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During the Islamic Golden age the House of Wisdom would pay scholars the weight of translated books in gold.

Tomorrow is the start of #Ramadan and there is knowledge from that era I would very much like to see translated into @RoamResearch

Seems appropriate to pay w #BTC

Translation is a creative act.

It requires a deep deep understanding of the material you seek to translate, the language you are coming from, and language you are moving into.

If writing in your own words is a test of true understanding, translation takes it a step further.
The language of Roam is the language of data structures and thought patterns

The Research we conduct as a company is on the Geometry of Thought

Our goal is to build a medium that allows you to express and explore these shapes, more naturally and powerfully than you can on paper
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The past is in an inspiring future.

Do not forget that there was a time and place where scholars and translators were paid as much for their contributions as professional athletes are paid today.… Image
Just to be clear - future I’m picturing is @balajis’s cloud state taking this on. Not the institutions we have for funding research today
Related -seems we have to file 1099s for every #RoamGames winner we award over $600, so we’ve had to slow down until we figure out how to handle payouts

Surprising how many bureaucratic barriers there are to funding a flourishing intellectual commons.
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Presenting my submission for the third #RoamGames - Fanout!

Micromanaging the finances surrounding this awesome experiment must be a pain in the ass. Fanout demos what a solution to make this easier could look like!…
The script hosted on RoamJS is purely for demo purposes, meant to just communicate my vision for what this service could be.

In the process, I found Roam to be an INCREDIBLE tool for prototyping and thinking through the relationships between different data models
Huge shout out to @brandontoner and others for putting together the Roaman Agora to host this for me.

Link to the submission at…
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Do Not Fear Missing Out – A thread on @RoamResearch and FOMO. #roamcult
If you've just recently discovered Roam, and you're checking out the community, things can feel overwhelming. For an app this young, the ecosystem is huge: YT tutorials, courses, extensions galore – plus regular new features in the app.
And on Twitter in particular, you'll often see people discuss the newest extensions, talk the "meta-game" of note-taking and Algorithms of Thought or celebrate the (fantastic!) submissions to the #RoamGames.
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Calling all #roamcult!

Introducing: THE ROAMAN AGORA.

A place to gather, present, and discuss the Roam Games.

Find it hard to follow the #RoamGames? → Join the Agora.
Want to spread the word about your project → Join the Agora.
Want to find collaborators? → Join the Agora.
Priority #1 → Enrich the library! 📚 (We need a record of submissions)

🚨 How you can help:

- Spread the word (RT, share, talk about the Agora)
- Create a page for your project
- Let us know of any missing projects
- Join in the conversation
We’re “doing things that don’t scale” to make this SUPER easy.

How to add your #RoamGames submission:

1) Join the graph & create a “submissions” page.
2) Submit this form, sharing with us the details (we’ll add it for you)…
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For #RoamGames 3, Roam Collective has built The Roaman Agora, a public graph to aggregate information on submissions and related projects, in addition to fostering discussion around these submissions.

You can view the Agora and sign up for access here!…
The Agora comes out of #RoamCollective's experimentation with a multiplayer Roam environment over the past month or so.

In the process, we've coalesced around a few conventions that support really fruitful in-graph conversation and discussion.
One of the biggest [[takeaways]] is that in-graph conversation is a hugely powerful mechanism for generating divergence and subsequent convergence. So much so that we want to foster it more broadly!
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Request for #RoamGames submission

@houshuang's Roam/Inter + @cortexfutura's smart blocks based tutorial.

My guess is there is a way we could have a public intro db that published via a roam-inter channel - and what it published fed a choose your own adventure tutorial
@cortexfutura's tutorial is great - but it's not like we want to start the user's off with a JSON export -- would be way easier to start them with a single block that "channelled" into a help graph

(we could also always iframe + have easy copy action)

Other thing I was imaginging when I heard the idea of @cortexfutura's submission but hadn't seen it yet -- if the smart blocks listened to their sibling blocks and needed you to complete some action before they could be activated.

Just realized this could be done with css
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𐃏 100 ROAM TIPS 𐃏

Just published a 25-min @RoamResearch intro course on YT.🔥

To celebrate this act of masochism, I'll be posting the tips in tweet format here too! Bit-by-bit as I get time.

here's the mini-course I wish I could give myself when I started.

#RoamGames @Conaw

@RoamResearch is a living tool w one of the fastest iteration cycles I've seen.

By the time you read this, these tips might have changed!

