Pompeo's State Dept relied on End Times extremist @adrianzenz to accuse China of genocide.

Our review of Zenz's paper shows wanton data abuse, absurd manipulation of source material & huge errors.

There's so much wrong w/ his work we ran out of room. thegrayzone.com/2021/02/18/us-…
Throughout his paper, Zenz framed public healthcare expansion that cut maternal and infant mortality rates in half in Xinjiang as genocidal.

He also manipulated data to give readers the sense that 80% of new IUD insertions took place in Xinjiang, when the real number was 8.7%.
Zenz displayed a photo of an elderly couple receiving a free health check up at a medical clinic as evidence of "the thorough implementation of increasingly intrusive birth control methods." Not only is the couple too old to have children, Zenz omitted the photo's actual context.
Possibly the most absurd part of Zenz's fraudulent paper is where he claims 800 and 1400 IUDs are inserted *per capita* each year in Xinjiang. That means every woman would have to undergo anywhere from 4 to 8 IUD surgeries every day!
Virtually every footnote or data point I reviewed in Zenz's paper revealed some kind of propagandistic manipulation. Not only was his work not peer-reviewed, it doesn't seem to have been fact-checked. Yet the State Dept, AP, BBC, CNN, and Democracy Now still take him seriously.
There is also the issue of Zenz's rapture-ready Christian fundamentalism. He is on the record denouncing homosexuality and gender equality as works of the Antichrist. I assume he sees birth control as Satanic as well. His feverish extremism has clearly tainted his work on China.
It's hard to imagine Zenz's paper making it past a real academic peer review. That's why he publishes at Jamestown, which was founded as a CIA pass-thru.

His other employer is a right-wing outfit that registered all Covid deaths as "victims of communism."
In their review of Pompeo's genocide designation, lawyers for the Biden State Dept must have seen Zenz's work for the sham it was.

But Blinken is ignoring their findings, likely because he sees the designation as "leverage" against China. foreignpolicy.com/2021/02/19/chi…

• • •

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5 Feb
Good to see the Senate #BlueAnon committee getting back to the business of propagandizing the American public about phony Russia meddling threats and padding the budget of the “intelligence community” that failed to detect any problems ahead of January 6.
Federal enforcement saw no threats to the Capitol on January 5, as MAGA planned to storm it openly on Facebook.

As the storming of the Capitol took place the next day, the FBI told DOJ there was no threat.

We better find the Russians who did this. nytimes.com/2021/02/05/us/…
The Senate doesn’t want to investigate the well-established links between US/EU white nationalists and the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion - likely because the US armed Azov to turn up the heat on Russia.

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4 Feb
The author of multiple malicious, false and retracted screeds about me, @areidross, emailed me about his plan to smear me again in the Daily Beast.

I wrote DB editor, @NoahShachtman, about ARR's record of disgrace & his current Koch-funded work w/ police spies & right-wingers.
Here's @areidross's email pitch to @TheGrayzoneNews, which I edit. He wrote as "Lilac" from Earth First, which was shady. Months after I rejected his incoherent proposal, he began accusing me of controlling a secret commie-fascist alliance with Kremlin space lasers.
I wonder if ARR's Earth First buddies find it odd that he now works with the Koch-funded "Network Contagion Research Institute," collaborating with a NYPD intelligence veteran, a Tea Party Republican, and DHS officials who call Antifa domestic terrorists. networkcontagion.us/about/
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2 Feb
This is a tactic the CIA tried unsuccessfully in Venezuela.

Incidentally, both Leonid Volkov and Navalny were fellows at Yale's Maurice "Hank" Greenberg program.

While overseeing AIG's illicit practices, Greenberg reportedly sponsored CIA activity around the globe.
Guess who else was a Maurice Greenberg World Fellow at Yale?

Carlos Vecchio, who currently serves as Juan Guaido's coup ambassador in Washington DC, where he lobbies for regime change and presides over the pilfering of Venezuela's state assets. thegrayzone.com/2019/06/18/exx…
The destabilizing sanctions tactic advised by Navalny's top advisor was already deployed by the CIA in Venezuela in a failed bid to create divisions in President Nicolas Maduro's inner circle. Similarities between Navalny and Guaido grow by the day. mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-…
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19 Jan
Tony Blinken on the assassination of Maj. Gen. Soleimani: "Taking him out was the right thing to do."

Then he goes on to say in the weaseliest fashion why it wasn't.
Mitt Romney conjures a scenario in which China takes over the US and imposes its system. Does this mean we will be getting a national poverty eradication program?
Jeanne Shaheen and Tony Blinken now demanding "accountability" for Cuba's supposed sonic attacks on US diplomats, which were actually the result of cricket mating calls. news.berkeley.edu/2019/01/10/rec…
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16 Jan
Going through my footage from the Capitol riot and remembering how omnipresent anti-China and anti-communist rhetoric was.

Here a mob badgers cops arriving on the scene:

“Stop defending the CCP!”

“Y’all are working for Chinese agents. You’re working for a foreign power.”
“You wait and see how good you do under communist China. They’ll hold your families hostage.”

This was far from the only time I heard hysteria of a Chinese takeover openly entertained that day.
Among a mob berating a Capitol Hill local for arguing the election wasn’t stolen was this rage-aholic who brought up his own experience “escaping” communism out of the blue
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14 Jan
John Sullivan was at the forefront of pro-Trump violence in the Capitol, egging it on as he filmed.

Now he's Exhibit A in right-wing claims that Antifa instigated the riot.

I investigate his disturbing history of sabotaging BLM while posing as a leader. thegrayzone.com/2021/01/12/cha…
I studied video shot by Sullivan (Jayden X) in the Capitol and compiled some moments of him zealously celebrating the invasion & instigating the mob all the way up to Ashli Babbit's shooting. Watch with audio on.

No committed BLM activist would say or do this – and he isn't one
As DC BLM journalist @blackhousenew explained to me, Sullivan has been banished by activist communities across the country.

He's considered a dangerous provocateur & is the subject of deep suspicion.

This thread details some of his history.
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