Pre filling IT returns & no Tax audit for businesses having Turnover upto 10 crore is an assault on CA Profession.
Government is hell bent on destroying one of the respected Profession in India by doing such useless things. If Tax return filing is simplified, then how will..
... CAs make money? How is a CA supposed to run his firm when Government is taking such anti CA decisions in the name of Ease of Doing Business. This #BlackBudget2021 ought to be resisted at all costs. Either government should ensure Minimum Professional Fees for all CAs,..
Or govt should take back all such useless proposals in this #BlackBudget2021 .
I request all people from CA fraternity to gather at #SinghuBorder . We should learn from our Annadata friends about how to blackmail an elected government. Ease of Doing business can go to hell.
Restore our entitlements, otherwise we will hold the country for hostage. I appeal all CAs, CA students, Professors who teach for CA course and people from other fraternities who sympathise with us to gather at #SinghuBorder in huge numbers. Already our Annadata brothers...
...& sisters are present there. Our presence would increase pressure on Government to repeal the #BlackFarmLaws & this #BlackBudget2021 . I am pretty sure that looking at our huge numbers, Che Guevara of India - Arvind Kejriwal ji & his Handsome Deputy CM Manish Sisodia ji..
...will pay a visit to us & announce Free Water, Free Electricity, Free Wi-Fi, Free Food, Free Travel, Free Leg Massager, Free Ambulance services for those injured with assault of Fascist Modi's Police etc. He would stand with us no matter how much that Nazi Govt tries to...
.... scare us. Ravish ji will make a Prime Time on our issue, Faye Desouza & Dhruv Rathee would help us get attention of whole country too. We can also take Selfie with Swara Bhaskar, Yogendra Yadav, Medha Patkar etc too. Prashant Bhushan ji will fight for us..
... in Supreme Court. And unelected Chief Justice Bobde may also stay implementation of #BlackBudget2021 as government hasn't undertaken enough consultations. Looking at our resolve, we can hope to get Labour Unions, Trade Unions, PSU Employee Unions to join us Opposing...
... Privatization Policy & Labour Reforms of the government. Soon, it would become whole countrywide agitation with all dissatisfied people joining us. This is just the beginning. This is precisely the Spark that Indian Revolution needed. We won't stop at any Cost.
Our slogans would be as follows : 👇

Say it on the barricade

Say it in the tear gas

Tera mere rishta kya?
La ilaha illallah.

@muglikar_ @c_aashish sir, plz raise this issue 😢

• • •

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30 Jan
Excerpts from the book 'Indian Summer'

From the sorrow & tragedy of Gandhi's death, some hope emerged. Mountbatten took the opportunity to tell Patel & Nehru that Gandhi's last great wish had been to see the two of them brought together. Weeping, the two men embraced.
Furthermore, though the long-anticipated final sacrifice had not been made by his own hand, it had, nonetheless, achieved a little of what he had spent much of his life pleading for. After a small spate of attacks on Hindu Mahasabha members in Bombay, India calmed, and...
... the harassment of the Muslim Population of Delhi ceased. Refugees were rehoused in the Punjab. Stalls and shops reopened in Connaught Place. Unwittingly, with his act of hatred, Nathuram Godse had brought the Hindus and Muslims together.
Read 4 tweets
29 Jan
This day. 1948.

