Alright - @thepericulum and I are working through the night to try to pick winners for #roamgames 1 and 2

These submissions are absolutely unreal - and we're only 2 weeks into the planned 12 week experiment.

I'm just going to start by tweeting out top contenders and comments
For Challenge 1:

The obvious pick for me was going to be @houshuang's Roam/inter

it's a solid MVP that pushes true multiplayer graphs forward by at least 6 months

What shocked me here were two things - even though I hinted this was a likely winner, only two (+ me) put forward anything that I could see as "riffing" on the idea, or nudging it forward at all.

@nathanlippi and @kvistgaard

@houshuang clearly built off ideas that came from our team, and from how #RBC @RoamBookClub operates - and built on them really well - but less from the broader community.

Bit unclear what to do here.
The other top contenders -- @MatMcGann @RoamBounties and @dvargas92495 for the Slack Integration.

Just like Roam/Inter - the result is a super powerful primitive that we'll likely use for our team and any other team can build into their workflow too

But then we have @zsviczian - the absolute madman - who built off of @dvargas92495, @roamhacker, @cortexfutura

and basically recreated all of JIRA inside Roam - which I really had no idea was possible

Honestly baffled.…

Seriously - watch this.


For Second Challenge - I really have to hand it to @brgodefroy for slicing the Gordion Knot here.

Right now there is a ton of Roam Knowledge split up into Slack - the discord forum, reddit, twitter, and various public graphs.

Bruno appears to use em all
If this does use the slack archives (which it should) - have to give some credit to @AbhayPrasanna who got me to make @thepericulum an admin on slack - so we could give the export to the community.

Super inclined to embed this search into our new help window.
And @maskys_ and @OlliTiainen - citing @roamhacker, @DannyHatcher, @Roamfu to create this fantastic graph of ideas, criticisms and suggestions…
I also really like @Roamfu and @rjnestor's RoamBooks / Course - but core goals of the #RoamGames are to get folks building off each others' work - these don't quite seem a fit.

Couple things I'm thinking.

We pick a winner to get 70% the prize - they pick who gets next 20% - those pick next 10%.
Like - I want to reward both the best submissions - but a big qualification of best submission is - do they make it easy for others to push the idea further?

• • •

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More from @Conaw

9 Feb
Cool hearing @pmarca cite “Never Eat Alone” by @ferrazzi

Rather that worrying about how to break into “the network”, flip the problem, and be the person who connects people. Be the network, doesn’t matter what stage you’re at.

One of most important books in my career.
Example - when I wanted to learn #Clojure, I went to a conference, and asked the speakers whose talks or prior work I really respected to join a “remote research club”

An email list with one rule

you had to tell the group about an open question you had every week.
I was super new to Clojure, but that didn’t matter, because this weird norm got some really smart folks sharing really interesting problems with each other.

I had no business being at that table, except that I was the one who set the table.
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9 Feb
Interested in a job writing #Clojure at @RoamResearch

Here's a new smaller backend challenge (+ alternative to 7GUIs if you want to also be considered for UI engineer)

10k referral bonus if we hire someone you recommend

And yes, you can refer yourself…
Also suspect this would be great util to help #roamjs hackers working on multiplayer like @houshuang
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7 Feb
So @SamCorcos from Levels is currently visiting the Roam Compound and <shock horror!> he uses Notion...

Gracious host that I am, I provided MULTIPLE reasons Roam might just not be a good fit for him yet, but he INSISTED on showing me a video of workflow

Whoa boy was I wrong

Video is a 10 minute walk-through of ONE of his routines - prepping calls the night before they happen.

Again, I try to stop him - Not only do I rarely prepare for calls, I ask folks not to schedule them and to call randomly instead.

We're different!…
It may be strange - but these days - no joke - I do pretty often tell folks that Roam might not be a good fit for them right now.

You can't be everything to everyone - and some folks just have different priorities.

In the case of Sam, my judgement was wrong.
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6 Feb
Will give you all fair warning, this is likely to be one of the winners of the first #RoamGames challenge — which means if you build off it in an interesting way, you will win as well.

We’ll be issuing first 10k of awards for this in 2 days, but we may just keep issuing more.
Few ideas I’ll contribute (I am not awarding myself a prize, but that doesn’t mean I can’t play along)

1. Custom Styling, using #.block-level classes so the inputs and content from other graphs appears different / is not editable.

data is mostly there to style blocks as tweets.
2. Permissions and chat-ID discovery

We’ve given many in the #roamcult dev community access to experimental graphs with a full read and write api

This feature is cool bc end users don’t need that to get multiplayer

But... you could use an alpha graph as registry of sorts
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4 Feb
$1000 for 500 homemade COVID-19 vaccines.

If you’re literate in biology, and already do illegal drugs for fun, I DEFINITIVELY would encourage you to read this, and the cited paper, and consider trying yourself.

Too many people only break the rules their friends break.
The right motivations for true citizen science
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