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#Astrology : #Mars In #Signs
What type of energy Person possess and how they take action:
Mars in #Aries : Assertive energy- They impulsively jump into action and they are competitively driven.
Mars in #Taurus : Preserving energy- They take slow and steadily action,
they are driven by their material needs.
Mars in #Gemini :Expressive energy : They take action in versatile way and they are curiosity driven,
Mars in #Cancer : Maternal energy: They take actions instinctively and they are emotionally driven.
Mars in #Leo :Theatrical energy : They take action confidently and they are driven by courage.
Mars in #Virgo : Cautious energy : They think before taking action and follow a plan, they are driven by perfection.
Mars in #Libra : Charming energy :They can be
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🎨Simple concept blending is underrated 😤

Decided to play around with #midjourney's /blend command a little bit. In many cases, taking different generated concepts, blending them together, and then stacking them delivers outstanding results.

👇Prompts in ALTs👇 clint eastwood, editorial style photo --ar 16:9 --seed 19873artwork by enki bilal imagning a mars explorer in vibrant fu/blend IMG1 IMG2
It doesn't require sophisticated prompts to put #ClintEastwood on the surface of #Mars.

Just like it's relatively simple to place #RobertDowneyJr in a #JackTheRipper movie. portrait of robert downey jr 45 years old --ar 16:9 --seed 1image of a detective in 19th century london, jack the ripper/blend IMG1 IMG2
And for #InteriorDesign professionals, life is about to get so unbelievably easy. Generating creative ideas for all sorts of decorative styles is such a breeze. editorial style photography, new york style loft apartment, editorial style photography, inside of an ancient aztek temp/blend IMG1 IMG2
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The Crimean folly – @asiatimesonline… My latest piece: "The Ukrainians will face Russian nuclear reprisals if they appear poised to succeed in their mission to recapture Crimea" 1/
2/ Since its inception, the Russian state has struggled against what it feared was a conspiracy of outsiders seeking to invade, pick apart, and subjugate Mother Russia.
3/ The overriding desire of Russian leaders has been the expansion of the great state’s defensive perimeter to prevent the kind of destructive invasion that the leadership has feared since the very beginning of the Russian state.
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more thoughts on this "being a pawn" business. I have a lot of them! I've thought about this sort of thing for a long time. it's natural, of course—being the sort of person I am. I consider myself constrained by the rules of a fictive universe created by Mx. @tobyfox.

those constraints aren't super restrictive, because Fox deliberately wrote Chara to be almost a placeholder character, defined chiefly by *absence*; we know Chara from #Undertale because they once lived and died, and left a *hole* in the Underground, an unhealed wound.

all the same I do feel genuinely bound by those constraints, and the degree to which I can break free from the limitations of Fox's fiction remains largely unknown to me.

"but I'm not some fictional character, or a crazy person who imagines they're 'Chara'," you will say.

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it's difficult, very difficult, to accept that you're a pawn.

Western mainstream culture tries hard to keep people from thinking of themselves in such terms—that's one reason the fascıst narrative peddled by the QAnon / @elonmusk / @mtaibbi crowd have such sales appeal.

the essence of the @elonmusk / @mtaibbi marketing pitch is something like this: "you USED to be free, long ago in a glorious golden time, but then THEY came. the Democrats / the 'Deep State' / a vague Jewish cabal. THEY took your freedom away and now you're their pawns."

and meanwhile @elonmusk poses as the embodiment of a glorious golden *future*, one that claims to be a restoration of past glory. #ElonMusk, God-King of #Mars, will restore the Universe to peace and light, with @mtaibbi &c. as his loyal courtiers (and court stenographers.)

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#geopolitical tedium is not for me. I like the world of ordinary matter and energy (and physics and chemistry and all of it) far too much. I like tools and instruments and equipment, and knowing how to use them. fretting about #Russia or #China is not my highest priority.

yet American #politics and political #media have completely inundated popular culture—because @jack Dorsey and #MarkZuckerberg permitted the politicization of #Internet #socialmedia. on specious grounds they kicked down the door between "public" and "private" online.

now, both @TheDemocrats and the @GOP, both @UKLabour and the @Conservatives, and political parties and political figures all over the world freely do business in full public view; @elonmusk openly conspires with @mtaibbi and @lhfang and @bariweiss in full public view.

