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Got some TEA for you ☕️ … #Aquarius #Gemini #Libra #AirSigns

So let me keep it real bc that’s what I do. It seems lately you have been feeling a little tried, people pissing you off left and right right and just aggravating. You seem like your doing everything right and
getting nothing in return. I’m gonna let you know that your gonna have to take some accountability. You need to stop helping everyone and help you. You helping will not make them change. Your only stressing your own damn self out and that’s why your so easily triggered.
You got people are you who just want to take bc your heart is big and they know they can. You gotta set boundaries baby. You are the fucking goat. You are the 1. You better quit letting folks walk all on you. But not just that you gotta put your foot down and set somethings
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What you need to know right now.. #Aquarius #Gemini #Libra #AirSigns

You are in this stage where your going back forth between what you feel and what you know. It’s time for you to use your intuition. Just give it a chance and you’ll quickly notice how it might be trying to get
your attention. It’s all about choice and decisions from here on out. In the past you could have been very conflicted about things, but now your no longer held prisoner by this fear or the constraints of old beliefs. Don’t let it change you, remember who you are, the effort that
it took to get you to this point, and the gratitude you need to show to the people who helped you. Stay on your spiritual path and it will guide you to where you need to you. You have all the wisdom and will learn more on your journey. You never ever really stop learning things,
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💭💔 If your in separation from a #Aquarius #Gemini #Libra #AirSigns

This air signs has been watching you. You could’ve even realized fake pages in your views and blocked them. This person just won’t stop. Always looking through your comments and likes to see who you may be Image
dealing with. It seems lately you may have been keeping a low key profile, not really bc your trying to hide anything from your person but more so just because your trying to heal from this air sign and thief confusing ways. Your person may even be riding past your place or
asking people about you. Your person fell in love with you the moment they saw you and now it’s hard to let you go. You were more than likely out your person league. Now your air sign feels it’s just better to be alone bc it’s nobody like you.
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Your person current thoughts/feelings for/to: #Aquarius #Gemini #Libra #AirSigns

Your person can’t forget you even if they wanted to. Your person is gonna come back to you and work on this. Your person is seriously in love with you and gonna take action towards you soon. Your Image
person wants it all with you. A successful, a marriage, kids and just to be happy and committed to you. Whatever your person left you for couldn’t ever in a million years compare to you. Your person tells everyone that their still in love with you. You may be getting a sign from
your person soon. Or possibly your person will be getting some kind of sign to make their way back to you. Your person never really put forth the effort towards you bc they knew deep down they didn’t deserve you anyways. Your person could have been showing insecurities towards
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💌 Message for #Aquarius #Leo #Capricorn #Virgo #Gemini
( s m r v ) 🤦‍♀️🔒💓…..🏃✨

There’s someone who has love for you, but they’ve expressed it the wrong way. This person might’ve been codependent, or a bit controlling, when it came this connection. They might’ve projected…
their insecurities onto you, and jumped to conclusions, which then created arguments. This person is unclear whether you even want to be friends at this point, but they feel bound to you regardless. If there are any secrets that need to be revealed, they’ll come to light, but…
this person plans on reaching out to fix this. You might feel like this connection is constantly trying to reach peaceful ground, and you might not be so willing to move forward with this person. Some of you will choose to explore your life purpose and happiness without them…
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💌 Message for #Scorpio #Sagittarius #Pisces #Aquarius #Capricorn ( s m r v ) 🤔❤️‍🔥✌🏾….🤩🎉

It took some time, but someone has re-evaluated their priorities. This person might’ve had a lot of responsibilities in their life that kept them from fully focusing on this connection…
but it looks like they’ve cut ties with those negative energies that have been taking advantage of their money and time. You might’ve felt like this person strung you along and played with your heart when you were in contact, but during this time of releasing old energy…
they’ve been staring at your photos. This person has been thinking a lot of about where things went wrong and they feel now is the best time to put work into this. They might’ve walked way from this connection, but they feel they left their heart with you…
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💌 Message for #Libra #Pisces #Aquarius #Taurus #Gemini
( s m r v ) 🙏🏾😨…..❤️‍🩹✨

Someone plans on getting back on your good side, but careful, this person might be coming in with more promises they can’t keep. You might have found proof that this person wasn’t…
as serious about this connection as you were, and even after their deceptive ways they want you back in their energy. This person finds themselves daydreaming about you and sends love from afar, but they want to close the gap they feel is keeping you both apart. They might’ve…
devoted a lot of time to you, and then all of the suddenly stopped putting in effort, and they fear that you have moved on. They know you are someone with options, but they don’t want anyone coming in-between this. This person is not over you, and they want to talk…
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✉️ Message for #Aries #Pisces #Aquarius #Capricorn #Leo
( s m r v ) 😓😣… ……..🍃☺️💚✨

It’s time to embrace your individual freedom and allow change to take over in your life. You could be holding back progress and the fulfillment you are looking for, by holding onto…
people and situations that are meant to stay in the past. You are the one who holds the keys to the doors and opportunities that you desire, but you can’t get there carrying more than you can handle. You might be hurt by situations that were out of your control, but use those…
moments as a guide to help better navigate your life. Those tough times weren’t meant to slow you down but to help build you up. Careful not to have your guard up so high that you close yourself off completely. If you have bottled up emotions, release them…
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💌 Message for #Gemini #Virgo #Pisces #Aquarius #Aries
( s m r v )…..🥺💭💍🛐