Gandhiji was assassinated by Naturam Godse. Within hours, at 15-50 people were killed in Anti Brahmin riots in Maharashtra organised by Congress supporters just because Nathuram Godse was Brahmin.
"In February 1948, one thousand of their (Chitpavan Brahmins) houses were officially reported as having been burnt down in Maharashtra as well as Northern Karnataka, and an unspecified number were killed." Koenraad Elst in 'Gandhi and Godse' pg 13.
The mob attacked the residence of Narayan Savarkar, the brother of Veer Savarkar.
He was pelted by a stone on his head. He succumbed to injuries and died eventually.
Nobody has made an official count of number of Brahmin victims. Some estimates put it in thousands.
Read 5 tweets
17 Jan
My guts tell me that something will happen in MH soon.
Few days back, MH BJP team met Nadda. Then Gadkari suddenly visits MH. Today Gadkari & DF had closed door meeting in Nagpur for hours. Sena & Congress fighting over Aurangabad issue. NCP & Cong fighting over Munde issue.
There can be split within Congress. 2/3rd MLAs can join BJP.
Reasons I feel this -
1. Congress hasn't appointed WHIP in MH assembly.
2. That fool UT gave away speaker post to Congress in return for less ministries. Generally, those who want to remain in power, ensure speaker..
.. of their own party. In Bihar, BJP has speaker. In UP when BJP-Mayawati formed govt, BJP had their own speaker. It helps during political crisis. Currently in MH, speaker is of Congress. And he is ex BJP man. Nana Patole. He resigned from BJP & joined Congress in 2018.
Read 4 tweets
16 Jan
तुकाराम मुंढेसारख्या अधिकऱ्यांना नायक सिनेमामधला अनिल कपूर बनण्याची इच्छा आहे. प्रसिद्धीची चटक लागली आहे. जशी आधी अण्णा हजारेंना लागलेली. नायक सिनेमाने राजकारणाबद्दल खोटं चित्र निर्माण करून तरुण पिढीच फार नुकसान केलं आहे.केजरीवालचं अक्ख करिअर त्या सिनेमामुळे आहे.
काही लोकांना पैशाची चटक असते, तर काही लोकांना मी किती साधा, सरळ, इमानदार आहे हे दाखवून फेमस होण्याची. मुंढे त्यातले एक. ह्यांच्यात एक वेगळाचं अहंकार असतो. मी सरकारी अधिकारी आहे. मला एखादी चुकीची गोष्ट दिसली की मी कारवाई करणार. तत्वतः हे बरोबर आहे. लोकांना देखील असली....
... स्टंटबाजी आवडते. परंतु तुमच्या इमानदार असल्याचा समाजाला फायदा होत आहे की नुकसान हे ओळ्खण्यासाठी विवेकबुद्धी देखील असावी लागते. एक उदाहरण देतो. एक बिल्डिंग पुनर्बांधणी साठी गेली. तिथले सगळे रहिवासी दुसरीकडे तात्पुरते भाड्याने राहायला गेले आणि तो बिल्डर त्या राहिवाश्यांना..
Read 15 tweets
17 Dec 20
भाऊ तोरसेकर एकदा म्हणलेले की पवार हे काही ब्राम्हणद्वेषी नाहीत. मतांच्या राजकारणासाठी ते काही विधान करत असतील, परंतु देवेंद्रजी ब्राम्हण आहेत म्हणून पवार त्यांचा द्वेष करत नाहीत. तर त्यामागचं खरं कारण असं आहे की पवारांना फडणवीसांमध्ये तरुणपणीचा शरद पवार दिसतो.
तशीच अभ्यासू वृत्ती, धडाडी, अफाट मेहनत, बोलण्यावर ताबा, शांतपणे संयम ढळू न देता राजकारण करणं हीच तर पवार यांची देखील वृत्ती होती. त्यात फडणविसांना पक्ष नेतृत्वाचा पूर्ण पाठिंबा आहे. त्यामुळे आपल्या हयातीत एक माणूस पुढे येऊन आपल्या पद्धतीचं राजकारण करून, आपण केलेल्या चुका..
...टाळून अपल्यापेक्षा पुढे जातोय हे पवारांना खटकत आणि त्यामुळे ते फडनविसांचा द्वेष करतात असं भाऊ म्हणलेले. त्यावेळी काही मला ते पटलं नव्हतं. परंतु पवारांच्या आणि फडणवीसांच्या काही उत्कृष्ट मुलाखती ऐकून हे पूर्णपणे पटलं. त्या मुलाखती शेअर करतो आहे. इच्छुकांनी ऐकाव्यात.
Read 4 tweets
16 Dec 20
आदरणीय राहुलजी @RahulGandhi , मै महाराष्ट्रसे काँग्रेसका हितचिंतक हॉनेके नाते यहाकी कुछ बाते आपके ध्यानमे लाना चाहता हूं। पिछले साल शिवसेनाके नेतृत्वमे यहा जो सरकार बनी है, उसका हिस्सा होकर काँग्रेसने बहुत बडी गलती की है। हर दिन शिवसेना और राष्ट्रवादी काँग्रेस के लोग...
... काँग्रेसका मझाक उडा रहे है। २ दिन पेहले ही, एनसीपी नेता प्रफुल्ल पटेलने कहा की "काँग्रेस के वरिष्ठ नेताओने शरद पवार को प्रधानमंत्री बनने नाही दिया"। उसके बाद उद्धव ठाकरेके नौकर संजय राऊतने भी कहा की "काँग्रेसको बडे दिलसे शरद पवारका नेतृत्व मान लेना चाहिये"।
इस सबके कूछ दिन पेहले शरद पवारने खुद कहा की "राहुल गांधी के नेतृत्वमे Consistency नही है"। हमारी आदरणीय नेता @AdvYashomatiINC जी ने उनको कडी भाषामे जवाब दिया। लेकिन उसके बाद भी संजय राऊतने कहा की "काँग्रेसको अब यह बात मान लेनी चाहिये कि अब वह कमजोर हो चुकी है"।
Read 12 tweets

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