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22 Feb, 8 tweets, 4 min read
For those following the Allen saga:

Hour 1 of HBO's "devastating—impossible to ignore" boilerplate pedo-accusatory film includes:

[Opening Scene]

Dylan: You can see the photos have been strategically cropped [to remove Allen].

(But not the identical ones given to filmmakers?)
As predicted, they include many innocuous events while attempting to paint them sinisterly, including:

- Allen paying to have Dylan's teddy bear flown to their hotel after she forgot it.

- Allen shopping for toys and gifts in closed toy stores.

- Allen "hovering" over Dylan.
The film presents the Maureen Orth propagated story how Allen's psychologist said he was "inappropriately intense" w/ Dylan.

But the full quote is clear: "I did not see it as sexual, but I saw it as inappropriately intense because it excluded everybody else..." He favored Dylan.
The only parties interviewed in the film are those who are championing these allegations, and those who are wholly irrelevant to it.

This includes complete outsiders offering commentary like Maureen Orth, Miriam Bale & Alissa Wilkinson (film critics), Claire Dederer (writer).
Throughout the film, they include scattered excerpts from Allen's 2020 audiobook.

They use these passages to help bolster the build-up surrounding it, but again the remarks are all innocent such as expressing his love and adoration toward Dylan and Moses as their father figure.
The closing moment of part 1 in HBO's new cash-in is Mia recounting the time she found "a stack of pornographic pics" of Soon-Yi.

She describes it vaguely as "of a woman, a girl...my daughter."

Note: Soon-Yi was 21 at the time. None of this has any relevance to the pedo angle.
Identically to how Maureen Orth spewed the "undeniable facts" story about MJ in 2019 which the masses then circulated in every argument, she did same against Woody Allen in 2014 (Dylan's 1st interview was w/ Orth).

As with w/ MJ, it can be fact-checked. levine2001.medium.com/the-woody-alle…
After stretching this story out to a tiresome extent, at the end of each episode they display one sentence for five seconds:

"Woody Allen denies ever having been sexually inappropriate or abusive with Dylan."

(Omitting how the criminal investigation also yielded no charges.)

• • •

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20 Feb
WADE ROBSON CASE UPDATE: The estate has submitted its reply to Finaldi's opposition to their motion for summary judgment.


The summary judgment hearing is slated to occur on Feb. 24. There is a chance we may learn the judge's tentative ruling on the 23rd.
The estate argues that the court's decision granting the demurrer in Safechuck's case (dismissing it) likewise applies to Wade's case.

Further, they allege "no reasonable juror could conclude" the companies would be any way responsible, given the undisputed facts and evidence. Image
"It is only because Jackson is dead—and Robson missed the deadline to file a creditor's claim—that Robson is contorting his legal claims to try to recharacterize Jackson's alleged criminal conduct as the supposed "negligence" of his wholly-owned companies."

Story in a nutshell.
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11 Feb
THREAD: A breakdown of the "compendium of evidence" Finaldi just submitted (in person, claiming it is "too large to electronically file" 😁) in hopes of preventing the summary judgment in Wade's case.

I've previously shared most of these materials in older threads, not much new.
Finaldi has filed 51 exhibits as part of his arguments.

As I foreshadowed, he's lodged 1000s of pages of largely innocuous & irrelevant materials w/ a few "points" underlined in each of them.

But lugging in totes full of "evidence" against MJ makes compelling footage, I'm sure.
Exhibit 1 - John Branca Deposition (October 18, 2017)

I previously shared this full deposition, here:

John Branca is 100% supportive of MJ and offers nothing supportive for Finaldi. Finaldi establishes Branca held business meetings w/ MJ on occasion lol.
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9 Feb
Remember the email re: Charli Michaels? Wade asks Joy about Norma's alleged conduct.

The only page Joy printed ended w/ "Wow. None of that is true." Wade still added it to his amended complaint—repeatedly blaming Norma ("companies").

Joy dismantles Wade's point AGAIN in depo...
In Joy's 2016 depo she is asked about the email.

JOY: "I was reprimanded by MJ, not Norma—I don't know where this came from. I did not get anything from Norma. It all came from from Michael."

Wade knew this in Feb. but still added it in Sept. amendment—a lie according to Joy.
Just as Wade perjured his declaration by claiming no knowledge of estate until 2013...

Just as Wade concealed book & 1000s of communications while claiming he only had one...

Wade added a known lie (according to Joy) about Norma to amended complaint just to further his lawsuit.
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31 Jan
Excerpt from Joy's depo—officers always lied to create victims.

"officer talked to Wade about FACT that he'd BEEN A VICTIM & this is was pedos do. Said 'you have done nothing wrong. you can tell us.'"

This dispels Wade's lie that he believed he'd go to jail if he said anything.
Joy confirmed like so many others that tabloids wanted to pay them to say something happened.

"They told him to tell me they were offering six figures for me to change my story. National Enquirer wanted me to change my story. They were going to pay me a lot of money to do it."
In order to believe Wade's robotic 2012+ telling of events, Joy has to convince herself that Wade reached peak Oscar-winning actor status by age 7.

He was "very convincing...we all believed you" from the first time they visited Neverland until years after MJ's death (1990-2011).
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6 Jan
THREAD: In 2013, Wade "It's time for me to get mine!" Robson debuted his tall tale accusations to universal disbelief, even among heavily guilt-centric audiences.

Of all pundits, Harvey Levin & TMZ staff were actually the most vocal in pointing out the absurdity of his claims.
When the details of Wade's claims first emerged and following his NBC tell-all, the overwhelming majority of TMZ's userbase (who have always been critical of MJ) also doubted them.

- 92% Didn't Believe Wade (168,500)
- 75% Wade Big Fat Liar (412,713)
- 75% MJ Not Pedo (612,329)
Initial sources in TMZ's circle suggested Wade's claims were based on "repressed memories" - The unfounded junk science commonly used in false CSA accusations (including those made against MJ by Kapon and Bartucci Jr.).

Wade made a point to tell Lauer it wasn't repressed memory.
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18 Dec 20
THREAD: With Safechuck's case on appeal again, here's a brief analysis of Finaldi's 2018-2019 appeals using his own briefs and filings.

Many of these same arguments will repeat in his new appeal—although there are a few material differences between the 2018 ruling and 2020's.
In 2017, the judge's dismissal of James' case was based largely on the statute of limitations. During his appeal, AB 218 was passed that negated these limitations on CSA cases, so it was reversed.

In 2020, Judge Young dismissed it based on the other irreversibly flawed causes.
A good portion of Finaldi's last appeal was arguing about the timeliness of the filing, since that was the key to its dismissal. Due to AB 218, timeliness is no longer an issue.

James waited 5 years after MJ died to realize his stresses were from "abuse" after seeing Wade on TV.
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