Someone’s waited quite some time to make a significant move towards you, and they are tired of putting their life on hold thinking about what to do next, and not acting on it…
This person will finally be taking charge and moving swiftly in your direction. This connection was meant to come together, but someone didn’t allow it to unfold naturally. This person now wants it all, and they are re-evaluating a long term commitment with you…
They know you are the one for them and wonder if you might still be feeling this too. This person was afraid for you to get to know the real them. They were afraid that if you got to know who they are inside and out that you might not accept them…
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✉️ Message for #Sagittarius #Scorpio #Capricorn #Gemini #Aquarius ( s m r v ) 🥳📮✨🎁

You might be feeling on top of the world, and if you aren’t, you will be soon. There’s an offer coming in that’ll bring the happiness back where you’ve been feeling a bit heavy…
You might’ve had your eye on something from the past that you thought wouldn’t come your way, or you might be feeling like an opportunity was missed, but it’s here. It might be something you’ve given up on, or even forgot about, but this needed to show up at the right time….
This will be a victory for you and recognition will be given. There might be some temptation that suddenly arrives to try and deter you from accepting and entering this joyous time, but don’t fall victim to these lower vibrational energies. You haven’t gotten this far…
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💌 Expressions from their heart for #Pisces #Scorpio #Aquarius #Cancer #Capricorn #Leo ( s m r v ) 💭

• “I need you to help me understand what a divine connection is. I’ve never experienced such passionate chemistry, and it’s alien to me.”
• “We’ve crossed paths for a reason. To grow, evolve and learn valuable lessons. It’s not the end.”
• “I’ve projected so many things onto you that you didn’t deserve, but that only taught me things about myself.”
• “I’ve realized you are the person my heart longs for. I just couldn’t see it before because I was blind.”
• “We both need to remove our blockages instead of creating more.”
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💌 Message for #Leo #Aries #Capricorn #Libra #Aquarius
( s m r v ) 😵‍💫🥶📲

Someone’s playing mind games at the moment. There might’ve been a sudden change in a connection that left someone feeling like the other couldn’t be trusted. You might’ve walked away from this…
person, or vise versa, but someone has turned cold towards the other. This person feels this connection has been suddenly ripped apart and they aren’t in the best of moods. Someone might be thinking of reaching out and it’ll be quick communication, but this…
connection might be in need of some time apart. The difficulty you find yourself in wont be easy to repair without some self reflection. This love might have the tendency to get a bit toxic, and you both aren’t in the right energy to proceed forward in a positive…
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💌 Message for #Sagittarius #Scorpio #Pisces #Libra #Aquarius ( s m r v ) 🕯❤️‍🔥💪😘

Someone is done keeping their love from you inside. This person has been keeping their feelings a secret and now the time to express them and build together has come….
There’s someone who wants to begin a beautiful connection with you. They’ve daydreamed of days spent with you and the love that they hope you’ll eventually share. This individual sees how independent and hardworking you are on your own, and they feel you can add…
significant love and value to their life. They have been preparing and readying themselves for somebody to come along and grow with them. They’ve built solid connections around them and have a circle of people that they can trust, but one thing they feel they are…
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💌 Message for #Pisces #Cancer #Capricorn #Aries #Aquarius ( s m r v ) ……😐👀🫂💗

Someone might just be playing the part right now. This person might be sitting in the middle of a decision between you and another person, but you might’ve already made the decision to block…
this person. This individual might be unclear of which direction to go next. They could be thinking of ways to disconnect from an ongoing toxic situation in order to pursue something with you. This person feels like the soul connection you share is nothing like they’ve…
felt before. They just wish this connection came around sooner than it did. They feel the connection they share with you is intoxicating and the energy you both create when in communication, or with one another, is addicting. They might not have been honest with you…
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💌 Expressions from their heart for #Cancer #Libra #Gemini #Aquarius #Capricorn #Scorpio ( s m r v ) 💭

✨ “Would you be able to handle loving me as I am?
✨ “I don’t mean to confuse you with my hot and cold behavior. I just wake up everyday with a different perspective.”
✨ “I know that you are bottling up how you truly feel inside. I can sense that you have so much more to say.”
✨ “I know you are just trying to look out for me and I honestly appreciate everything you do.”
✨ “I am not blaming you for anything. You are not the only person I’ve messed things up with.”
✨ “It triggers me when the universe bombards me signs and synchronicities about you. It makes me wonder wtf is happening.”
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💌 Message for #Taurus #Pisces #Virgo #Gemini #Aquarius
( s m r v ) 🙇💭💏

