting a violent mob brainwashed into thinking the election was stolen is not content that "advances" false claims of widespread election fraud...
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30 Jan
NEWS THREAD: @amazon worker in Charlotte, NC just reached out (keeping anonymous to protect job). "They only recently switched the COVID-19 testers from regular workers to Medical technicians under the supervision of a Nurse Practitioner & put in plexiglass barriers at the...
testing stations (approximately 3 weeks ago). The worker filed a complaint about the lack of sanitized supplies at each work space. "The notifications about people who test positive [for COVID] are so numerous - sometimes 3 or 4 per day - they overpopulate my text messages...
"They are also strategically vague & do not specify where in the warehouse the person worked or what shift"...
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29 Jan
THREAD UPDATE: Family of Poushawn Brown, @amazon worker who died after working in its COVID testing area, just spent hour on phone asking Amazon if she had life insurance.

Amazon made Poushawn's grieving 12 yr old daughter come on to give Poushawn's info

Christina, Poushawn's sister & legal guardian for Poushawn's daughter Gabrielle, called me toward end of call w/ @amazon officials (they spoke with several). I listened as she asked why a 12-year-old who doesn't know her mom's social security # is being asked to come on phone...
I listened as an @amazon employee told her "this is the process." Christina said that the 12-year-old doesn't know her mom's social security and other information and that Amazon should have been speaking directly w/ Poushawn's mother and sister...
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27 Jan
NEWS: Here is @amazon COVID testing center at the Virginia warehouse that 38-year-old Poushawn Brown worked in for months before she suddenly died over a week ago. It is feet away from where employees work w/ no plexiglass/dividers to protect workers
This Virginia warehouse COVID testing center is also right next to the break room where workers congregate.
Here is my interview w/ Christina, the sister of Poushawn, who is now raising Poushawn's 12-year-old daughter Gabrielle
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26 Jan
THREAD: Amazon worker Poushawn Brown, 38, was made to COVID test other workers for several months. She was not given N-95 mask, hazard pay, & social distancing was non-existent.

Her sister told me Poushawn came home recently w/ a headache. She died in bed next morning....
"There were multiple people that came in on different occasions who were sick, somebody came in and threw up right there; she said she wasn't going to clean it up, cleaning crew didn't want to clean it up—they never closed the warehouse [in Virginia]" sister Christina told me...
"Absolutely not, no shields, no face-masks, no nothing," Christina told me about what Amazon WASN'T providing. Amazon "kept saying they were going to give bonuses-they never gave no bonuses."

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19 Jan
Now that 24/7 Trump media cycle is over (I think?), let's look at all the many critical stories corp media ignored for profit since 2016.

1) Flint doesn't have clean water or convictions nearly 7 years later
2) We're aiding Saudi Arabia in genocide of Yemen

3) The PPP small biz program was raided by multi-billion dollar corporate conglomerates who are...not small business
4) Trump and his Interior Department AGGRESSIVELY starting fracking and mining on Native American reservations across America

5) PFAS, a cancer-causing byproduct from the manufacturing of Teflon & non-stick cookware, is rampant in water bodies across America
6) We've been at war in Afghanistan for 20 years (Washington Post exposed generals were FORCED to spend millions per day--didn't matter what for)
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19 Jan
NEWS: After thousands tweeted & RT against @YouTube @TeamYouTube for taking down @StatusCoup + @JonFarinaPhoto's livestream of a peaceful gun rights rally in VA yesterday, YouTube has reversed itself after we appealed. Now they should restore @andrewkimmel and others' streams
We will be watching VERY closely now to monitor @StatusCoup's views, subscriber growth, and other metrics—in the past, after we publicly criticized YouTube, our subscriber growth and views randomly FELL OFF A CLIFF (I wonder why).
Bottomline--YouTube needs to fix its algorithm to stop casting an extreme wide net that lumps in journalists taking risks to cover important stories with extremists. By taking down livestream coverage of POTENTIALLY violent events in real-time, YouTube is depriving viewers of..
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19 Jan
I know this is hard for you to grasp, but media pushing viewers to "Stop the Steal" and take action to stop certification of election results they don't like is not
"stories you don't agree with or like"...

It's hosts and channels urging illegal actions
I'm glad you were able to get a ton of RTS off of distorting what I actually have said--which is right on video saying I DON'T THINK TWITTER/FB/YOUTUBE SHOULD HAVE THE POWER TO REMOVE CHANNELS AND HOSTS.
5 people died in part bc countless media outlets instilled paranoia & misinformation into people's heads & then URGED THEM TO STOP ELECTION RESULTS. Calling for accountability on channels who URGED VIEWERS TO STOP THE ELECTION RESULTS is not "stories I don't like or agree with"
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18 Jan
Seeing folks citing a tweet from me post-Capitol attack calling for outlets who baselessly pushed election fraud conspiracy & for Trump supporters to "Stop the Steal" to be removed as being "pro-censorship."

I ALSO made clear in livestreams I'm AGAINST Silicon Valley deciding...
which hosts and channels are "inciting violence" or doing illegal things. I've said that in MANY livestreams and other videos. I know nuance isn't popular online, but two things can be true...

Media companies and channels with huge platforms and audience should be held...
accountable if they are urging their viewers to try and stop an election result they don't like—that is not "free speech." It's inciting paranoia, misinformation, and ultimately people to take violent action.

