Thread on David Miller's network:

David Miller of @BristolUni has spent years spreading anti-Jewish racism, Russian state propaganda & crank conspiracy theories. His views & behaviour have long been documented & highlighted.

So no decent person would want to follow him? Right?
Yet he has thousands of Twitter followers.
Many are from academia.
It seems that British academics think he's a voice to follow.

I thought I'd highlight some of David Miller's followers.

But - i'm not going to include the very many academics as...
..they might conceivably follow him so as to keep informed about this crankademic. That's very charitable of me. I'm like that.
I also won't include the many journalists who follow him, for obvious reasons.

So, who does follow this racist crank of @BristolUni salary & position?
Well, it's no surprise to see that some familiar names appear in this list. People who seem to make a habit of following anti-Jewish racist cranks.

First up is - inevitably - @UKLabour NEC member, former Head of Disputes & Manchester Cllr @Yasmine_Dar
Next up is another with a track record of following anti-Jewish racists: yes, it's former Green Party leader @natalieben

Along with @akalamusic - he just can't resist an anti-Jewish account, can he?
Next we have another regular moth to the flame of anti-Jewish cranks: @UKLabour Cllr @vicwintergreen

Why does comedian @JosieLong follow David Miller? I'd ask her, but she already has me blocked. I wonder why?
Think of a major UK charity that has long had a stench of antisemitism about it and also happens to fund Israel Apartheid Week. Yes, it's @WarOnWant
Why does WoW follow racist crank David Miller?
Next up is another regular guest in these threads. It's former Deputy Director of Comms & Strategy for Corbyn - Steve Howell.
Why does @FromSteveHowell follow David Miller?
It's a mystery, isn't it?
Stating the bleedin' obvious now - yes, @STWuk just happen to follow a toxic racist crankademic. I can't think why that might be.
Now, you might wonder why @theSNP Foreign Affairs Spokesman @AlynSmith follows David Miller, given that Miller is a racist crankademic.

You could ask him.
You could ask the @nusuk Charity Director @peterrob1963 why he follows David Miller?

Equally you could ask @UKLabour Cllr & @BristolSouthLab member @JonnyWelly why he follows local racist crankademic David Miller.
Now, i don't think anyone needs to ask @NancyWMendoza why she follows David Miller.

Or former Level 42 drummer @bongosaloon (he still hasn't sued me for libel despite promising to years ago). Wake up Phil!
But we might ask why the assistant director of @EdinRapeCrisis follows an anti-Jewish crankademic. This affects any Jewish women who might need to seek the assistance of the centre.
So maybe ask @MaggieChapman
Ok - this will test you.
Why, why, why might Corbyn ally and all round superstar of the Galloway/Corbyn Left @SalmaYaqoob follow David Miller?

I know, it's a tough one.
Hello @Emina_ibrahim - @UKLabour Cllr and Haringey Council cabinet member.

Why exactly do you follow David Miller?
I am stumped. No idea why Kerry-Anne Mendoza would follow an anti-Jewish crankademic. Baffled. I think i need to lie down.

But how about Green Party Cllr for Leith @CllrChasBooth ?
Why does Chas follow David Miller?
Or @scottishgreens MSP @markruskell - why does Mark follow a racist, conspiracy theorist crankademic?

You could ask him.
Off to Wales now - why does @UKLabour Welsh MS @AlunDaviesMS follow a racist crankademic? Was Alun's judgement clouded by having had a drink?
When it comes to @UKLabour councillors who crop up in a list of cllrs following anti-Jewish accounts here, you have to hand it to @333maggiemay - she really does perform well (or badly, obviously).
What is it about @NEUnion ?

Why does their Exec member and candidate to be Gen Sec @Niamhms23 follow David Miller?

And NEU rep @Robbmonster - why does he follow racist crankademic David Miller?
We really might wonder why @ScottishTUC General Secretary @RozFoyer is following anti-Jewish racist crankademic David Miller?
Oops. Back to the @NEUnion
You know, representing many of those who teach our children.

Why is current Joint Gen Sec @cyclingkev following a well known anti-Jewish crankademic?
Back to @ScottishTUC - it seems there's a trend at the top as Deputy Gen Sec @DaveSTUC also follows David Miller, just like the Gen Sec.
Why is vice Chair of @UKLabour Somerton & Frome CLP @billythepink following an anti-Jewish crankademic?
We might also wonder why @UKLabour Southport CLP treasurer @lindaheap follows David Miller?

And why does @BrsNorthwest CLP follow David Miller?
So - yet again all these "good" people seem to have stumbled into following a notorious anti-Jewish, conspiracy theorist crankademic at @BristolUni

The intersection (see what i did there?) of the Left and anti-Jewish hate neatly encapsulated.


• • •

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3. This tweet by Marianne Tellier was called out by Jews and our allies and a number of Labour MPs - including Magaret Hodge - called on the party to take immediate action.
This story was all over Twitter and the national press - including BBC News….
4. The offensive tweet was posted on 23rd March 2018 and on 29th March Labour suspended Tellier.
5. During this period Owen Jones was tweeting furiously (as usual) and posted often about antisemitism and his glorious role in combating it.
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