(Here's a blog post with these tips + any future changes:

1. Sign up (free for 31 days)
2. You get 3 graphs (separate "Roams" you can play with - not connected to each other)
3. Set up 1 then begin typing in your daily note!

EZ PZ. Roam runs directly in your browser (you must use Chrome, sorry), OR...
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Alright - @thepericulum and I are working through the night to try to pick winners for #roamgames 1 and 2

These submissions are absolutely unreal - and we're only 2 weeks into the planned 12 week experiment.

I'm just going to start by tweeting out top contenders and comments
For Challenge 1:

The obvious pick for me was going to be @houshuang's Roam/inter

it's a solid MVP that pushes true multiplayer graphs forward by at least 6 months

What shocked me here were two things - even though I hinted this was a likely winner, only two (+ me) put forward anything that I could see as "riffing" on the idea, or nudging it forward at all.

@nathanlippi and @kvistgaard

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📌 #RoamGames SUBMISSION:

When you "think" you're learning #Zettelkasten, but you're actually learning to write in @RoamResearch — every day~…

Sometimes the answers are right under your nose! @RoamBookClub
Just go into the Linked References for each Day and then follow just how much time everyone is spending in @RoamResearch but then look a little deeper and read what these folks are actually writing.

If you don't start tearing up, from reading just how vulnerable everyone gets...
There's no ON-BOARDING if they don't write notes.

And there's no ON-BOARDING in someone's head, it has to be actualized, it has to be proven to work.

@RoamBookClub works, read through the #RoamBookClub3 tags on Twitter~
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Yesterday @conaw hosted a 2 hr @roamresearch office hour session , where he dug into Roam Inter….

There will be a partial recording out, I think, but in the meantime, here are some take-aways for roam/js plugin authors.
We spent most of the time pairing using Roam Inter (amazingly it mostly worked - although Roam Inter is not really ready for prime time).

The way conversations in Inter are set up mirror how he works with team internally - everyone have their own "space", nested under bullet,
and they use block-references to communicate - never "write in each others space". They developed the block-reference notification feature for themselves (also seem to have a Slack integration), before they used things like a "Dropzone" (a single bullet you can blockref to ...
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#[[Roam 洞见]] 思想家的 11 项思考技能:knowledge-able 而非 information-full

#[[Roam 生态]] 作者打造自己的 NENO (stands for "network of notes") 系统,创建知识的可视化地图

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My definitive #RoamGames submission:
I've drip-fed submissions to the team/task mgmt RoamGames so this thread brings them together into one mega-submission.
@Conaw, @RoamResearch
First, the thread that triggered the topic of this very RoamGame. I assume I can submit this? A fun live-tweet creating a new workflow in Roam in < 15 mins (it would have taken < 5 mins if I didn't have to live tweet it)
Second, the big one, my newly released work-in-progress Roam for Teamwork graph building all the lessons, templates and plugins you need to realise The Dream (also contains a definition of The Dream if you need that too)
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#RoamGames submission: Announcing the *Roam For Teamwork graph*, a resource for anyone who shares my dream of having an organisation's knowledge base emerge naturally out of everyday teamwork.
The thing that excited me immediately about Roam was how atomic blocks would allow different systems to always reference the same source of truth, potentially eliminating duplication and knowledge loss across different parts of a company.
So I took the steps to move my whole company over to Roam. CRM, tech dev, specifications, discussions, meeting minutes, call agendas, service delivery, customer support, etc. The only thing not on there are icky legal and financial details.
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So @SamCorcos from Levels is currently visiting the Roam Compound and <shock horror!> he uses Notion...

Gracious host that I am, I provided MULTIPLE reasons Roam might just not be a good fit for him yet, but he INSISTED on showing me a video of workflow

Whoa boy was I wrong

Video is a 10 minute walk-through of ONE of his routines - prepping calls the night before they happen.

Again, I try to stop him - Not only do I rarely prepare for calls, I ask folks not to schedule them and to call randomly instead.

We're different!…
It may be strange - but these days - no joke - I do pretty often tell folks that Roam might not be a good fit for them right now.

You can't be everything to everyone - and some folks just have different priorities.

In the case of Sam, my judgement was wrong.
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Will give you all fair warning, this is likely to be one of the winners of the first #RoamGames challenge — which means if you build off it in an interesting way, you will win as well.

