Where Osamu insists on being the destination of choice for MSBY gatherings so he can keep an eye on the redhead and the tall curly-marked dude who are always circling his brother in a way that sets Osamu's teeth on edge. He's not at all sure they're good enough for Tsumu
so thank goodness he's got a popular shop with delicious food so he can keep an eye on them, make sure they don't get too close to Tsumu or try any hanky-panky.

Osamu's also grateful that the team captain seems to have a solid head on his shoulders, and makes sure Meian has no
complaints with the shop or service any time he brings the team over because it's critical that he keeps bringing them there. Osamu's not going to let some ginger pipsqueak or towering mysophobe run off with his Tsumu so easily. Not on /his/ watch.

In fact, he always seats Meian
as close to him as possible, so he gets all the team gossip as well. If there are any hints of anything strange, or untoward happening between his brother and those clinging fanboys, the captain should know about it and thus Meian is critical to him as the hub of info on Tsumu.
"Brought ya another bottle of sake," Osamu says, smiling as he presents the gift to Meian. "On the house, 'course."

"Well aintcha thoughtful," Meian responds, holding up his cup.

They share a conspiratorial glance and smirk, and then Osamu fills Meian's cup.
"So how's Tsumu's new serve workin' out?" Osamu asks, glancing over to where Atsumu is staring into Hinata's eyes while Hinata tells him a story complete with adorable hand gestures.

Osamu wants to puke.

"Oh yer brother was unstoppable in the last game," Meian replies.
"Oh yeah?" Osamu says absently, eyes fixated on how Sakusa is sitting too close to Atsumu on his other side, joining the conversation with Hinata but also scritching the back of Atsumu's head a little too casually. His brother's already blushing like crazy.

"Say, Osamu-san" Meian touches Osamu's arm and reclaims his attention. "Why don't we go upstairs after this... an' I'll tell ya all about it?"

Osamu frowns, but if the captain wants to spend a little extra time talking about the team then it's in his best interest to go along.
"Sure, yer always welcome, Cap," he answers.

Meian's grin is foxy enough to suggest he's got a touch of Inari in his ancestry, but Osamu's too busy watching Hinata place a hand on his brother's thigh, and Sakusa curl an arm around his brother's shoulders to notice.
When the shop closes, Osamu watches his brother get escorted to the train station with Hinata on one arm, and Sakusa on the other. He tsks, biting his thumbnail.

"Coming?" Meian calls from the staircase up to Osamu's flat.

"'M coming," Osamu answers, annoyed at his brother's
lack of self preservation. He's going to have to do something about this.

He makes tea for himself and for his guest, and joins Meian on the couch. "So ya were saying about the last game?" Osamu starts, handing the cup to Meian.

Meian takes it and then sets it aside.
"I'd rather get reacquainted with ya," Meian says, arms hugging Osamu's waist and pulling him tight against him. "Been so long since our last date."

Osamu's not sure this is what he'd call a date, but Meian is attractive and he sure knows how to kiss, and Osamu figures it's not
too big of a deal to enjoy some making out if it keeps the MSBY captain happily giving him the dirt on Tsumu on a regular basis.

Letting Meian tumble him into bed is a somewhat bigger deal--but nothing he can't handle. In fact, he likes it quite a lot, Meian's attentiveness and
skill and overall largeness, filling him up 'till it burns, making him ache and thrash in pleasure two times that night, and almost letting him forget to wonder what might be happening to his brother at that very minute.

In the morning Osamu's blissfully sore, stretching
under the sheets and then sitting up when Meian comes in--coffee mug in his hand and wearing nothing but his boxers.

Osamu takes the mug and smiles over the rim, finding the sight of the hickies he left on Meian's pecs in the night and the ease at which he moves about the place
stirring up a strange warmth in his core.

"G'mornin'," Meian climbs back in bed beside him, and leans in for a kiss.

After an interlude, Osamu smiles into Meian's neck and answers, "'Mornin."

Then he puts his coffee aside and straddles Meian's lap, seeking another chance
to burn up in Meian's embrace before necessity means they'll once again part ways.

"When's the next time yer team's comin' to the shop?" Osamu asks later as they get dressed.

"Already thinkin' of our next date?" Meian chuckles.

Osamu shrugs at Meian's cute name for their
little arrangement, and figures it doesn't hurt to call it that when it happens often enough, and is enjoyable enough to be apt.

"Course," Osamu says. "I'll be upset if ya take the team anywhere else."

"I would /never,/" Meian chuckles, hugging him from behind.
When the team files into the shop a mere three days hence, Osamu meets Meian's gaze across the shop and they share a conspiratorial smirk.

Osamu gestures to the seat next to his workstation, the one always reserved for the captain, and Meian saunters over to claim it.
Osamu also checks where Tsumu is sitting, finding him once again between Hinata and Sakusa, who are--once again--sitting a little too close to him for Osamu's tastes.

Osamu scowls, turning away so he can pour Meian some top shelf sake he'd just ordered in to the shop.
Meian takes a sip, then makes loud noises of appreciation over the flavors, his big hand resting for a moment on top of Osamu's. Osamu grins, always happy to see others enjoying food and drink.