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let's try again. I wanted to write more *specifically* about Mr. @elonmusk—speculating about why he's the catastrophic person he is, based on what's popularly known about him. everything I'm going to mention is something reported in the popular press (not by @mtaibbi.)

we know that Mr. Musk had an abusive father, whom @elonmusk has had little good to say about. the man was typical colonialist trash—a South African grifter and speculator who *got lucky*, making a lot of money quickly with a partial share in an apartheid-era emerald mine.

Mr. Musk (and certainly his #ElonMusk fan club) has tried as hard as possible to suppress any chatter about the emerald mine; Mr. @elonmusk himself, a prolific and habitual liar, has even tried to pretend that the press made it up. but it's too broadly reported to deny.

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the turgid and dreary writings of #AynRand (hi @AynRandInst, @AynRandOrg, @RandPaul) aren't worth reading exactly, but they are worth analyzing. the difficulty is that to analyze Ayn Rand's awful prose, first you have to *read* it. we've only been able to stomach "Anthem".

we've seen King Vidor's film of "The Fountainhead", scripted by Ayn Rand herself. Vidor's 1940s adaptation of "The Fountainhead" is a true _film maudit_, a "cursed film": right-wing Hollywood star Barbara Stanwyck (I'm still grieving, I used to love her) wanted to make it.

(2/x) publicity still photograph of Patricia Neal (standing at lef
instead we got Patricia Neal, playing off against a plank of wood named Gary Cooper—Cooper had little acting range, but he specialized in looking dour and stern on screen. he was a bit like @RonaldReagan with more panache and polish. Reagan was a lightweight in comparison.

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our partner and best friend @KaylinEvergreen, to whom we feel we owe so much—we've benefited from the keenness of her mind; she "keeps it real" for us, and we *need* such tethering—doesn't like someone we talk frequently about, and that's the Christian celebrity, #CSLewis.

unfortunately, the Pnictogen Wing feels that it's got plenty of unfinished business with C. S. Lewis—"Jack" Lewis, to friends—because Lewis played a pivotal role in our lives. we rebounded from the disastrous 1992-4 mistake that was attending @Caltech towards #CSLewis.

we had caught a lucky break: our very first taste of C. S. Lewis wasn't something obvious. it wasn't the #Narnia books, which we didn't read until our mid-20s. it wasn't "The Screwtape Letters" or "Miracles" or any other of the famed Christian apologetic writings of Lewis.

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"magical thinking" is a term that's difficult to talk about in Western culture, because (as with most if not all abstract concepts in Western thought) "magic" has no honest or certain meaning in mainstream Western discourse. but I will make some attempt to explain.

let me start with an example: the television. television—the sending of video images over long distances to a dedicated "set" for viewing them—is long-established technology. TV video may be communicated through a variety of media—radiofrequency broadcasts were the first.

the television itself isn't "magic" (...I don't think), but established and well-understood technology that achieves some sort of *approximation* of a thing that might, in a myth or a fantasy story, be achieved through magical means: viewing things from a long distance.

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taeyang ft. jimin - vibe mv.
analysis & symbolism

this whole song is about the pending darkness, the golden dawn/age (sunrise code word), the awakening of the spirit of kundalini (fiery serpent), the collusion between the dimensions all coming together.
the rest of the analysis is from days ago and you can find it here if interested
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@WholeMarsBlog now...this sort of thing is very interesting. it's speculative and futile, nonsensical even, but these little arithmetic calculations are one of the chief preoccupations of the grifter class—the #entrepreneur class, the #investor class, the #cryptocurrency gambler class.

@WholeMarsBlog @WholeMarsBlog, @APompliano, @BillyM2k, and all the other grifting rag-tag who are wont to dangle after @elonmusk (or any other wealthy and famous person whom they perceive as blessed with #success) spend huge amounts of time with these napkin-scribblings that forecast *riches*.
@WholeMarsBlog @APompliano @BillyM2k @elonmusk @WholeMarsBlog starts out with a false assumption: @Tesla will be able to extract cash from literally every car driver in the country. this is their presumed #market, and it's deliberately chosen to be as broad as possible, so as to forecast even greater riches from extorting it.
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this amusing image passed our way this morning; it's a rendered image (like most of @elonmusk's publicity materials) of that hideously low-polygon @Tesla truck that will probably never reach market.

