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11 Feb, 7 tweets, 2 min read
May I add electric cars? If u want to live without fossil fuels, it'll be almost impossible. Speaking of oil, watch this documentary by the BBC called Planet Oil & how it has taken over everything. Don't delude urself to think u are green & not black.…
Must watch it to understand the world we live in, if u're not already aware of the role of oil & its derivative in your life. Once u do, u'll find the hypocrisy of vegan shoes etc.

Everything u touch has fossil fuels, including electricity to charge ur phone to read this tweet.
People think oil = the energy that powers your car & therefore if you buy an electric car, say a Tesla, your green cred is up.

But that is delusional thinking. That electric car requires oil to even be manufactured & very energy intensive. And its source of power is fossil fuel.
But oil isn't just the gas you pump at the station, it carries the goods u buy, including planes/ships/trucks etc. Its derivative is in the PLASTIC container that contains the food u eat, even organic.

Your house/life has plenty of plastic. Anything plastic is an oil derivative
When you eat fake meat that is processed to look & taste like beef, it is packaged in plastic, which is oil. And to create this, it requires energy/electricity, which is from fossil fuel (natural gas).

Oil = black & is considered bad but if u think that, here's the question...
Are you willing to live in a world that isn't fueled by oil? Because the CHEAP goods you consume, whether branded green or not, is because of fossil fuel that makes it possible.
Are u willing to work harder to have less? Buy less plastic-derived goods? Only super local? Be Amish?
Watch this: one of the best documentaries out there.…

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11 Feb
After that deflated CPI in China, US Jan headline & core inflation decelerated (lower than expectations & MoM lower than before). US 10yr moved lower to 1.12% but the debate on inflation continues: w/ weak demand but supply shocks, will we get stagflation?

Plus, there's fiscal!
Let's look at how the vaccination efforts are going globally:

The US is doing much better with 67.2% of supply used up & that 14 doses per person (I know many people that have gotten the shots). UK is great.

In EM, Chile is standing out. In the EU, Spain not badly either.
The experience of the US shows that after a slow start, there is a steep learning curve & the process gets faster (assuming you have the vaccines to deploy) and hence the distribution of existing supply has shot up in the US sharply. Don't assume linear progress for distribution.
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10 Feb
Good morning: and China CPI for January went negative -0.3%YoY & that mirrors other data like PMIs that show growth momentum sagging on weak demand. Obvs a lot of this is on the base effect + food but it now reveals that demand is a challenge & the PBOC is going to pay attention.
US CPI tonight & markets expect an increase (yield curve has steepened on expectations of CPI higher on fiscal & supply constraints).

Btw, if u ever wonder how a country grows out of its debt, it's nominal GDP or inflating its way out of it. Real rates in the US still negative!
Just like that, Korea unemployment rate went back to the 1990s (remember the Asian Financial Crisis). The KOSPI has been on a tear thanks to low rates & retail investors piling in, pushing up valuations. But jobs are MIA while real estate prices higher. Pres Moon got a problem.
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5 Feb
@Trinhnomics is with @LondonBreed . I mean, this SF School District has been an abomination as it focuses on renaming schools & other non-essential shenanigans etc. versus trying to teach students that desperately need an education.
This is what the SF Board has been working on: renaming schools, yes even Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson & Dianne Feinstein that it deems offensive.

Meanwhile, its #1 job of educating children is being neglected. I mean, someone do something about this.…
These are the people finding the school names offensive & prioritize renaming them versus teaching kids. None of them are black. The 1st black mayor of SF says that renaming the schools none sense & wants them to do their job. How did these people get their jobs & who are they?
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1 Feb
This issue of income inequality, specifically generational gap of wealth, is global. In South Korea, the youth has faced such a harsh labor market while asset prices such as housing have gone higher, making it hard to start a family (fertility dropped further & lowest in OECD).
Household debt went up in South Korea & some even borrow to invest. Before Covid-19, household debt was amongst the highest in Asia as the young & elderly took out debt to sustain consumption as labor market was weak. The short-selling ban caused many to want to join the rally.
I argue that they need to end the short-selling ban in mid March as intended (already 1 yr long) because it will only lead to more excessive risk taking & can only end in tears. Regulators need to protect retailers from falsely believing that there's no risk in equities.
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1 Feb
Good morning! Happy 1 Feb & beautiful day in HK. So far Asian data is not so bad for January, which means we're starting 2021 on a brighter note (not all).

Korea rocked it w/ exports & PMIs accelerating. Taiwan too! Yes, techies winning again. While Malaysia & Thailand sagging☹️
China Caixin out at 945 & markets expect some deceleration. Indonesia CPI is also out at noon. Key today is India's budget at 130pm HKT: People expect fiscal prudent (fiscal deficit narrowing but mostly on nominal GDP ). Let's see what India comes up with but no big bang je pense
Let's check how the global vaccine effort is going (our recovery is hinged on this as suppression measures are getting worse not better unless we can achieve this).

The US, esp CA, is getting better & using up 63.8% of total supply so things are kicking up a gear! 👏🏻
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29 Jan
As no one is interested in Asian economics today I'll just sit back & enjoy the show.

We have a raging pandemic & everyone, including the White House is on this case? Very very 2021.


Read my thread on millennials. Class warfare is the theme of our decade.
Btw, retail investors are gaining steam not just in the US but also in Asia. Why? Well, imagine sitting at home, being made unemployed by Covid-19 government policy, & seeing that people are getting richer buying stocks that seem to have 1-way up, wut do u do?

Get involved!🤗🇹🇭
Policy rate in Thailand is 0.5% (same in Korea where the same phenomenon is happening). Ordinary people are looking around seeing economies devastated but equity markets buoyant got the memo & getting super involved. Motivation is warranted to not miss out on asset inflation but.
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