When he looks back over at Tsumu, Tsumu's staring at him, slack jawed and pinched
like a pickled plum. Tsumu makes wordless gestures with both arms, flapping away like a moron, which Osamu finds quite hilarious until Hinata and Sakusa both slide in and hold onto Tsumu in an attempt to calm him, but Osamu sees right through it for the possessiveness it is.
Osamu bares his teeth at the both of them, glaring a warning for them to get off his brother immediately--which they both have the gall to ignore.

Tsumu erupts from his seat. "Cap! /How could you/?!!" he shouts, finger pointing accusingly at Meian, his face turning apoplectic.
Osamu steps in front of Meian, hands on his hips. "Tsumu! Yer botherin' the customers!"

"Ahhhhh! Yer defendin' him?" Tsumu's pointing finger shakes, and he looks unsteady on his feet.

"Quit makin' a scene!" Osamu crosses his arms.

Atsumu puts his hands over his eyes,
swaying. "I can't believe this!"

Osamu starts to yell something, but Sakusa and Hinata take his brother by the arms and keep him upright.

"Maybe we should go elsewhere," Sakusa says.

Hinata nods. "Don't worry Osamu-san! We'll take good care of him!"

Osamu gapes as they leave.
He puts a hand to his brow, faced with the now irrefutable evidence that those two are fucking his brother. His /brother/!

Osamu feels woozy and takes a half-step to the side. Meian instantly stands up and clamps big hands around his arms to steady him.

"Hey, hang on there."
Osamu tries to take a deep breath but his pulse is skyrocketing. "They just--they took him!" he complains. "Oh my god...."

Meian gives him a sheepish look. "Here, sit down okay?" He steers Osamu to his chair and plops him in it.

Osamu takes off his cap and puts his head down
between his knees.

His /brother/. With /them/.

"Oh my god," he repeats, nauseated and helpless.

"There, there," Meian says, crouching beside him and rubbing circles in his back. "If it's any consolation, I think they're truly in love?"

Osamu whips his head up, horrified.
"In love!" he shouts in disbelief.

Meian lifts his hands, shrugging. "Hey it just kinda happens like that sometimes!"

"Like what?!" Osamu makes fists on his knees, still agitated at the thought.

Meian sighs and takes Osamu's hands. "I dunno... it just happens."
Osamu blinks. It takes him an embarrassingly long amount of time to realize what Meian is saying, there on his knees, in the shop, with customers and pro volleyball players all around them.

Osamu's head combusts, cheeks hot enough to grill squids, which is about how boneless
he feels at this moment, heart thudding and ears steaming.

He looks at Meian, whose face is breaking into a huge grin that makes wrinkles at the corners of his eyes and is maybe his new favorite sight in the world.
Osamu feels the hairs on his neck rise with the sense that everyone is staring at them.

He stiffens, deciding he'd rather not look away from Meian to check. "Is everyone staring at us?"

Meian squeezes his hands again, and then opens his mouth to reply--
"Yep, everyone," says an all-too-familiar voice from somewhere behind Meian.

Osamu's eyes flick up, searching the crowd--an there's Sunarin, holding up his phone that has the recording light on.

Osamu gapes, then locks eyes with Meian.

"Maybe we should--?" Meian cocks his
head at the front doors.

Osamu nods, and they both jump up. Their audience erupts in applause and cat-calls, which makes no sense at all, but Osamu takes off his apron and throws his keys to his shift manager behind the counter right before Meian grabs his hand and they make
a run for it.

Three blocks away they're still running, and Osamu starts laughing. This is ridiculous, right? Is this his life? God!

Meian is laughing too, and after another block or two they slow down to a walk, and then Meian tugs him to the corner where he hails a cab.
Osamu follows him into the backseat, breathless and flushed. "Where we headed?"

Meian grins, leaning close and taking his hand again. "Been wantin' to show ya my place for a while," he says.

Osamu smiles. "Sounds good to me."
Meian's place isn't that far, and for some reason Osamu feels right at home, each of them cooking part of the meal that they share, drinking beers and talking about nothing in particular.

Osamu stays the night, which is perfect in every way.

The next morning is perfect too.
The best part is being so utterly content, that there's not a single bit of room left in Osamu's head to worry the slightest bit about his brother or his brother's love life, because he's so full of Meian's laughter and sweetness and the wondrous feeling of being in love. 💖

• • •

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tooru huffs, "you mean like /yours/?" he angles to nibble all over shouyou's ears.
shouyou giggles harder and squirms. "nuh-uh!"
tooru smirks and kisses down to his earlobe. "oh they're pointy all right. and pretty cute. like a /shrimp/."
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and on nights osamu works late +
and the rice cooker hasn't been turned on yet, the house still smells fresh and good, like home. osamu has a way with rice, honed over years of practice and routine like omi's spikes, his receives. omi's not as good with rice but he's a dedicated learner, and his efforts +
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