Once you understand how powerful propaganda is, it becomes immensely tempting to use it yourself

One of the reasons we've built an anti-reality machine is that journalism selects for people who are able to mindkill themselves to what they're doing
The flip side of this is that it's impossible (and idiotic to expect) you can transmit the full understanding of what leads to a good, virtuous, and productive society to every member of it

So some definition of "propaganda" is absolutely vital to keeping society functional
This means that "propaganda" itself isn't an evil function, it's a neutral one. Its virtue depends on the truth it's derived from

This might take the form of tradition, religion, Party doctrine, journalism, etc
Most if not all other forms of "propaganda" will admit that they're doctrine. They believe—rightly—there's nothing *wrong* with doctrine. It's necessary

Journalism is the unique outlier. It requires people built to lie to themselves about the very nature of what they're doing
The thing that World War SSC vs NYT has revealed nakedly bare is that journalists consider themselves *anti*-doctrinists. They purely believe that they have no special motives, malice, or ideological drive

They consider themselves pure truth-seekers. From three different pieces:
So the doctrine of the journalist isn't fixed: it's whatever we've decided is "truth," today. There is *one* comparison to the propaganda of modern journalists, but it's so on the nose that it's been made embarrassing to say

Here's the kicker: journalism believes itself the product of "objective, disinterested truth," but if you forced every single NYT writer to read this study Clockwork Orange-style, *not a single one* would dare to write a piece exploring it "objectively"

The response, instead, would be a feverish effort to dox, expose, and destroy the author for writing truth

All in the name of "objectivity"

Our cultural guardians—science-trusters, all of them!—cloak themselves in our highest "virtue," while viciously opposing it at every turn.

• • •

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16 Feb
One of the enduring mysteries of corona-chan is how much institutional opposition there's been to cheap, low (or even zero) risk at-home treatments and prophylactics

All of the Approved Science has only ever been social controls, and a vaccine
It's not like this is the first and only vitamin D study. We've had them since *last spring*. You might even look to that bane of "trust the science," "using your own eyes," to see how the virus fares where people get lots of vitamin D from sunlight


There are multiple (entirely accidental!) studies showing that smoking is highly *protective* against corona, reducing hospitalizations/serious cases by like 70-80%

Yet I've heard multiple gov PSAs telling me smoking makes you *more vulnerable to it*

It's all very very strange
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2 Feb
This piece documenting how the oligarch class funds vast networks of NGOs to coordinate progressive messaging, fabricate "data" and "science," and launder it through official channels is one of the most disturbing things I've read in a long time

This piece falls squarely into the category of "things you sort of already understood were happening but seeing it laid bare is like falling into a nightmare"
While 20th century democracy was hardly what you would call "organic," the 21st century model has been entirely captured by a tiny class of elites who carefully manufacture issues, moments, and crises while pretending this process is entirely "grassroots" and "people-driven"
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10 Jan
One of Moldbug's key insights was that progs are in love with the GOP because it represents a form of liberalism that progressivism has already defeated

This prog doesn't hate free markets. She loves them, this is a tweet in favor of them. Why? Because they serve progressivism
If this sounds crazy, think what absolute free trade *means*. It means sending millions of manufacturing jobs to Mexico, or ideally China, because it's cheaper

I.e. it means globalism. And what is globalism but the erasure of distinct nations? Is that a *conservative* project?
Globalization means centralization, which means erasing all local cultural norms and replacing them with the values of the hegemon

Which is crazy, because if true it'd result in things like Gab/Parler being shut out by the hegemon—or the US President getting banned from the web
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20 Nov 20
If you were persuaded or reasoned from normiedom into the dissident right, it's easy to lose track of that process, and then assault those in the middle for their lameness

But never lose sight that you *were* talked into it: and it took more milquetoast types to get you there
Consider also that the "pipeline" is constantly fracturing: either breaking back toward the establishment (or with "Breadtube) even full leftism), or toward our ranks instead, as they either go deeper, or retreat towards the more comfortable position
In the current age, the center is the least stable point (what even is the "center" now, when everything is realigning?), because this is an age of extremes, and so people walk up to the brink, and then fracture towards the extremes—usually, but not always, to our side
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13 Nov 20
Learning that John Gardner's GRENDEL is a vicious takedown of Sartre makes me understand why I loved it even as a young prog, and already makes even the second page of my reread an order of magnitude funnier than when I first took it in
That's the greatest part of it as art—it's written so that by the end, you *do* pity Grendel. But you also believe the world is made a better place when


Beowulf rips his limbs off and leaves him for dead

This is very similar, dramatically, to how Tolkien treats Gollum

But in Tolkien's realm, where Christianity is still in charge, Gollum is also *physically* weak—an object of pity, but overpowered by mere hobbits, once they understand what they're up against
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16 Aug 20
21st century schizophrenic mindset arises from the triple realization that

1) the "guardians of the truth" are lying to you

2) there's no alternate authority out there who can tell you what the truth really is, and

3) there is no way to figure out the truth on your own
The result, as Barnes gets at, is you know *something* is wrong. But you have no way to know what the true scope or scale of the wrongness might be

It could be a trivial error—or it could be that everything you believe is a lie. And you have to decide which, over and over again
Determining when a lie of way-of-life has been told, and what to do in response, isn't something normal people can reliably do on their own

That's the role of kings and chiefs and inquisitor-priests. And even they only had to decide now and then, not every single fucking day
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