Someone has been juggling between their heart and their head when it comes to a connection. The question they continue to ask themselves is, should I stay or should I go? You, or the person…
you are in connection with doesn’t feel this connection is thriving in the best way, and there could’ve been heartbreak in the past that they can’t seem to get over. Someone feels like there hasn’t been enough growth or forward movement to keep this thing going, but…
there is something keeping you both attached to one another. There’s been so much time and energy invested in this, and you might even have children with this person, but someone, or both of you, might be going back and forth internally about whether to quit, or fix it….
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💌 Message for #Virgo #Aquarius #Cancer #Libra #Aries
( s m r v ) 😖❤️‍🔥🙏🏾

Someone is upset with themselves for never saying how they feel about you. This connection is so magnetic that at times it became overwhelming, and someone didn’t know how to take it. You never left…
their mind and your energy always felt intertwined with theirs. You’ve shown them divine love and have opened their hearts to what healing love feels like. They thought they had been in love before, but this is something they can’t even compare to anyone else…
This feeling is new, exciting, and very consuming. The gate to overcoming the obstacles they feel are stopping this connection from coming together is approaching, and they want to walk through it straight to you. This person wants to bring clarity to this connection…
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💌 Message for #Capricorn #Aries #Scorpio #Gemini #Aquarius ( s m r v ) …..🥺💻❤️‍🩹

There’s someone watching you online, and they are hurting from the last conversation they’ve had with you. This feels like a third party energy who felt this connection…
was right person, wrong time kind of thing. A door to this connection might’ve just opened and someone is racking their brain about how to return. They might be discussing this situation with others around them, but this person is contemplating settling down with you…
They want stability and consistency, but the feel it won’t ever happen when it’s supposed to if they don’t act quickly. In the past this person put up a wall, and has closed themselves off to this connection because of the feelings that are involved, and someone might’ve been…
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💌 Message for #Taurus #Aquarius #Aries #Leo #Sagittarius
( s m r v ) 😥💭

You, or someone you are connected to, might be having some internal conflict about this connection because it’s not the right time for this union to come together. Spirit is asking that you…
release and let go of this individual. This person has a history of being in toxic relationships, they don’t know what a good connection is, or what a healthy connection is supposed to feel like quite yet. There’s growth that needs to be had within them, so this cycle of…
waiting and wanting them back must come to an end. This connection that you long after is stalling progress for one that is meant to come your way. This past person was a lesson that was meant to elevate you to higher levels of love and commitment, but before…
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✉️ Message for #Leo #Aquarius #Aries #Capricorn #Sagittarius ( s m r v ) …..😌⛱✨

You might be coming out of a tough cycle in life at the moment. There might’ve been multiple things that you felt were weighing you down with no relief in sight, but there is a bigger…
change occurring that will be propel you upward into much happier times. There has been stagnancy, obstacles, and heavy burdens, but it had to occur. You just went through some heavy clearing. There was a release that needed to happen, and then a pause, so that…
past debt could be cleared. There’s no more surprises from the past that will come to trip you up, you’re walking into endless possibilities. I’m not saying life will be a cake walk, there’s always twist and turns that come up, but there wont be lingering wounds from the…
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Of course, after #Aquarius has poured its steely and idealized waters on us, we see two fishes swimming in opposite directions before us.
This is #Pisces. Pisces memorializes the struggle of how the impermanent is made to endure, of how what endures dissolves away
This has real-world correlations like how #Pisceans feel both the exhilaration & challenge of having bodies while seeking more…
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#Saturn and #Venus is a natural pair. Saturn is the fixed expression of Libra as its middle decan, and also the mutable expression of Taurus as it's third decan, transforming into Gemini. Venus exalts Saturn in Libra, masculine cardinal air sign.
Furthermore, Venus is the cardinal expression of Aquarius, and represents the force the transforms Capricorn into the active + airy Aquarius. These two play a balancing game that highlights important planetary transitions across the zodiac.
Saturn's exaltation in Libra further affirms this connection and importance to finding structure and foundation even in a high-movement sign like cardinal air libra. Saturn is the force that tames Venus, just like Mars is the force that tames Jupiter. Mercury relates the lights.
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🌙♒ New Moon in #Aquarius
This energy activates unexpected, sudden events as karmic situations. Mercury/Pluto/Nodes contact stands there for transformation of the mind especially about the past/future axis. It needs grounding, introversion,
deep analysis of thinking methods, re-analysis of the self, projections about the power and re-evaluation of them, transformation about the past/future versions of yourself, learning systemic methodologies to improve yourself and your abilities, eager for control or loss of it.
Understanding needs for the "upper" vibration and alinement of your life standards with this, possible health problems might appear. It will activate 24-26 degrees of cardinals, 10-12 and 27 degrees of fixed signs and 25-26 degrees of mutable signs.
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✉️ Air signs: #Aquarius #Gemini #Libra
( s m r v ) 💭💵

Careful who approaches you within the near future air signs. This could also be somebody who’s already in your energy. I see this person is struggling financially, and you not so much. This person only sees dollar signs…
when it comes to you. They don’t have a good reputation, and their actions show that they can’t be trusted. They could be chasing you now or will be, but you’ll be taking a big risk if you give this person the time of day….
You’ll be robbed of your emotional and material stability if you do. Tread carefully.

[ Another Aquarius or Gemini / Taurus / Sagittarius / Virgo might be significant.]

•only take what resonates•
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