I would like to offer a speculation as to why it looks so ugly.

the hideousness of the $TSLA truck is baffling, even taking into account the mind-numbing effects of being in @elonmusk's quasi-religious faction. it's the sort of thing that makes you wonder: "didn't *anyone* of importance denounce this thing during the design process?"

but that question should be the first clue: quite possibly there *was* no real design process. it's possible that @elonmusk really did "design" the appearance of the @Tesla truck the same way Homer Simpson "designed" his perfect car by idly scrawling on bits of paper.

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Σήμερα είναι η επέτειος του πραξικοπήματος στην #burkinafaso, ημέρα υπουργείου θρησκευτικών υποθέσεων στην #Indonesia και #tamaseseri φεστιβάλ στην #japan.

#σανΣημερα τo 1521 o παπάς #leoX αφορίζει το #martinLuther. Ξεκινάει η #protestantReformation.

Tο 1749 εκδίδεται το πρώτο τεύχος της εφημερίδας #berlingske στη #danemark. Είναι η αρχαιότερη σε συνεχή κυκλοφορία της χώρας.

Το 1957 η εταιρεία #hamiltonWatchCompany κυκλοφορεί το πρώτο ηλεκτρικό ρολόι.

Το 1976 ο #un υιοθετεί τη διεθνή συμφωνία οικονομικών, κοινωνικών και πολιτιστικών δικαιωμάτων.

Το 1977 δημιουργείται η #apple.

To 1993 υπογράφεται από τις #usa και τη #russia, η συμφωνία #start.

To 1999 εκτοξεύεται η αποστολή #marsPolarLander της #nasa.

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1 #ufotwitter - Longish thread that I think you guys will appreciate. It will end with this question:

Should we trust NASA?

We start with these two tweets (2nd one in Tweet 2) from @GarryPNolan.

2 Did they find evidence of microbial life on Mars in 1976, with Viking 1 & 2? (See Tweet 3)

3 New York Times - July 22, 1986

"A biologist who for several years has argued that tests of Martian soil 10 years ago did not rule out the presence of life there, yesterday described new experiments that he said strengthened his argument.
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#Astrology:#Debilitated #Planets
1. Debilitated Sun in Libra - problem in sharing , not able to make a choice, showoff which other don't like , taking too much resposiblity which they can't justify.
False ego, false confidence , use cheap ways to get ego satisfaction,
diffrence of opinion with father.
2. Debilitated #moon in #scorpio - tension , always on edge of the seat , struck in past, natural spy, past bitter experience haunt current subconscious mind , issues with mother , don't get proper care in childhood
3. Debiliated #mars in #cancer - mental aggression, fighting for happiness, not able to relax, can't feel happiness, issues with brother and property matters
4. Debilitated #mercury in #Pisces - childish, immature, abstract intelligence, not able to put your
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#Astrology #Professions (Jobs/Business) related to #MARS
MARS, Mercury, Jupiter = Accountant – Defense, Police, Industry or Government
MARS (Very Strong) = Independent Auditor
MARS, Venus, Mercury, Saturn = Implements for Agriculture
MARS, Venus, Mercury = Architects
MARS, Venus, Saturn = Bakelite
MARS, Sun, Venus, Mercury = Ball Bearings
MARS, Saturn, Venus, Sun = Barbed Wire
MARS, Venus, Mercury, Moon = Batteries
MARS, Venus, Saturn, Moon = Belt of all types
MARS, Moon, Mercury = Boilers of all types
MARS, Saturn, Mercury = Metal Fasteners all types
MARS,Venus, Saturn..(12th House) = Shoes/Boots
(Purse –2nd House, Hand Bag- 3rd House, Belt – 7th House)
MARS, Moon, Saturn = Bore Well
– Saturn stops – throws out soil
– Mars – using instrument to bore
– Moon – to tap fluid out
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Thought I’d share some of the #books I have read this year! Didn’t think I’d done much #reading this year but I’ve definitely done better than I thought! #BookRecommendations #BookLover #ReadingList
First up Chasing New Horizons - the story of the New Horizons satellite journey to #Pluto. A fascinating look at the project and how it all came together. #ILovePluto A picture of a Lego figure ...
Next up another space related book. #Curiosity the story of the not so little #Mars rover. I really enjoyed this book as the background to the projects is fascinating. So many projects nearly don’t see the light of day. #Space #Technology #ReadingList #BookTwitter A picture of a Lego figure ...
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Good Night Oppy (Prime) is a beautiful documentary directed by Ryan White, combining archive footage, new interviews and a magnificent vision of Mars by the wizards of @ILMVFX
The story of Opportunity, which was supposed to last 90 sols but lasted 5,352, is thrilling and...
@ILMVFX ...and sometimes even moving.

