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I promised myself I would not comment on the ongoing rumors about Trump indictments BUT THEY'RE HERE! I haven't read any other coverage, so here's my first blush take on the contents. A THREAD /…
This is more than the press rumors have been talking about. 793 is gathering and "losing" defense info; 1512s are obstruction of justice; 1001s are false statements; and 2 refers to Trumps role in the conspiracy. Image
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Whereas cable news will only present neocon pundits, retired generals, and ex-intel officials to sell you the Ukraine proxy war, @democracynow has the exclusive on self-described leftists who will sell you the Ukraine proxy war:
Like any neocon, this guest scolds leftists who spread "Putin propaganda," such as referring to the 2014 "US-backed coup" & "exaggerating the presence of Nazis in Ukraine."

Before @democracynow banned long-time guests like Stephen F. Cohen, it spread that "Putin propaganda" too.
After the guest dismisses the Nazi role in Ukraine as "Putin propaganda", Amy Goodman asks about Russia's role as "a center of the far right globally."

The guest responds by claiming that Russia influenced Brexit and had shady "relationships" with Trump. #BlueAnon ImageImage
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Kavanaugh is due for an 8-digit inheritance and has a pension worth millions. It was economically rational for him to borrow to smooth lifetime consumption. And he got a big lump sum of back pay in a class action award. Any credit card conspiracy theory is #BlueAnon.
Note also that Kavanaugh’s multimillionaire parents can give their only child Kavanaugh, his wife, and his two kids $128,000 in 2022 without incurring gift taxes (and similar smaller amounts in previous years), and it would never appear on a government disclosure form.
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This is so disgusting. It can't possibly be that all the many analysts who spent years warning NATO's actions would lead to war in Ukraine were simply correct, it's that they were preemptively creating Kremlin propaganda. Years in advance.
No no, see, the fact that they were right proves that they were wrong. They should probably be executed for treason.
Meanwhile this is the depth of Applebaum's analysis:
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1/2 Spoke tonight about the Russiagate playbook, illustrated by the treatment of AP's Matt Lee, of US officials lodging allegations against Russia and then painting any skepticism as Kremlin subservience.

Its roots lie in partisan hackery & bipartisan neocon hegemony:
2/2 Rather than seek evidence like Mike Lee did, US journalists across the spectrum have accepted Russia-tied allegations on faith, giving us such hits as Trump Russia collusion, Russian bounties, Havana Syndrome, Hunter's laptop being Russian disinformation, and now Ukraine.
I believe this was the network debut, at least for me, of #BlueAnon.
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Nearly a year and a half ago — on 8/2/20 — I started investigating QAnon. It took me three days to figure out that this was Mike Flynn’s operation and that it was going to be targeting elections.

Since this moment, I have worked my ass off seven days a week to stop it.
Two weeks after I started, I published this piece - 8/16/20

The title was misleading. Jim Watkins controlled the website that Q was on but was not responsible for the content which turns out to be Mike Flynn.

This article went extremely viral.
A couple of days later I posted this story which correctly identified the brainwashing process and the fact that QAnon was using “alternate reality game” techniques that I had helped invent to harm people.

I also wrote about the reaction I got.…
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Whoa, just tripped over this visiting my friend @BenBergquam whose Dad is a guest pastor this morning

"...“For a time is coming when people will no longer listen to sound and wholesome teaching. They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them...

They will reject the truth and chase after myths.” ..."

#BlueAnon 😳

2 Timothy 4:4 NLT…
@threadreaderapp unroll perhaps?
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I didn’t found Palantir

I’m not a Republican

I was a top donor to the Democrat-led @safersfnoboudin

#blueanon doesn’t care about the facts Image
@eddiekimx your ideology is showing

I don’t know you, I think you probably mean well, but you are spreading lies and your followers are bad faith actors

If you care about criminal justice reform you would realize this is not it, and it sets back the cause by decades
I live here. I’ve met the people in this video, I’ve done my research, and I know my community.

Our community is in pain and we want both criminal justice reform and safety.
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Misinformation is deadly

So please stop spreading the #BlueAnon conspiracy that multiple officers were killed at the Capitol

The body count at the Captiol is 4 at the moment, all the deceased were Trump supporters

No officers were killed at the riot

Why lie? @mmpadellan
Also, don’t pretend to care about the Saftey of police officers or their families when you were actively promoting anti-cop rhetoric in the wake of leftists terrorist attacks last year
Nobody is saying it was peaceful

An officer shot and killed an unarmed woman

That’s definitely not peaceful
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It’s time. It’s time for Texas.

It’s now officially 2 weeks since blue check media, experts & politicians absolutely lost their minds about Texas removing their mask mandate.

Unsurprisingly, cases are down -29% in the two weeks since.

They were wrong. Again. As always.
This thread is going to be obscenely long, and there’s a second one coming, but trust me, it could be so, SO much longer. The amount of devastating idiocy, deranged hyperbole, gaslighting and incompetence we’re all about to experience together is just…beyond description.

Let’s start with your favorite Governor and mine, Gavin Newsom, who went for the simple, superior: “Absolutely reckless”.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles has some of the worst numbers in the country, despite following all of Newsom’s rules.

Someone’s reckless Gavin, but it’s not Texas.
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All your heroes were content chasing tax $$ in a fiat regime & they couldn't sac up to change shit.

Now #MMT has gotten in front of incrementalists & begun doing what you couldn't & wouldn't do for the last BAZILLION years. Some of the victories are different than what you think
It's ok to HATE #BlueAnon & despise sell outs & point out when Progressives fail to do the minimum resistance & watch Joe Manchin do solo what the squad would not do for Medicare for All or wars or lies like Russia Gate & all the other horseshit the horrific establishment pushes
It's ok to point out how shitty the party is and how they leverage rotating villains to kill legislation
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No Democratic impeachment of Trump is complete with some batshit claims about Russia. See also:… #BlueAnon
See also @JasonCrowCO6 explaining to us Putin's daily bedtime/morning routine of "trying to figure out how to destroy American democracy."
See also @AdamSchiff on why we need to arm neo-Nazis and fuel a bloody war in Ukraine "so that they can fight Russia over there, and we don’t have to fight Russia here."
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Good to see the Senate #BlueAnon committee getting back to the business of propagandizing the American public about phony Russia meddling threats and padding the budget of the “intelligence community” that failed to detect any problems ahead of January 6.
Federal enforcement saw no threats to the Capitol on January 5, as MAGA planned to storm it openly on Facebook.

As the storming of the Capitol took place the next day, the FBI told DOJ there was no threat.

We better find the Russians who did this.…
The Senate doesn’t want to investigate the well-established links between US/EU white nationalists and the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion - likely because the US armed Azov to turn up the heat on Russia.

In fact, the Senate wants to send more arms to Ukraine.…
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.@JHWeissmann claimed Roger Stone/Trump camp “coordinated” w/ Wikileaks; mocked Russiagate critics; & asked: “what do they think they were right about?”

When we answered his Q by pointing out that his Stone claim is 100% bullshit, he complained about us being in his mentions: ImageImageImageImage
.@JHWeissmann’s cowardly complaint is joined by @ryanlcooper, who will emerge from his #BlueAnon hole to take digs at us on here and in error-ridden columns but then scurry away whenever challenged to substantiate the xenophobic Russiagate conspiracy theory he’s bought into. ImageImage
.@JHWeissmann with a very poignant rebuttal: Image
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