Basant panchmi Rituals

Basant panchmi falls on panchmi tithi of month of magha. It is falling on 16th February on this year. It is a day to honour Goddess Saraswati, the presiding deity for education, music and speech. This day is very auspicious for marriage and Image

house warming ceremonies. Goddess Saraswati can bless us with great knowledge, talent in music field and incredible speaking skills. Performing simple remedies on Basant panchmi will help you to get blessings of Devi #Saraswati.

Rituals for Basant Panchmi:
1. You should wear yellow clothes on this day and offer yellow flowers to Devi Saraswati. Yellow is the color of planet Jupiter which is major Karaka for education.

2. You should do Saraswati puja on Basant panchmi. You should either visit temple

or place Saraswati idol in your home only for puja.

3.This is best day to start something in education sphere.Small Children should start their education journey on this day.

4. Donate items related to education such as notebook,books and stationary to poor children.
You can also donate old books to library or any orphanage.

5. As Saturn is transiting Capricorn, educational services to disabled or blind can help you reap good fruits.

6. Chanting Saraswati mantras is really helpful. You can chant mantra "Om Aim Saraswatyai Namah"..

You chant this with utmost devotion for gaining good merit.

7. Apply saffron and sandalwood tilaks on your forehead.This strengthen your Jupiter.

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