BUT the entities that should be holding them accountable are not...
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18 Jan

Now @YouTube @TeamYouTube just REMOVED @StatusCoup & @JonFarina's Livestream reporting from PEACEFUL Virginia gun rights rally bc
"we think it violates our firearms policy."

YouTube, owned by Google, already suppresses our @statuscoup channel because it PUBLICLY REVEALED IT ELEVATES "AUTHORITATIVE" sources like @cnn and...@FoxNews! But now it's removing our reporting on a 2nd amendment rights rally that was completely peaceful?
YouTube CEO @SusanWojcicki should have to explain to JOURNALISTS why it is she censoring JOURNALISM in an overly broad and misguided facade of cracking down on extremism. What she and YouTube are doing is SUPPRESSING JOURNALISM
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18 Jan
OUTRAGEOUS that @twitter @TwitterSupport BLOCKED @JennElizabethJ @StatusCoup from boosting tweets w/ our #FlintWaterCrisis cover-up bombshell showing Gov Rick Snyder knew about deadly Legionella outbreak WAY earlier than he said

Twitter has INTENTIONALLY blocked the ability for us to boost a major bombshell report that shows serious potential crimes because it has decided to suppress and censor reporting and ridiculously label it political campaigning and advertising...
.@Twitter @twittersupport should explain to sick Flint residents why IMPORTANT reporting on the govt officials who permanently damaged their health isn't allowed to spread bc Twitter has RECKLESSLY blanketed INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING into the same category as sleazy SUPER PACS ads
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16 Jan
With 4 days left to convince Trump to pardon Julian Assange, mind-boggling to see "leftists" crapping on @jimmy_dore for going on Fox News—which Trump is watching —to plead pardon.

I don't agree 100% w/ Jimmy's style or approach on all things--but that has nothing to do with the GREATEST THREAT TO FREEDOM OF THE PRESS IN OUR GENERATION. What many figures in left media have been doing in their unrelenting deflection away from the ISSUES onto Jimmy is what...
the Khive, Correct the Record @HillaryClinton sycophants, and rest of the Blue-MAGA fanatics have been doing for YEARS....gaslighting and deflecting away from the issues and creating an alternative focus on mean "Bernie Bros" and crying sexism and racism for everything. ENOUGH!
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14 Jan
NEWS: How a Flurry of Suspicious Phone Calls Set Investigators on Rick Snyder's Trail

My investigation w/ @JennElizabethJ #FlintWaterCrisis…
Snyder "knew about a Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in Flint as early as October 2014, when there was still a significant amount of time to save lives. That was the accusation of investigators looking into the Flint water crisis"
"According to the findings of an investigation launched by Nessel’s predecessor, then-Attorney General Bill Schuette, Snyder was involved in a mad dash of phone calls in October 2014 at the same time the deadly Legionnaires’ disease outbreak in Flint was raising alarm bells"
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20 Dec 20
Enough already with the @jimmy_dore obsession & drama. It's not about Jimmy-It's about the idea!

Right now, @SpeakerPelosi has a 4-seat majority. Progressives CURRENTLY have 7 pro-#MedicareForAll House members & 5 more coming. WHY NOT make a demand for your vote (i..e politics)
The whole strategic rationalization of "it's a waste of time; it won't pass" is kind of counter to how actual MOVEMENTS WORK. MLK, Gloria Steinem, Harvey Milk, etc didn't say "let's not bother trying because we won't win on the 1st, 2nd or 5th try."...
Will a #MedicareForAll floor vote pass if progressives force it. No, it won't. BUT THAT IS OK. Part of politics is...wait for it...PERFORMATIVE. Get every House member ON THE RECORD as voting yay or nay for universal healthcare DURING A CATASTROPHIC DEADLY PANDEMIC...
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13 Dec 20
.@jimmy_dore is right to push for @aoc & House progressives to demand #MedicareForAll vote—DURING A CATASTROPHIC DEADLY PANDEMIC—in exchange for voting for @SpeakerPelosi (even if they lose)

Change doesn't come without fighting, issuing demands, & placing oppressors on DEFENSE
Progressives online defending @aoc (who I like and respect) for not doing this by--attacking @jimmy_dore--are missing the forest for the trees. This isn't about whether you like Jimmy or not. It's about progressives who campaigned as FIGHTERS...actually doing so in office.
Of course it is a lot easier for YouTube hosts to second guess elected officials who have an IMMENSE amount of pressure and considerations to make. No one is saying @aoc and other progressives aren't fighters. BUT if you're not going to make demands for #MedicareForAll during...
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22 Oct 20
The corporate media—and Twitter/FB—are still crickets as Hunter Biden's biz partner confirms the emails in @nypost story are real (& that the reference to the "big guy" that 10% equity should be set aside for is...@JoeBiden)…
B4 #Resistance heads' explode, let me be clear--this is not about the election and/or who u should vote for. Trump is one of the most corrupt president's (and people) in history. This story doesn't make Biden worse or more corrupt than Biden (which is right wing media's goal)...
This is about a PRIME EXAMPLE of how selective corporate media censorship & propaganda works. For 4 YEARS, @msnbc @cnn @nytimes @washingtonpost have recklessly pushed and elevated highly dubious #RussiaGate stories that were MORE SUSPICIOUS than the @nypost Hunter Biden story...
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