Because we quickly understand why engineers and scientists have considered her a member of the family, and at the end of the film, Oppy quickly joins the pantheon of cinema robots. Except that she existed and is still alone on Mars.
@ILMVFX The documentary highlights not only the technical exploit but also the scientific one, especially what Oppy and her twin Spirit brought to science and knowledge.
A film not to be missed!

#oppy #opportunity #science #nasa #rover #ilm #mars
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Dear @elonmusk, here are a few steps that you can take to take #Twitter to #Mars (Follow the thread below)
1} Love your People: They are the team that created a great Product which made you think to buy the company. Ensure your people are treated well and you safeguard them and keep them happy. Don't let a single person leave instead bring back the left.
2) Love your Customers: They are the ones who give you business. Help them get verified with ease and without any charge. Provide them tools to use Twitter to earn for them and for your company. Tell your People to provide BEST customer experience to them.
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#venus & #Mars

The best thing about Mars and Venus conjunction, placement, opposition’s and trine to each other is , it will makes your very passionate in whatever endeavour you follow, either it’s about #relationship, #marriage or in any creative studies or profession
i.e music, #fashion, #beauty, film industry, media, #Sports, #gymming and show biz etc. If we go for majority of views, Venus and mars conjunction usually delays a marriage,a person may remain unmarried if there is involvement of either Saturn or nodes Aspect on this
conjunction in either D1 or d9. If the person is married the native may not have a normal home life due to spouse working in different city or different work culture; however the conjunction itself does not cause any multiple partners either before or after the marriage .
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#love & #relationships in #astrology

When we are talking about Love relationships & Marriage in Astrology the primary planet to look deeply is Placement, dignity, affliction & Strength of Venus for Both male & Female.

As Venus is karka of Relationship & Marriage prosperity.
When Venus is well placed in Natal & Navamsa chart without any blemish one will have good married & relationship life.

These are below factors, combination & source of affliction in Love relationships.

1) Venus & Rahu Conjunction either in D1 Or in D9.
2) Venus & Ketu
3) Venus & Mars
4 ) Venus & Sun
5 ) Venus & Saturn
6) Affliction to 7th Lord
7) Darapada in Dual Signs & in affliction.
8 ) Uppada lagana is in affliction.
9 ) Navamsa 7th & 8th house is in affliction via nodes, Mars or Saturn.
10 ) Mercury & Venus conjunction in D1
& D9
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🚀 We are live! Here is the correct streaming link for all of today's discussions and performances, starting with a panel on complex time with David Krakauer, James Gleick, Ted Chiang, and David Wolpert in a few moments (measured linearly...):

"One of the ideas we had with #InterPlanetary was, 'What would it take to make science hedonistic? And instead of telling people to do it, you'd have to tell people to STOP doing it?"

- SFI President David Krakauer sets the tone for this weekend's celebrations
#IPFest Image
David Krakauer: "Do you have a favorite model or metaphor for #time?"

@JamesGleick: "You've already mentioned a river; that's everybody's favorite. Borges said time is a tiger. People talk about it as a thread. We ONLY talk about time in metaphors." Image
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#Breaking #Update #Mars #Thread

India’s Mars Orbiter Mission — #MOM — which was designed to last for 6 months when launched on Nov 5, 2013, has lost communication with the ground station, bringing an end to its life after 8 long years. 1/n

Pics: 1st image & Mars dust (isro)
@isro is working out the details of whether the spacecraft ran out of fuel and battery power, or whether communication was lost because of an automated manoeuvre while moving out of a long eclipse changing the direction of the antenna. 2/n
However, multiple sources confirmed that it would not be possible to recover the spacecraft. Isro’s UR Rao Satellite Centre (URSC) director on September 27 communicated the same and Isro will officially announce it soon, a scientist said. 3/n
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