I'm seeing a lot of "nothing has changed, kids in cages" outrage about this. I'm not saying it's awesome in every way, or that we shouldn't be paying attention, but this is VERY different from the Trump administration facilities and policies, and that should be made clear.
First off, this particular facility was opened specifically in response to the kids-in-cages camps, and was reported as being much more humane. This is the Biden administration re-opening the NOT sordid camp that closed under Trump because it was more expensive to operate.
The Carrizo Springs facility was converted from pre-existing housing for oil and gas workers. It's air conditioned, and it has rooms, not cells. This is kids in cheap dormitory housing, not kids in cages.
Second of all, it's being reopened to house ONLY unaccompanied children, not children in the care of an adult, and ONLY teenagers. This isn't toddlers being forcibly separated from their guardians.
Thirdly, this is not the "make crossing the border extremely terrible so people won't do it" policy that the Trump administration was pursuing. These kids are being treated as refugees, and the goal is to place them with a sponsor in the US, ideally a relative.
(side note: the "Trump-era policy [that] makes them subject to expulsion" referenced in the screenshot above was blocked as unconstitutional last year. It was just reinstated on Friday by an appeals court of three Trump appointees. It will hopefully be rescinded soon)
Again, I'm not saying that there is nothing to be concerned about. This is still a detention center. There's still concern about how long kids are held for processing. This isn't inhumane cages, but I don't know what quality of care is actually being provided.
When the facility was operating under Trump's administration, it was operated by the Baptist Children and Families Services non-profit. I'm not clear on how much proselytizing they do. Obviously, I'm not totally comfortable with that.
On the other hand, we have to do *something* with unaccompanied minors crossing the border. "Good luck, kid" isn't an acceptable solution either.
From what I've seen so far, including reopening this facility, it looks like Biden's administration is *trying* to handle unaccompanied minors crossing the border humanely and welcomingly. I'm sure they will fall short, and we should hold them accountable where they do.
But yelling "kids in cages" and saying this is the exact same thing as under Trump isn't helping, and is actually hurting for two reasons:
1) It ISN'T kids in cages, and it ISN'T the exact same thing, so why should the Biden administration care? The problem being focused on doesn't exist, so they don't have to solve it. Meanwhile, any *actual* problems are under the radar.
2) If you call this "kids in cages", it makes it easy for historical revisionists to claim that the accusation that kids were put in cages has *always* been hyperbole, and mask the *actual* human rights violations of the past four years.
In short:
I get it that a compromise, moderate president sucks for progressives. But it does no good, and can actually cause harm to assume that a Biden administration is *exactly the same* as a Trump administration and there's no difference between Democrats and Republicans.
There ARE differences. Important differences. There aren't ENOUGH differences, the differences aren't big ENOUGH to actually protect people who need protecting and create justice, but claiming that they don't exist at all only hinders efforts to keep making progress.

• • •

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Maybe ADHD is an adaptive trait that's useful for surviving in quasi-nomadic and early agricultural societies, but is extremely poorly suited to late stage capitalism.
Yes, late-stage capitalism is unbearably anti-human, and lots of people do self-medicate to get by, AND ALSO ADHD is a neurological condition that shows up on MRIs and affects metabolism, among other things. Image
Yes, I am technically "on speed" (it's not actually much like speed), but it only works because it doesn't affect me the way it affects neurotypical people - because I have a neurological condition that affects how my brain processes that chemical.
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I'm so tired of the artificial complexity of corporate jobs. 95% of what I do is completely unnecessary, just jumping through hoops and checking boxes instead of actually doing the thing. I want to be, like, an 18th century cobbler or something.
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Not that AOC needs me to back her up, but a few points here:
1) Yes, it is in fact an abuse tactic to insist that victims of violence "move on" immediately after the violence with no consequences for the perpetrator of that violence. It's not limited to sexual abuse.
What happened on 1/6 wasn't "legitimate political disagreement". It was an insurrection. Armed people forced their way into the Capitol with the intent of overturning a Democratic election by use of force, and by all accounts at least SOME of them wanted to kill political rivals.
The events of 1/6 are a matter of fact. There is video evidence. There are eyewitnesses, including and *especially* the people who's lives were under threat. Claiming that we can "disagree" about those facts is bonkers. They aren't a matter of opinion.
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The graphic design sucks.
The content sucks even more. Here's why, in an itemized list:
1) Jews aren't a race. The notion that Jews ARE a race was literally invented by the precursors to Nazis as a way to make their antisemitism seem more rational and scientific. James Lindsay, self-proclaimed not-prejudiced-guy is recapitulating this excuse for antisemitism.
2) Acceptance of racial stereotypes by average Americans has been DECLINING since 2001. Exactly contrary to what James Lindsay is claiming here, as Critical Race Theory has gained traction in mainstream academia, racial prejudice has decreased.
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I want to do a brief deep dive into my frequent assertion that Messianic "Jews" are, in fact, Christians and that Christians cannot be Jews. Every time this comes up a bunch of people - mostly Messianic "Jews" and appropriative Christians - show up to argue with me.
They assert that if a Jew converts to Christianity, they remain a Jew and therefore Jewish Christians are a thing. And *technically* this is true - "once a Jew, always a Jew" is a thing. *Technically* it would be more accurate to say that "Jewish Christians" are apostates.
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This is, almost certainly, a white supremacist in digital blackface propping up James Lindsey's argument that Jews are causing antisemitism through solidarity with Black people.
Look closely at the profile picture.
The earrings don't match. The right earlobe has some funky image stuff going on. The hair color and texture below the right ear is sharply different than above. There's an undershirt collar on the right, but not the left.
That is an AI generated profile picture.

James Lindsey is a high profile right wing demagogue who pretends to be left wing. He attacks critical race theory - the notion that racism is systemic, not organic, and serves white supremacy - while claiming to be against racism.
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