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WOW: Tantrum-throwing #Capitol breach suspect Richard Barnett & his lawyer just went on Russian state-owned TV.

Reporter asks if he'll do it again

Lawyer cuts Richard off, then Richard goes on a rant about living and dying by the constitution.

h/t @JuliaDavisNews
The man presenting about Richard Barnett?

Dimitry Kiselyov... a Kremlin-favorite known for anti-American rhetoric.

He notoriously warned that Russia could turn America into "radioactive ashes" during a report on the Crimea.

Video: ITN News.
The Russian State-owned TV episode where Barnett appears pushes the narrative #Capitol breach suspects are being treated unfairly.

Where have we heard that before?

It also features some..uh.. claims by Richard & his lawyer that need scrutiny.

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BREAKING: serving @Chicago_Police officer Karol Chwiesiuk breached the #Capitol.

He bragged about it...even claimed he knocked someone out night before.

Later texted: "N*** Don't snitch".…
2/ Narrator: in fact, Chwiesiuk s device location history snitched on him, before his texts could...

The complaint more or less tracks his every move from Chicago to the inside of the #Capitol.
3/ Interesting: complaint makes a point of showing an email Chwiesiuk got from Stop-the-Steal promoter Ali Alexander on January 5th telling people where to meet at the #Capitol #Jan6.
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NEW: Conspiracy indictment for Three Percenters militia from CA for role in #Capitol breach:

Alan Hostetter 56 San Clemente
Russell Taylor 40 Ladera Ranch
Erik S. Warner 45 Menifee
Felipe Martinez 47 Lake Elsinore
Derek Kinnison 39 Lake Elsinore
Ronald Mele 51 Temecula

2/ Back in Spring 2020 Alan Hostetter et. al. created the "American Phoenix Project" to fight COVID restrictions...

Like so many anti-shutdown groups, by November, they were advocating violence in support of Trump & pushing the stolen election narrative.
3/ Alan Hostetter was a fixture in the Stop the Steal movement...

Also, he is a former sheriff. Here he is calling for the execution of Trump's foes.

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What I find curious: the 1 time I saw Seth trying to visually investigate the Capitol... he was off base.

Also, he is *factually wrong* here on the demographics of the #Oathkeepers that the NYT investigated.

Moreover... 1/
2. I am perplexed as to why Seth went after this particular visual investigation.

After all, it produced stories like this: showing Trump intimate Roger Stone's bodyguards joining in the Capitol siege.…
3. The GOP is trying to whitewash the history of an unprecedented assault on our democracy.

#seditionhunters' work means that the story of the #Capitol siege continues to be written, break news...and cannot be so easily dismissed.…
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Enough with the "they were not armed" lie.

Christopher Alberts (black hoodie) stating intention to overthrow the gov.

-Alberts brought firearm & large capacity ammo device
-Alberts engaged in violence. THREAD
2. Indictment: Christopher Alberts was armed while assaulting police at #Capitol.

He was not the only one.

Lonnie Coffman had guns on his person when arrested. And a truck w/a cache of homemade napalm & rifles.

3. Almost nobody that entered the #Capitol got frisked, let alone searched. You saw it. Everyone saw it.

But plenty of folks were armed.

Here's a Sig P320/M17 (@MalcolmNance ID'd it for us) carried by unknown male #gingergun.
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🚨NEW: former Navy SEAL Shannon Rusch... brought his SON Trevor to the #Capitol siege.

There is VIDEO. Trevor breached the Capitol carrying a police baton.

Investigative collaboration between us, @1600PennPooch & reporter @KELLYWEILL. THREAD 1/

2/ Yesterday our investigative collaboration revealed that Shannon Rusch, a former SEAL and motivational speaker joined in the #ProudBoys surge to the capitol.

3/ Former SEAL Rusch uses social media a lot.

Including repeatedly posting pictures of himself and his son Trevor, and tagging him, in DC on January 5th...
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BREAKING: former Navy Seal Shannon Rusch joined #ProudBoys as they surged over barricades to the Capitol.


Investigative collaboration between us, @1600PennPooch & reporters @arawnsley & @KELLYWEILL.

Former SEAL Shannon Rusch (BUDs class 236) is a motivational speaker, and writes books like "A Warrior's Mind."
Former SEAL Shannon Rusch is first visible marching with now-arrested #ProudBoys leaders towards the #Capitol.

He carries a megaphone that he uses to lead chants.
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EXCLUSIVE: The man who rammed a car into Capitol Police, killing one, has been identified as Noah Green. Green was armed w/a large blade when he was shot dead. He identified as a follower of the black nationalist Nation of Islam movement.

FB has immediately deleted his profile.
I only had seconds to look at Noah Green's Facebook page before it was deleted. He was living in Norfolk, Va.