We’ll be issuing first 10k of awards for this in 2 days, but we may just keep issuing more.
Few ideas I’ll contribute (I am not awarding myself a prize, but that doesn’t mean I can’t play along)

1. Custom Styling, using #.block-level classes so the inputs and content from other graphs appears different / is not editable.

data is mostly there to style blocks as tweets.
2. Permissions and chat-ID discovery

We’ve given many in the #roamcult dev community access to experimental graphs with a full read and write api

This feature is cool bc end users don’t need that to get multiplayer

But... you could use an alpha graph as registry of sorts
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*Slack Notifications* plugin for Roam multiplayer graphs
-Bounty delivered and #RoamGames submission-

Developed by the magician @dvargas92495 to my spec it's designed to work for any multiplayer Roam and will be in David's library
@Conaw @RoamBounties
✅ Improves adherence to Roam across the team
✅ Works with any nomenclature for tagging people
✅ Works with any task management system
✅ Slack notification provides customisable context
✅ Easy to set up
One of the biggest challenges of using Roam in a team is getting everyone on the same [[page]] and ((block)) when they need to be. You need to inform people of questions, changes and new responsibilities.
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There are really just two things you need to know as project manager:
- The problems you are supposed to solve
- How to solve them

The rBook shares 12 problem/solutions. THREAD:
1. Problem: What is the work needed to accomplish this project?

Solution: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)
2. Problem: How do you make sure everyone (including your future selves) is in the same page on this project?

Solution: Project charter
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#RoamGames Tackled the on-boarding challenge this evening at…

There's designs, curations, and a bunch of stuff that I hope y'all find useful and can spring board off of!
There's also stuff from fellowship work I did last Fall so feel free to take a look there and use that too if it helps
I hope these starting points help kickstart a ton of divergence over the next couple days in #roamcult. I'm down to host a call Friday evening if people are down where we can hash stuff out and converge our designs. Hand it in together and split the loot as Team Carbon.
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So, this is my thread of thinking out loud about onboarding for @RoamResearch for the most recent edition of #RoamGames - hop in if you want to bounce ideas together.

For a while, I've joked privately that someone needs to make something called: ROAM FOR THE REST OF US.
This thread will be a collection of trains of thoughts and conversations so hop in wherever you like.

So, for Roam, onboarding sucks + the online community, though generous and fertile isn't conducive to learning for to people who don't have disposable time 2 watch or read a ton
That said, the core functionality of it all relies on [[pages]] and blocks, which are easy enough to learn.

When I say THE REST OF US, I mean those of us that have real problems only a couple extra hours per week on top of our existing responsibilities

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While I continue with #RoamAgile Sprint 2 as part of #RoamGames 1, I am submitting all my posts with Roam based practical how-to use-cases for Game 2 in the content category. 🙏@RoamHacker (for Roam42) + @cortexfutura (for AoT) + everyone for the positive encouragement!
My GTD - How I Organize Meetings and TODOs in Roam…
How I Take Notes in One-on-One Meetings…
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I think the first #RoamGames challenge was a bit too large, and poorly scoped.

We need something more concrete, and an urgent deadline so you aren't tempted to procrastinate

So, new challenge, with awards of $10,000 in cash, or Roam Stock (if legal) granted over next 5 days.

Roam is far from done - so when hit profitability last year, our focus shifted back towards to R&D the open questions we have around Collective Intelligence.

New folks keep signing up though - we keep adding new features - and we keep NOT providing onboarding
We've felt pretty good leaving things this way

Without a doubt, the best tutorials, guides, case studies, and explanations of what Roam is have all come from the #RoamCult.

But when we saw @roamhacker's Roam42 was obvious we needed to follow their lead
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The PM tools I introduce in the rBook are skills. We learn them by actual practice. To practice the WBS, first list down actual projects (we also learn best with actual needs/wants). Image
2/ In the rBook, you'll get prompts like this one. Here in Twitter, you can just reply if you want. Or do this in Roam, on paper or whatever you write on.
3/ Among the projects in your list, pick one among those that needs PM (projects that need coordination of many kinds of work), not projects that instead require deep work (consistent execution of few kinds of work, like writing or coding).
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#RoamGames submission: Roam Inter. Create streams anywhere in your graph. Other Roam graphs can easily subscribe to any feed, at any place in their graph. Streams are updated in near-real time, and support block-references and embeds! Image
Could be used to keep track of work across a small team (daily updates etc)

@RoamResearch #roamcult Image
You can even subscribe to the Roam Change log, and receive updates directly in your database.

Newsletters that publish directly to your DB.

Roam books as subscriptions.

Since streams are full Roam blocks, you can also automatically import SRS cards, use linked references, etc Image
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