BREAKING: 9 #OathKeepers indicted for conspiracy, including 7 members of the tactical "stack" seen entering #Capitol in combat gear.


This is a major development! The conspirators come from:

-Ohio: Donovan Crowl, Jessica Watkins, Sandra Parker & Bennie Parker
-Florida: Graydon Young, Connie Meggs & Kelly Meggs
-North Carolina: Laura Steele
-Virginia: Thomas Caldwell
Purpose of the #OathKeepers conspiracy:
"to stop, delay, & hinder Congress'scertification of the Electoral College vote."

Manner & Means:
-equipped selves
-geared up
-moved in military formation,
-stormed #Capitol
-used comms
4/ Overt Acts:

Beginning on November 9th, just after the election, Jessica Watkins of Ohio was recruiting people to be "fighting fit" by inauguration, and moving them over to the @Zello walkie-talkie app for communications.
5/ By late November, Watkins was messaging a recruit about the need to "Fight, kill and die for our rights"...

...and Thomas Caldwell of Virginia was saying to Watkins "I believe we will have to get violent to stop this"
6/ Its December and in Florida, Graydon Young gets involved in the local #OathKeepers chapter & pretty soon is recruiting others.

Donovan Crowl of Ohio goes to a "training camp" in North Carolina...
7/ "#Trump said It's gonna be wild!!!!!!! It's gonna be wild!!!!!!! He wants us to make it WILD that's what he's saying. He called us all to the #Capitol and wants us to make it wild!!! Sir Yes Sir!!!"

- #OathKeeper Kelly Meggs in Florida.
8/ Kelly Meggs posts on December 25th that he's ben named "state lead of Florida," presumably #OathKeepers.

Meanwhile Graydon Young contacts Florida combat training company about getting "Ultimate Training Munitions" rifle training for 4 people.
9/ As 2020 winds up the conspirators are busy sorting out "pre-strike" plans and discussing who will "schlep" weapons & discuss a "heavy" Quick Reaction Force, 10 minutes away from the #Capitol (presumably) so that they don't have to 'carry'
10/ Its Jan 6th. Leaving hotels in DC and VA, & driving up early in the morning the conspirators meet up.

After attending the #Trump rally they dress for battle & head to the #Capitol.

The @nytimes has a great narrative of this 👇
11/ Sidenote: the #OathKeepers donned their battle rattle behind a jumbo video screen blaring "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" at the Trump rally.
12/ When the #OathKeepers arrive at the #Capitol we get an iconic moment: the stack, captured by @rstevensbrody

Personal note: the stack has haunted me since saw the footage. So glad to see the indictments. Hoping for a better sleep tonight.

13/ The #OathKeepers make it inside the #Capitol. Someone directs Watkins on @Zello to make a citizens' arrest* of Congress...

Meanwhile Caldwell is on the west side w/others, storming past barricades to the balcony.

*(nb: citizens' arrests = fav. obsession of anti-gov groups)
14/ latest #OathKeepers indictment should be read in its entirety.

This conspiracy to disrupt the🇺🇸tradition of democratic, peaceful transfer of power... was encouraged and sanctioned (they believed) by Trump.


• • •

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20 Feb
BREAKING: @TheJusticeDept & @FBI investigating possible ties between Roger Stone, Ali Alexander, Alex Jones & #Capitol rioters.

Scoop by @hsu_spencer & @DevlinBarrett
2/ Curating some threads.

Roger Stone: multiple #OathKeepers seen providing security to Roger Stone on Jan 5 & 6 went on to participate in the #Capitol siege per @nytimes.

3/ Ali Alexander marched to the #Capitol alongside Alex Jones. Ali was telling his followers to "Get down to the US CAPITOL! Orders from POTUS"
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19 Feb
NEW #OathKeepers arrests! Sandra PARKER from Ohio participated in the #Capitol 'stack' & breach. Husband Bernie provided assistance.

Evidence of coordination w/ arrested Oath Keepers WATKINS & CROWL.


Story @ohiocapitalblog h/t @CTExposers…
In December Sandra & Bennie (correcting spelling☝️) connect with Jessica Watkins, who runs the Ohio State Regular Militia. They settle on joining Watkins et al. in DC. Weapons, outfits logistics are discussed.
Sandra & Bennie Parker stay at the same hotel in Arlington, VA as Watkins & Crowl. @FBI finds them interacting on surveillance footage. At 5:21 AM on 6th they are spotted rolling gear out of the hotel on a trolly.
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17 Feb
WOW: take a pass on the @LastPass password manager.

Parent company $LOGM is part-owned* by a notorious private equity firm that has helped grow some of the most problematic surveillance companies on the planet.

Francisco Partners profited from the Belarus internet shutdown, per @accessnow...

Helped grow notorious spyware company #NSOGroup...and so much more.

(transparency note: replaces previous tweets b/c acquisition is complete, not just in progress)
Want a better password manager option than @LastPass... that doesn't support surveillance tech investors?

@ConsumerReports & @SecPlanner recommend @1Password, among others.…
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17 Feb
Who is doing good work helping vulnerable & margnialized folks without power and heat in Texas?

Where can we donate?
Also, thanks to those that flagged: @mckinneykelsey has listed some mutual aid groups where you can directly Venmo funds.

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15 Feb
Ali Alexander was on @telegram early this morning promising Civil War unless Biden concedes.

This man is dangerous, and obviously unhinged.

I am terribly concerned about the message that his loyal supporters are taking away from this.

h/t @lukeobrien for spotting this!
Perhaps "leading political theorist" Ali Alexander was having a rough Valentines day?
How unhinged is Ali Alexander? I'll let him do the talking.
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14 Feb
BREAKING: at least six men that provided security for Roger Stone entered the #Capitol during the siege, per a @nytimes visual investigation.

All six are associated with the far-right #OathKeepers militia.


2/ On January 5th, Stone appeared at the Supreme Court, glad-handing and being driven in a go-kart. Later he attended a rally near the White House.

As the @nytimes team shows, his security entourage featured a host of #OathKeepers...
3/ In the morning of the 6th, Stone stood outside the Willard InterContinental hotel, again flanked by men associated with the #OathKeepers.

Some of them, like Rob Minuta, have been named in prior reporting.

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