From what I saw, many of his posts were of a religious (Islamic) nature. He appeared to be a deeply devout follower of the Nation of Islam & went by the name, "Noah X."
Here is another photo of the deceased U.S. Capitol attacker (25-year-old Noah Green aka "Noah X") that I managed to save before Facebook deleted his entire profile. #NationofIslam #Capitol #CapitolHill
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„Law and Order“ when white people cause the threat.

You are aware of the fact that Mitch McConnell reacted the way he did 2 weeks ago (!) only because he wanted to play down the risk of domestic terror by white supremacists?

But sure. Tell me more about me being the racist.

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JUST IN: National Guard deployed at #Capitol after Car attack. 3 people in hospital include attacker and 2 Police.

Streets around building blocked, building in lockdown mode. FBI assisting:
This is much faster deployment of National Guard than the January attack where it took hours. In part because many remain in DC.

Security precautions in place but fence had been taken down recently
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BREAKING : Car smashes into one of US #Capitol entrances, ambulance on site, 2 people carried on stretcher and chopper came in and left.

Developing... video shows car:
• Car rammed into barricade • 2 Capitol Police injured • Suspect IN CUSTODY • All 3 transported to Hospital

That's official update from Capitol police
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⚡️🇺🇸A helicopter seen landing on the east front of the Capitol.

#USA #capitol
⚡️🇺🇸Several people have reportedly been shot on Capitol Hill - unconfirmed reports. #USA / #Capitol
🇺🇸⚡️The car rammed the protective barrier in front of the Capitol.
Two people were injured.
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1/ Update on this story and it's a doozie, (but not a whopper). We don't tell whoppers around here. All of this is true and open-sourced. Marshall left the Infrastructure Ministry after his Proud Boy ties were revealed in this expose:…
2/ His dad (Jim Darbyshire)'s LinkedIn shows he was put in charge of the Toronto Police Public Order Unit - Special Events section AFTER his son participated in and emcee'd a pro-Proud Boys support rally with the JDL in 2017.…
3/ Daddy was also logistics lead at the G20. He has a certificate from the RCMP for ‘Counter-terrorism’ (also 2018). His son was at Queens Park demonstrating with extremists, on behalf of a now designated terror group! Is every journalist in this country asleep at their desks?
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NEW: Federal prosecutor Michael Sherwin tells @ScottPelley "I believe the facts do support" sedition charges for some #Capitol siege participants.

@ScottPelley 2/ Sherwin: initial push was to create "shock and awe" with arrests before inauguration. Wanted folks to be afraid of arrests if they returned on Jan 20th.

Began with the low hanging fruit "internet stars" (confederate flag guy, #ziptieguy...etc)
3/ The initial strategy resulted in >100 arrests pre-inauguration.

Sherwin emphasizes that the "most serious" cases are the 2 dozen or so against far-right militia members. Like the #OathKeepers from this stack
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NEW: latest #ProudBoys conspiracy indictment for the #Capitol breach is damning, and shows plenty of planning.

Proud Boys "Chairman" Enrique Tarrio also shows up, and appears to have been briefed on elements the plan.

Quick THREAD 1/
2/ The indictment covers Nov-Dec fundraising & organizing (also covered in superseded indictments) but gets INTERESTING on January 4th...

When #ProudBoys "Chairman" Enrique Tarrio is arrested, accused conspirators panic that communications are compromised & create new channels.
3/ KEY: one of the indicted #ProudBoys posts messages on various PB chats claiming "no plan" [me speculating: meant to confuse listeners?]...

An hour later unindicted co-conspirator 1 ("UCC-1") is busy planning & directing the newly created small group.

Who is this UCC-1?
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NEW: Domestic Violent Extremists (#DVEs) will "almost certainly" attempt violence in 2021 says @ODNIgov report...

... which adds the "Emboldening impact" of #Capitol siege to racist & anti-gov views as possible drivers.

h/t @SeamusHughes:…
2/ @ODNIGov also assesses that self-radicalized small cells & lone wolf attackers are more likely to carry out violent attacks than large organized groups..

...and white supremacists' persistent transnational connections are an area of special concern.
3/ As @SeamusHughes points out out, the assessed risks aren't news ..but the source is.

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NEW IMAGES: Julian Khater bear spraying #Capitol Police officer Sicknick & his colleagues.

Once the officers are hit, they appear to react one-by-one and retreat to flush their eyes with water. 1/ Khater spraying the officersText and image: the officers are seen bent over trying to waMore images of the officers retreating.
2/ Exchange between Khater and Tanios caught on video:

Khater: "give me that bear s ***" [reaches into Tanios' backpack]
Tanios: "hold on, hold on, not yet, not yet...its still early"

Prosecutors: this shows they were working in concert & had a plan to use the bear spray.
3/ Multiple tipsters fingered George Tanios (@FBI #254) & Julian Khater (FBI #190).

