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22 Feb, 10 tweets, 2 min read
Let’s keep going back: did she derail Matt Breunig’s career by making him say she “tried to starve me and my mother” by working on Clinton welfare “reform” (which she never worked on), then calling her a scumbag, then refusing to apologize, which is all he had to do to keep...
…his job at Demos (which I’m not sure he was even supposed to have, given that—unknown publicly—he was also on staff at the NLRB)?

The demented obsession w Tanden goes back to her firing current National Review contributor Ziad Jilani (which was obviously prescient!)…/2
…her getting rid of Lee Fang, who ended up as Glenn Greenwald’s ally at The Intercept, & had to apologize after being accused by a co-worker for racist behavior (again, prescient!).

So, those are Spielberg’s “social justice advocates.” (BTW, forgot to mention Bruenig…/3
…recently praised Romney’s child payment proposal, which would eliminate TANF; you know, the last shreds of welfare that remained of the 1996 welfare bill…which Bruenig accused Tanden of working on & nearly starved him & his mother.)

Finally, all these accusations that…/4
…Tanden is a union buster have a pretty big problem: the Union they claim she tried to bust never accused her of union busting. CAP eliminated Think Progress, reassaigned some staff elsewhere in CAP, & w the Newspaper Guild negotiated severance packages for the people they…/5
…didn’t keep on.

I’ve worked for organized labor, & done labor policy in a legislature, & I gotta tell you, if that was union busting it was probably the only time it included contractually obligated severance packages.

I mention all this bs not to be petty toward the…/6
…supposed progressives who have attacked her for years. I raise it to show the pettiness of the supposed long pattern of crushing progressive careerists & supposedly crushing progressive causes & institutions. It’s BS.

ALSO, & this is very important: the reason Bernie…/7
…& his acolytes hate her also includes some blunt (& IMO accurate) comments about Bernie & his staff. One would generously call them impolitic. If they were public statements.

But they weren’t public. Russians stole them from John Podesta’s emails & used them to help elect…/8
…Donald Trump.

So, petty & dishonest people who weren’t actually committed & coherent progressives got fired, publicly blamed her, & found supporters who were offended by her private reading comments used against her by Russian state actors

That’s what the anti-Tanden…/9
…crowd is defending.

It’s bullshit. /10

• • •

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21 Feb
In-person school begins in Chicago on March 1. Our kids are going in person, & we do most of the academic stuff ourselves, so these changes won’t affect us much. But for parents relying entirely for Chicago PS this move will put MORE burdens on the parents of the 80% of kids…
…not attending in person, bc CPS is lengthening the day, so the total time they have to be there as their kids do online school is doubling. And bc that longer day, the kids going to school 2 days per week be online as much as they are now, so parents’ net gain of time is zero/2
So, unquestioned belief nothing is more important than getting kids back at school is—w online school day for 5-7 year olds going from 2.75 hrs to 5.5 hrs, student/teacher ratio for online classes doubling half the week, & parents responsible for same or more online time—is BS /3
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13 Feb
I think Dems should’ve called witnesses. I think this is a mistake. But we should acknowledge it wouldn’t have flipped votes. It would’ve been the right political move. But we should also find out if McConnell would have blocked all other Sen biz until the impeachment was over /1
Also consider that the White House may have signaled that they want this to end ASAP. /2
Big problem with today is that yesterday afternoon few expected Dems to call witnesses. But Dems were still elated over the case put forth by the managers. Then the Herrera-Beutler news came out, people got excited at possible witnesses, & now the emotion is disappointment /3
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29 Jan
I wonder what percentage of people who 18 months ago were listening to Chapo are now QAnon loons.
Fun thing about tweeting about Chapo is that usually 1 of the 3 cowards does a screenshot, rather than link so I know who did it, & then my mentions fill with unclever & unfunny (& mostly homophobic) responses from angry dolts insecure about their masculinity
On second thought, this is unfair to Trotskyite-to-neocon Irving Kristol, because Kristol didn’t just listen to the radio, he actually read about politics.
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27 Jan
Chrales Blow on MSNBC attributed GA POTUS to growing black share of vote. Some truth to that. But look at 2020 vs 2004 (58%R/41%D) vs 2020 (49%D/49%R)

[share of total/R/D]

White 70%/76%/23%
Black 25%/12%/88%
Rest 5%

White 61%/69%/30%
Black 29%/12%/88%
Rest 10%

So, yes, greater black share of GA electorate was significant. And white voters are still overwhelmingly R. But white voters went from R+53=>R+39. And the rest of the electorate grew significantly, at the expense of the white share, & was solidly Dem

So, it’s more complicated /2
Shorter version: monocausal explanations of elections are always wrong. /3
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26 Jan
Pay close attention to what people are saying about the Senate. There are a lot of people certain that Dems will cave. Maybe they will. But I think they’re just waiting for the Repubs either radically change their behavior (highly unlikely) or to change the rules & blame Repubs
I’m not predicting Dems will play hardball & significantly alter or completely eliminate the filibuster. But I’ll take that position & welcome the criticism if I’m wrong. But only if you hold the naysayers to the same accountability.
If you think the Senate Democratic caucus is pretty much the same today as it was in 2009...we’ll, maybe you’ll be proven right. But I don’t think so. /3
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22 Jan
BREAKING: NYT criticizing Biden for wearing a Rolex vs “Everyman timepieces like Times & Shinola”

RELATED: NYT thinks “everymen” spend at least $400 (the cheapest Shinola) on something they don’t need if they have a cheap phone in their pocket google.com/amp/s/www.nyti…
[FTR, I love watches. I haven’t had a running watch since I stopped being able to run, but I’ll buy one when I can run again. But if I ever spend money on something completely frivolous but that I’ll enjoy it will probably be on a Shinola

But I prob won’t wear it in a PA diner]
FDR claims to care about working people, but look how out of touch he is! Image
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