Tipsters also directed the investigators to Facebook postings by Tanios of himself at the #Capitol wearing the same outfit in the FBI's BOLO pic of him. FBI subject 190 - picPicture of  George Tanios from the FBI BOLOText describing how a tipster led the FBI to Julian Khater. Facebook postings by George Tanios showing him posting that
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NEW: Timothy Hale-Cusanell breached the #Capitol.

He is a @USNavy contractor obsessed with antisemitism. He wore a hitler mustache on his base at @NWSEarleNJ & quizzed colleagues about whether they were jewish.

It gets worse... 1/

Story: @kyledcheney… Picture of him with a hitler moustachePicture of him with a hitler moustache34 colleagues confirming radical viewsPics of him in capitol
2/ SHOCKING: a @USArmy sergeant at @NWSEarleNJ wrote to judge he'd be:

"Proud to have someone like Mr. Hale serve under me." Said he was 'appalled' by 'slander' about white supremacy.

BUT same Sergeant had *confirmed* Hale-Cusanell's antisemitism to a @RealNCIS investigation! Screenshot of the positively worded letter, saying he was aptext from the article linked in above tweet. Sargeant said hPics of defendant with hitler mustache
3/ When @RealNCIS asked why he didn't tell the judge about the antisemitism he'd previously detailed...@USArmy Sgt. John Getz of @NWSEarleNJ said he:

"was not personally offended by Defendant’s conduct.” Prosecutors disclosed the NCIS investigation results in part“He described Hale-Cussnelli’s demeanor as ‘joking but
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NEW: #ProudBoys member Christopher Worrell was just arrested for participating in the #Capitol siege... and unloading his pepper spray at the police.

He got 'agitated' when the @FBI first contacted him..

Let me share fact about Chris aka #SgtPepperSprayer...

h/t @ryanjreilly
2/ Worrell was in Forgiato Blow's cringeworthy "We Outside" music video, filmed during the siege (left)

Casting beautiful shade, the @FBI used a still from video in the ID the brand of pepper spray Worrell used (right).

pic from the hip hop videoPic from the FBI documents
3/ Interesting: the charges feature impressive OSINT work by @FBI agent(s) to demonstrate that Worrell's pepper spray was indeed aimed at police.

Charges:… Images of him using pepper spray, alongside ppl around himImages of him using pepper spray, alongside ppl around himImages of him using pepper spray, alongside ppl around himMore pepper spraying pics, and the FBIs conclusion that he w
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BREAKING: 2nd Roger Stone #OathKeepers bodyguard arrested & charged. After guarding Stone Joshua James of Alabama... stormed the #Capitol.

Great to see: this is someone many of us spent *much* time tracking.

Story: @kyledcheney & @joshgerstein…
2/ Looks like James was findable in part by a lot of phone calls to other #Oathkeepers named unnamed.

His device was also placed in vicinity of #Capitol during attack time.… Text showing him having communications with other oath keepeText showing him having communications with other oath keepeText showing him having communications with other oath keepeText showing him having communications with other oath keepe
3/ He was tricky for all groups doing sleuthing because he was disciplined about keeping his gaiter on when with Roger Stone & at #Capitol.

However, for a brief (& immensely gratifying to find) moment in siege footage his face was exposed.

Vid: Pic of Roger stone and the now arrested oath keeper
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INSTRUCTIVE: here's @Google responding to an @FBI geofence warrant showing that a suspect's device was in within #Capitol.

Clearest illustration yet of what production on these warrants looks like (I've annotated).

Source: Jared Adams complaint.

h/t @alanfeuer Picture from a court filing showing a box drawn around the c
2/ Location data is calculated from many signals, like device GPS, nearby WiFi beacons & much more.

Device location will always carry a degree of spatial uncertainty, as illustrated with these blue circles.

Specifying the uncertainty is key. Close up of previous illustration showing dots of the deviceLegend from the picture.
3/ Geofence warrants are powerful. And increasingly popular. They also introduce concerns about unwarranted searches & potential false positives.

My favorite example: a man caught up in a warrant because he biked past a burglarized home.…
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1/ NEW: last night prosecutors showed #OathKeepers' leader Elmer Stewart Rhodes ('Person One') communicating with & giving directions to #Capitol siege participants.

(From a detention filing for Thomas Caldwell)
Story: @kenbensinger & @jvgarrison… screenshot from a signal me...screenshot from a signal me...Picture of Oath Keepers lea...
2/ #OathKeepers leader Rhodes also gave directions about bringing weapons to DC without being arrested for gun possession...

And he reassured Oath Keepers (anxious about not bringing firearms?) that "well equipped" quick reaction forces (ORFs) & others would be outside city. Screencapture of Rhodes dir...
3/ Reason we're all scrutinizing #OathKeepers detention filings?

1) They signal bits of what the Gov knows about any organizing & planning of #Capitol siege.

2) They are our best window into a possible (but NOT confirmed) case being built against leader Elmer Stewart Rhodes. Picture of Elmer Stewart Rh...Screencap from detention me...
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